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    Yesterday, 9:15 PM · 95 replies and 7632 views.
    There's more, describing the adventures of Charlie the Beluga (separated into a Comment thread and the story thread, due partly I think to the high volume of images):!-Comment-Thread! There will hopefully be a video series in the near future as well, as explained in the (currently) last post in the Comment thread above!-Comment-Thread?p=6037381&viewfull=1#post6037381 Plenty of good imagery in all of these stories - CMDR Miepit certainly has a good eye for a screenshot! o7
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    15/10/2017, 3:08 PM · 22 replies and 1427 views.
    Froadik border report . Key Findings No spacefaring activity was observed anywhere in this region. . A number of planetary approaches were made that yielded a single 'blue circle' POI but none could be visually located and remain unidentified: it is likely that these were clusters of outcrops, although small fragments of scattered wreckage (smaller than a SRV) might have been difficult to detect in some cases. . Attempting to hyperspace to any system in FROADIK (the sector name is capitalised on the Galaxy Map) gives the message 'Unable to hyperspace to this system.'. The closest I was able to get was 2.50 LY, the distance between Blooe Eaescs SP-A a27-0 and FROADIK JX-J d9-26. . Forward Base
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    12/10/2017, 1:12 PM · 22 replies and 1427 views.
    After spending a couple of evenings surveying the Froadik border with CMDR Anuranium, he has departed to continue his own journey. Thank you for joining me CMDR! o7. I have remained on the Froadik border up until now, as I was keen to find another Ammonia World - the only one I had found nearby on this expedition was over 350 Kls away from the jump-in point and I wanted to find one more amenable to frequent visiting in future. . I had a long wait to find another Ammonia World but it was worth it. The system I eventually found one in also contains an Earth-like World and is less than 12 LY from the nearest Froadik system, making a potentially important system in future for diplomacy, trade, research or tourism. There is also a metallic asteroid belt, a terraformable HMC planet, a water world (not terraformable) and a gas giant hosting Ammonia-based life. It is almost a 'green' system as well but lacks Polonium. Quite a find! . Being patient and persistent certainly produces benefits sometimes and it is...
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    12/10/2017, 10:13 AM · 335 replies and 33279 views.
    I should be able to GM my first adventure, 'Sopwith Surprise', this Saturday or Sunday (start time 2pm-5pm BST, depending upon how many people can make different time slots, duration est. 4 hours but variable based on player choices). It's balanced for 2-5 players of up to Novice rank, although if there are only 2 Harmless-ranked players I'll give the party a 'hired gun' (optimised Harmless-rank bounty hunter, good at spaceship and personal combat) as otherwise the fighting can take a while. Thanks to Olivia Vespera for helping me test out one of the battles earlier in the week o7
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    11/10/2017, 6:37 PM · 38 replies and 900 views.
    The orange and white 'stars' definitely struck me as new after upgrading to 2.4.03 today. I'm right next to the permit-locked Froadik region, so it was quite eye-opening at first but I think it's just a change in the animation. At least, for now (!)
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