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    Today, 11:34 AM · 3 replies and 82 views.
    Ooooo...kay... - where are you right now exactly? - which ship do you have? - what is your ship's cofiguration (as detailed as possible - most important, though, would be the size (number) and grade (letter) of your frame shift drive (FSD))? - where do you want to go?
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    Today, 7:39 AM · 6 replies and 380 views.
    Back to desktop, shut down the launcher, restart the launcher usually works for me in this case.
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    Yesterday, 10:54 PM · 100 replies and 7650 views.
    Around the time of that post, maybe half an hour earlier, I had a similar experience. But finally made it: Sanuma, picked up 7 tons of Decorative Meat. Over to Noti, got something like 39 tons of Master Chefs, filled the rest of the hold (64 tons) with Basic Medicines. Down to Kamitra with a stop about halfway in an outbreak system, to refuel and sell the medicines for fuel money. Sold 27 of the Master Chefs in Kamitra (for over 600 kCr. total profit :) - more than I could make at Secoya) to make space for 45 tons of Kamitra Cigars. Over to Secoya - to be interdicted by a polite pirate in an Orca who wanted half of my haul :mad:. After landing, sold off the Meat and the Chefs, then remembered I didn't sign up yet :eek:. Signed up and sold the remaining cigars.
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    Yesterday, 8:09 PM · 533 replies and 50251 views.
    So, you made it ... and shortly after that, died :)
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    Yesterday, 1:18 PM · 14 replies and 424 views.
    Modifieable fuel tanks: what's to modify there? It's a hole in your ship where you put fuel in. Its empty mass is zero, its filled mass is the mass of the fuel. What more do you want? It's even indestructable ( there's an idea. make fuel tanks degradeable and targetable, then drop a couple of corrosive rounds in there :D). Otherwise, nobody stops you from putting in a smaller tank in your ship. Often done by explorers or racers to get that little bit of extra jump range. Fuel grades: are available. You can use either synthesis from materials (like in the SRV) to get an increased jump range (or use less fuel for a given jump), or you can scoop from special stars (white dwarfs and neutron stars) to get an extra boost (up to 300%) to your jump range. Fuel scoop mods: tentatively yes - but what would be the mod, and what would be the balance? Only thing I could imagine would be improved scoop rate, but at which possible price? Power consumption? Heat buildup?
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    Yesterday, 1:07 PM · 16 replies and 573 views.
    :rolleyes: Wrong. That's the beauty of it - every player, no matter in which game mode (btw., you forgot trashtalking private groups like Mobius) could counter these plots. However, that would require interaction with the BGS instead of simply shooting everything that moves.
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    Yesterday, 1:00 PM · 19 replies and 312 views.
    Sure you can make it go away - complete it. But that's only for the very first time you start in the real game. Later on, there's a setting (right side HUD, Functions tab) to toggle the pre-flight checklist. As for finding which control is what: there's a reference sheet generator which will show you (for almost all cotrol setups on the PC) which button in your personal setup does what. One more thing: if you use a non-standard contol setup, there's a chance that you may run afoul of a bug in the pre-flight checklist - it won't react to all buttons on some HOTASes. Workaround for that is to add a secondary switch (e.g. via keyboard) for the affected control(s).
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    Thanks for the rep Commander, Glad you like the artwork One day we will walk, patience
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    Thanks for the rep Commander!
    Fly safe! o7
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    Thank you for the rep Commander Fly safe o7
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