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    Yesterday, 7:48 PM · 33 replies and 759 views.
    Ok, on my way to Odin's Wisdom, and I'm not quite sure I like what I'm getting into:
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    Yesterday, 6:36 PM · 6 replies and 90 views.
    Ashnak replied to a thread Hey there in Newcomers Forum
    ..people I'm Bobby Brown,
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    Yesterday, 6:32 PM · 33 replies and 759 views.
    Ok, I don't know whether my attempt of dog-Norse makes any sense or is even readable - I just strung some words together, using the dictionary at . Later on, it occurred to me to ask my colleague, who is a big Iceland fan, whether he could provide an Icelandic translation of my original phrase. Ok, he couldn't - but he knew where to look it up. Seems like my dog Norse is sufficiently close at least for my eyes to the modern Icelandic translation, easily available via Google Translate: My Norse: vr munu sker yarr! Modern Icelandic phrase: vi munum skemmta r!
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    Yesterday, 3:59 PM · 11 replies and 138 views.
    That part about "while watching TV might backfire - at least it usually does with me, since I play in VR and need precious seconds to pop back under the VR glasses... Anywho, if that's what you want to do <shrug>. Find a reasonably large Empire system in Boom and work it to improve your local standing with at least the leading, possibly all Empire aligned factions. These are the two main factors, though: the system should be in Boom and you need a good reputation with the local faction(s) - friendly is ok, allied is better. The trick here is, though, that system states change, so having multiple systems you can switch between when one of your home systems drops out of a favourable state can be advantageous. As for which systems you want to use - up to you, although systems on the edge of the bubble or beyond may have better concentrated stackable missions, due to a lack of potential mission target ports. One system that worked for me was Wu Guinagi (although that involved a lot of surface scan...
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    Yesterday, 3:45 PM · 10 replies and 114 views.
    Ashnak replied to a thread Advice re: Spoilers in Newcomers Forum
    Come over to the Exploration subforum, then. People there like to hear about new amazing discoveries. Of course, the downside of that could be that some old salt barges in and says "1000 ly out? Ha, had you gone in the right direction, you could have found the same after only 100 ly!" :) For spoilers, though, a few hints: 1) If you want to keep the details of an amazing find secret until you've handed in the cartographic data and secured your name on the system and that sweet "first dicovered" bonus, nobody will hate you for that. 2) If you want to give people the possibility not to read about any surprises, go to the "Advanced" forum editor and encapsulate that part in SPOILER tags. 3) Same goes in general for pictures and/or video clips. Not everyone can afford the bandwidth to download all the pictures right now, some people use the forums as replacement drug via their phone (or workplace PC :x) while they can't access the game proper.
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    Yesterday, 1:09 PM · 62 replies and 1319 views.
    Thought about something like that, too - but then again, I might just as well mine the 3Ps, sell them and buy the gold and a new ship from the results. Or simply participate in a CG (ok, perhaps not this week :p) and buy the Gold from there. Mining for Gold is rarely a good use of time (unless, of course, you mine for the relaxation value - like fishing, I suppose).
  • W4LD0's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:47 AM · 278 replies and 7246 views.
    Aye, he just may. :p That will be a sad but welcome retirement for you I would think my ol' friend. :D
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    Yesterday, 3:27 AM · 278 replies and 7246 views.
    Even this thread is proof of just how 'different' this community is, it hasn't gotten too toxic or completely derailed and it's already on it's fourth page! Truth be told OP, the haters are going to hate, the fanboys and white-knights are going to defend and as others here have said, it's best to just take either side's commentary with a grain of salt.
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    19/10/2017, 9:23 PM · 22 replies and 558 views.
    Not really. Just was docked at Kamitra, to load up on Beer and Cigars. Place is in boom, so I could have gotten more cigars than I could handle.... anywho, decided to check the mission board, just in case. Ended up with >15 small missions (data and small cargo missions) to the next system over. Not much money, sure, but loads of rep for the Empire.
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    19/10/2017, 9:12 PM · 62 replies and 1319 views.
    Huh? Assuming you have: - mining lasers - prospector limpet controller - collector limpet controllers - enough cargo space (a T-7 works reasonably well) 1) stock up on limpets. fill your hold, leave maybe 20 tons or so free 2) find a pristine metallic ring
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    19/10/2017, 9:00 PM · 3 replies and 92 views.
    Ashnak replied to a thread Gumball Rally in Dangerous Discussion
    You'd have to be a bit faster than that. Top time in the "no rules" class from Sol to Sgr A* currently is 2:00:58
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    19/10/2017, 4:34 PM · 70 replies and 3703 views.
    Looks like someone at FD got fed up with the pewpew crew continously complaining about trade CGs :p
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    19/10/2017, 4:31 PM · 73 replies and 5484 views.
    Ashnak replied to a thread Dolphin The Dolphin Elite Club in Ships of Elite
    Grade 5 dirty drives and heat sinks :D. At least as long as you're talking about stations with indoors landing pads. On outposts and planetary stations, things become a bit more complicated.
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    19/10/2017, 8:46 AM · 73 replies and 5484 views.
    Ashnak replied to a thread Dolphin The Dolphin Elite Club in Ships of Elite
    Of course - all ships can land on planets. With some of them (both ships and planets), it's just a bit more problematic than others. The peculiarity of the Dolphin is that it has rather weak lateral thrusters, so when you roll the ship, you will quickly overheat and, in any appreciable gravity, begin to slide down. Just keep her nice and level (or set her on the main thrusters), and you'll be fine. As for outfitting - looking through the suggestions here, I have a few hints from my own preferences: - size 4(A) thrusters are fine. Switching from 4A to 5A will only give you ~10 m/s higher speed, but load you up with an additional 10 tons of mass - similarly, size 3 shields are fine. 3C BiWeaves have an optimal hull mass of 165 tons, the Dolphin has 140. - I don't bother with guns. Anything the Dolphin can carry is too weak to impress any possible attacker. Especially any attacker that could manage to pull you out of SC. In the right hands (which aren't mine), the Dolphin might make a viable pirate ship...
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    18/10/2017, 9:36 PM · 33 replies and 759 views.
    Didn't work - either an empty character or nothing at all.
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    18/10/2017, 9:19 PM · 33 replies and 759 views.
    Ok, just running through a theoretical setup of my Sidewinder. For the Viking Raiding Party, do I have to mount actual shields, or will HRPs also be acceptable as physical shields? Bonus question: does anyone know of a way to get that into the ship name/ID?
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    18/10/2017, 8:11 PM · 33 replies and 759 views.
    Holy... errr.... whoever. If I can manage to gather my chin off the floor in time, I'll intend to try to race. You didn't, by any chance, happen to watch (and read) "American Gods"? Oh, and BTW - is it required or beneficial to make the blot with (one of) the ships I use for the actual race? I.e., will the benediction apply to the ship or to the pilot? vr munu sker yarr!
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    18/10/2017, 7:02 PM · 73 replies and 5484 views.
    Ashnak replied to a thread Dolphin The Dolphin Elite Club in Ships of Elite
    This is currently pretty close to mine (actual jumprange unladen and fully fueled is 39.something). Replace the cargo rack with a passenger module of your choice and just go. I know that the loadout isn't optimal, and if I did it now, I'd do it differently, but so far it works very well. Downside of mixing exploration and passenger missions is that those cabins are heavy, so you'll take a hit in the jump range.
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    18/10/2017, 9:42 AM · 2 replies and 111 views.
    Nice. The trouble is, a properly outfitted (and Engineered) Sidey takes some time, patience, access to engineers and not just a little money.
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    18/10/2017, 9:40 AM · 17 replies and 393 views.
    Like others said - if these were mission related NPCs, their ships and rank will be determined by the mission level. Next time that happens, take a look at their ship type and rank. With the right ship and loadout, I can let you shoot your two puny lasers all day long while I sit there and sip coffee. Or, on the other hand, obliterate your Viper with a couple of blasts. Showing NPC pirates their place? Good luck with that, there's always more where they came from. Although, getting a certain combat rank used to help. In one of the earlier versions (and before I reset my CMDR), I had NPC FdL's in a RES who apologized after scanning me. Not sure if that still happens, though. Making a living from mining is hard, though. The missions, as you found out, will also have pirates going after you. Working freelance only becomes remotely competitive if you can set up at the very least a Type-6. For any smaller ships, doing missions (especially passenger missions) or exploration will make more money....
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    Thank you for the rep Commander Fly safe o7
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