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    Today, 10:13 AM · 6 replies and 110 views.
    I suggested something along those lines a year ago, so sure I'm in support of this idea. Just for reference heres my previous suggestion thread on the topic:
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    Today, 12:31 AM · 158 replies and 7607 views.
    Im in agreement with the idea of military modules levelling the field and they should be given to NPC's as well. However, Non Horizons customers should get no such things. Horizons has been out for 18 months, it can be had for 20 in the store, its a pound a month, buying it pays for the development of all the things they want to leach. If you bought a new ford mondeo in 2014, do you really think your ford dealer would acquiesce to your requests "you know that new fangled doodah in this new model, any chance you can bolt it onto my car? Oh and your gonna do that for free eh...?" every couple of months.
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    Yesterday, 10:22 PM · 14 replies and 175 views.
    Personally on exactly the same card and CV1 I run ASW mode 3 (force 45FPS) HMD supersampling at 1.7 in game, supersampling at 1.0 in game, all settings ultra, antialiasing fxaa, and the EDFX plugin with both FXAA at hi and SMAA enabled so you have tons of anti aliasing, blur and FOV in game medium, I run some background tweaks changing the galaxy map textures sizes and stuff. Take a look at a reddit post you'll get if you google "so I edited the graphics config" some of it I use some of it I dont. Since one of the most recent patches I've found it more effective to hard code the graphics configuration.xml rather than the graphics configuration override.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?><GraphicsConfig> <MinimumAspectRatio>1.0</MinimumAspectRatio> <HDRNode> <KeyValue>0.500000</KeyValue> <WhiteLevel>0.000000</WhiteLevel> <DisplayLumScale>164.000000</DisplayLumScale> <HistogramSampleWidth>60.500000</HistogramSampleWidth> <ExposureThreshold>1.000000</ExposureThreshold>
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    Yesterday, 10:12 PM · 13 replies and 288 views.
    First off - congrats on the new hardware, I went from a 7970 to a gtx970 may year before last, then bought a dk2 august, upgraded that to a cv1 in september, then a couple of months ago bought the 1080ti. I cannot imagine what a quantum leap it must be going from 7970 + monitor to 1080ti + CV1. The simsickness is something you immune to, and the advice outlined above, don't push past your comfort zone, keep the settings smooth framerates, etc, are all salient advice. Except one point, I find I get better results aiming for 1.7HMD supersampling and ASW mode 3 (force 45FPS). Running like that I've never been motion sick in elite. But world of diving is making me motion sick. YMMV. Other things I found helpful is simply closing my eyes or putting my head down and focussing on the scanner and not the evironment at such moments as when I'm spinning like a peerie when my SLF ricochet's of of something and is spinning end over end really fast, or when you drop out of an interdiciton - for a while those were...
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    Yesterday, 8:38 PM · 67 replies and 1219 views.
    One thing I must add is that the VR lower acuity is something that after a few hours of playing in VR your brain starts to compensate for. I mind a while ago I had to put my rift away for repair, and I was playing on my 65" screen at 4k. Then when the rift came back, for the next week or so, I was grooing at the granularity of the screen, about a week later my brain had compensated for it and I was back in love with the rift. Yes its not perfect, but it is damned good, and the acuity you can compensate for subconciously and also by tweeking settings, like changing the hud colours improves text legibility, lowering hud brightness reduces screen doors / god rays from it, increasing hmd supersampling / pixel density removes a lot of the jaggies etc... When we get 3840x2160 screens on the next generation of VR, with better lenses and a wider field of vision IRL will become obsolete. Until then we are are probably asking too much of the technology available to give us jaw dropping acuity from a resolution...
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    Yesterday, 8:22 PM · 67 replies and 1219 views.
    Uhm... How to put this nicely...? But are you seriously expecting your report and its findings to carry any gravitas when you are basing your opinions and conclusions not on current generation consumer technology honed in the labs of multimillion dollar research and development departments, but on what you can hack together with varying mobile hones and unspecified HMD adapters? I may come across as being snobby or elitist in this next point, but then again you snidily dismiss guys who have invested heavily in doing VR properly as being foolish fanboys just hyping it up to justify our expenditure. Regardless of the economics of it, I cannot help but think that if your HMD setup is somewhat homebrew low budget, then your gaming rig is also likely to be low budget low spec and therefore running the game at lower settings to sustain framerates. Thus your whole experience is compromised severely. While VR is in its infancy, the screens are relatively low res for what they are trying to achieve, I mean...
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    Yesterday, 5:29 PM · 10 replies and 373 views.
    One of my other accounts has a T9 stuffed full of engineers junk, magnetic emmiter coils, modular terminals, etc etc. They also have two of each type of guardian artefact, however given that they have never done the engineers grind they don't have access to Professor Pailin and his corrosion resistant cargo racks, so I cannot use that account to stor UA/UP's :-(I might put my third commander through the engineers grind to allow me to stock up. So yeah, I'd love to see special item storage made available to allow me to store that sort of stuff and liberate one or two of my other commanders to go and do other, more exciting than storekeeper, things...
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    Yesterday, 5:24 PM · 12801 replies and 1181091 views.
    A mere typo my axe wielding friend....
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    Yesterday, 5:07 PM · 12801 replies and 1181091 views.
    I cannot help but feeling that a lot of us are misguided in our quest to stop the club, its a bit like whooping at count duku and the trade federation getting defeated in episodes 2&3 knowing full well that duku's defeat was a vital step in the downfall of the old republic and the instigation of senator palpetines empire. Similarly the club are working on plans to make sure we are ready for the impending thargoid incursion, working against them will be to the detriment of our chances when they arrive :-/ That being said, were the club truly working in humanitys best interests, they'd have disemminated more alien tech to be reverse engineered and make both navies integrate it into their warships, and could even have made the alliance build a navy to contribute to the fight. As it stands, through the machinations of the club, the federation and the empire are going to field fleets of outmoded farragut battlecruisers and majestic interdictors, and the alliance are going to...??? Send wings of viper mk4...
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