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    Today, 10:44 PM · 5 replies and 55 views.
    Naming is a little odd as it hasn't been explained, I find it humorous that such a detail would bother anybody to this level. It's just a name. What happens if you meet people in RL who you can't put in a gender box? Personally I know several.
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    Today, 5:37 PM · 8 replies and 159 views.
    Mass hysteria seems much more likely than a mysterious "sonic weapon" without any of the massive speaker systems required in evidence.
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    Today, 5:11 PM · 448 replies and 12314 views.
    This is at the heart of Russia's nihilistic geopolitical doctrine. They essentially treat everything as a zero-sum game. Making your neighbors lives worse is apparently just as good as making your own life better. It's all about relative rankings. It's a frankly moronic way to think. I blame the Soviet system which produced Putin. When you have no values, you assume nobody else has any either. The right wing pundit who came up with the term "virtue signalling" is another good example. It's the thinking that no male is honestly a feminist, some just pretend to get into the pants of feminists.
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    Today, 2:47 PM · 306 replies and 8514 views.
    I've swung from being a certified ED fanboi to being accused of becoming "embittered" in the last six months, and even I have to just roll my eyes at SC comparisons. I have a number of hardcore PvP friends who angrily stormed away from ED to embrace SC's greener pastures, only to come slinking back because SC was such an unfinished piece of garbage. Your blind wish fulfillment regarding SC is bewildering to me; at least with ED we actually have a game we can play, and they're not charging us big bucks for imaginary ships that probably won't see the light of day in this decade.
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    Today, 2:25 AM · 97 replies and 4161 views.
    Who can guess at the motivation of a Thargoid? I was, in fact, carrying some meta alloys in my pocket so maybe that was it. I'm just glad I didn't get probed.
  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Today, 2:10 AM · 97 replies and 4161 views.
    Okay. I'm going back to base and equipping my Ax weaponry now:)
  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Today, 1:50 AM · 97 replies and 4161 views.
    Haha, what happened to my post???
  • Adept's Avatar
    Today, 12:39 AM · 448 replies and 12314 views.
    I recommend taking a critical look and thinking about the nature of confirmation bias. The most likely reason for RT seeming reasonable is that they are pushing an angle that you would prefer to be true. That's how our brains work. Don't assume to be free of bias and above wishful thinking. The prise of intellectual freedom is eternal vigilance. RT is a propaganda arm. It's a tool in hybrid warfare.
  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:33 PM · 205 replies and 3534 views.
    There will undoubtedly be a lot of grumbling. Personally, I think it's unfair to lay it at the feet of the instant gratification crowd, or PvPers as Chris did earlier. It's simply a quality of life improvement that will benefit Average Joe player as much as anyone. Ftr I don't begrudge anyone who is currently doing it the "old fashioned way." More power to them, in fact.
  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:12 PM · 36 replies and 978 views.
    I totally agree about darkness being more better. I can't remember the last time I was on a truly "dark side" of a planet in the last year.
  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:53 PM · 205 replies and 3534 views.
    I was actually composing a post to this effect when I saw yours. Great point; Fdev has already mentioned implementing improved in-game trade tools, and once you've accepted that enhancement it's not exactly a leap to accepting that they also intend to improve the finding of modules in a similar manner. Several of you are defending the lack of rudimentary features in a game which practically begs for them, to the point where the dev's are clearly planning to address the issue. Honestly, you don't have to defend the game so hard. There are more important battlefields in which to plant your flag and make a stand:)
  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:11 PM · 205 replies and 3534 views.
    What you detect as "bitterness" is actually a player with nearly 3000 hours and almost every achievement possible in this game pushing back against the idea that the third party tools are for players who want a dumbed down game where everything is just handed to them. Take out my sarcastic barb in the post which you quoted and my point still stands: better tools in game would be good for people like me, while people like you could still do things the hard way if you prefer, so a win win. I'm not sure where you're coming from trying to shoot that down, actually.
  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:59 PM · 205 replies and 3534 views.
    Some of you guys are really stuck on defending ED's lack of features, aren't you? To the point where you seek fights with people who're just making sensible requests, even. See, I think we can have our cake and eat it, too, when it comes to stuff like this. Give people like me better, more realistic tools ingame to find what we're looking for, and people like you and Eagleboy can keep right on enjoying the game of "hot and cold" the same as you currently do;)
  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:37 PM · 205 replies and 3534 views.
    Haha, maybe you should ask Eagleboy that question.
  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:45 PM · 205 replies and 3534 views.
    Out of curiosity, what are your achievements in this game? Hours played, ranks gained, etc? I ask because you seem awfully determined to shout down the quality of other people's experiences.
  • jasonbarron's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:38 PM · 18 replies and 481 views.
    I started out the same way in ED: first an Xbox 360 controller, then found an unused X52 Pro gathering dust in my closet that I bought several years before and forgot about without even un-boxing. I've since used several other setups, too, but I think the most fun I ever had was with the X52.
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    Yesterday, 4:11 PM · 54 replies and 1607 views.
    I see that you didn't take my advice, cupcake.
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