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    Today, 9:10 AM · 68 replies and 4773 views.
    Good for roleplaying .. though yes, agreed - not very profitable on this particular CG. I suspect the lore is, it's normal explosives with some alien material mixed in to make them effective. It would be an interesting experiment to deliver some alien stuff to the CG. What you lose on the trade you MIGHT make up on the CG rewards table. I've no evidence for this .. and I'm a little surprised alien wares haven't been given a rare goods value .. but the introduction of aliens into ED is a one off thing and somewhere there's a database of who delivers what to CG's (you got a decal in the beta from this dbase). I wouldn't rule out at least a chance that a hand-crafted element could be added to your game this time around. Either that or someone needs to call Canonn Research and get them over to Eurybia, fast (not me, I'm away now for the weekend). Please if you can get this CG completed - and Thargoids wiped out - by the time I get back? Think of the children!
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    Today, 9:08 AM · 252 replies and 9369 views.
    I'm of the opinion that taking commodities away from engineering game design caused a problem .. because it meant a rapid proliferation of the mods. If a larger percentage of the people you meet have upgrades, you need them too. If it had been left as it was, engineering would have stayed relatively niche. It's a thorny one obviously and OK fair enough, commodities were removed so people could use the feature and ED is developing a range of features - but I'm a bit worried that rumours of engineering being made even easier after 2.4 will mean yet more proliferation and that soon, having engineer mods will be a 100% necessity no matter what role you play in the game .. which is not so much blazing your own trail I think.
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    Today, 8:57 AM · 487 replies and 14595 views.
    I heard on the radio last night that, apparently, following the end of the Korean War (25 Jun 1950 – 27 Jul 1953) an official cessation - and declaration of peace - never took place, meaning that technically USA and North Korea have been in a perpetual (legal) state of war, ever since. I only just caught the piece on radio but although the current situation doesn't exactly promote drawing a line under the Korean War, sounded to me like it might be at least partial explanation of Pyongyang's beligerency towards the USA and nuclear program (self-defence). Not saying it's a nice regime but regime change is a slightly different issue unless official cessation of hostility is dependent on it I suppose (though regime change is not strictly permitted by UN convention iirc). Maybe the USA should declare end of Korean War (ended 50 years ago) so we at least know where we are. A nuclear armed North Korea is probably inevitable anyway by now - I think.
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    Today, 7:10 AM · 68 replies and 4773 views.
    Do Thargoid materials work like rare goods does anyone know - a bonus for delivering over distance? I've delivered a couple of thousand tons of explosives but I'm interested in trying to track some weird stuff down. Any Thargoid experts in here?
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    Today, 6:52 AM · 39 replies and 959 views.
    Like I say .. I think over thinking, and maybe worrying a little unecessarily. Neither fo us know for sure whether any hidden payout for Thargoid mats, giving a bonus over the explosives / computer components, so that's finger in the air but it is technically feasible (I don't know much about Tharg materials - are they a rare trading good?). Engaging with the CG might lead some people to ask, "where would I get Thargoid materials from anyway" so they might haul purely for interest and the point about the tech being developed, being 'mostly explosives' with a homeopathy level 'touch of unknown stuff added' still stands really. Elephant in the room being .. Thargoids are coming and we're all going to die horribly anyway.
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    Today, 6:37 AM · 39 replies and 959 views.
    5. Thargoid materials probably give a better trading profit per run ... explosives aren't a very profitable commodity. aka. I get what you're saying OP but not everyone plays exclusively for money and we can't really comment until knowing what actually happens at the end of the CG. For all I know anyway - 100,000 tons of explosives might only put you in the top 50% but delivering 1t Thargoid materials might put you straight into the top 10.
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    Today, 6:26 AM · 39 replies and 959 views.
    Thargoid storyline is pretty new (ie. it goes mainstream next week really, not even out yet) and though the OP throws out an interesting variant for CG's, like rare goods trading, where distance would be as important as tonnage in completing the CG, maybe the OP is over thinking just a bit? 1. The CG offers a way for people new to the Thargoid storyline to begin to engage with it. 2. The alternative commodities allow people without Horizons to engage with it. 3. What's to say the Engineers won't be adapting human technologies to work against Thargoids? (explosives with a dash of unknown DNA mixed in unknown technologes not compatable with human ships but hybrid systems are.) 4. The 2.4 beta offered a decal for people involved in the CG so there is obviously a way for |FD to search a database of participants. As part of ED development in general - or this storyline specifically - I wouldn't rule out something going on under the hood.
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    Today, 12:32 AM · 12 replies and 96 views.
    OK, so on the post you want to quote from - different thread - 'reply with quote' opens your editor dialogue, with the original post ready in BB quote marks. Copy .. amd paste (include the BB identifier .. quote to /quote .. including all the brackets) into your reply on the thread you're writing into.
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    Today, 12:21 AM · 12 replies and 96 views.
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Today, 12:18 AM · 149 replies and 3737 views.
    "Reducing the grind" will I think only make Engineer mods EVEN MORE obligatory because you can be sure a higher % of the playerbase will take them. example; The way Engineers were originally designed you needed commodities, this made engineering a special mission. Butthurt though, getting interdicted, after some whining that grind was removed and now "you HAVE TO HAVE Mods for PvP" (to quote the usual argument - because 99/100 other PvP players have modded ships). With the exception of a handful of difficult to find materials for grade 5 blueprints .. picking up materials after a battle, running some missions, especially mixing space based and surface missions, everyday stuff, will provide you with a ton of materials for some really useful engineering. If you want to grind for a near god-roll - go for it but at least that's a personal choice at the moment.
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    Yesterday, 11:23 AM · 79 replies and 1481 views.
    I don't think that's on the cards .. and I wouldn't support it actually (outside of an iron man mode) even though there's a certain logic to losing the special upgrade if your tuned up ship gets destroyed. Question is maybe things like, should insurance cost more on a modded ship .. or how about a no / low claims bonus, so insurance gets progressively more expensive the more you claim.
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:13 AM · 79 replies and 1481 views.
    I could too. On a nearly related topic .. will insurance be getting more expensive, if Bank of Zaonce suffers massive losses when the Thargoid threat turns out to be real (like I've been telling you all along it is)?
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    Yesterday, 9:49 AM · 73 replies and 4008 views.
    10/10. Virtual +1 cos I can't rep again.
  • Terry Bruge-Hiplo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:40 AM · 131 replies and 15922 views.
    The kind of thing that warrants a (all caps) "f- you frontier!" response from some players, like I've seen on other sites/videos discussing this? Mostly from loaches (no offense intended, Spaceloach) who're out of the bubble and not contributing, just waiting for the module. Seems a tad over the top to me.
  • Terry Bruge-Hiplo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:33 AM · 25 replies and 686 views.
    If you're talking about NPCs, then don't they already let you know what kind of scan it is via the comms? ...though, yeah
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    Yesterday, 2:30 AM · 379 replies and 12538 views.
    I did My fair share of piracy in Deciat.... oh those delicious magnetic emitter coils, oh those Micro-Weave Cooling Hoses ... hard as Frack to people let go of them... but worthy Rolls for me :)
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