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    Today, 9:36 AM · 103 replies and 2719 views.
    I don't think you should need to visit an engineer again but in principle I agree, that mods logically should disappear on ship death. So I'd support rebuy of engineered ship costing more credits and taking a random selection of materials from you, with an option to rebuy the ship without the mods. (So no return to get the mod but a higher penalty added to a modded out ship). People might think 'immersion' (if that's what a nod to consistency like this would be) is not important but threads like this keep cropping up. That's because it's an inconsistency that makes you think, "huh?" whether you're happy to ignore it or not. If it jars you out of the game, I do think it's worth looking at, for as long as it bothers 'a number' of people. (How many people decides the priority). imo. ED could be stronger in taking things away from you, especially once you reach higher ranks and if you're not bothered about consistency it shouldn't worry you either way.
  • Terry Bruge-Hiplo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:54 PM · 104 replies and 3357 views.
    I get that Ceos got shut down, in part because a lot of folks complained, but what were the 'unintended consequences'?
  • Terry Bruge-Hiplo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:07 PM · 104 replies and 3357 views.
    I mean what happened with Ceos?
  • Terry Bruge-Hiplo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:17 PM · 61 replies and 2023 views.
    Hells to the yeah! Guessing it's something we'll see after 2.4, but hey. Folders/groups, colour coding, visibility, sorting options (distance, alphabetical, etc)... all would be nice :D
  • Terry Bruge-Hiplo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:04 PM · 46 replies and 3667 views.
    Wow nice! Congrats matey :)
  • Terry Bruge-Hiplo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:51 PM · 104 replies and 3357 views.
    What happened?
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:39 PM · 226 replies and 6945 views.
    I think they'd prefer the C&P system to be better (and activity like this at least keeps the pressure on if nothing else) but probably find more people get fired up by it, not put off, as people in the community might fear. Don't think you could ever stop this behaviour no matter what you do but, "there there, they are wrong" isn't for me the most constructive advice .. "fight!" (meaning, in a sidewinder vs corvette here, "Run!") is .. Harden up, the Chinese are coming?
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:30 PM · 226 replies and 6945 views.
    I don't think it matters actually, a sidewinder is faster than a Corvette .. Or lesson one; steer clear of Corvettes??
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:29 PM · 226 replies and 6945 views.
    Yet Conan, was awesome. And just an example; look at SAS selection, Jedi trials, anything that pushes you. You might think it puts people off but there's a solo mode, and believe me, Elite : Politically Correct .. bombed.
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:20 PM · 226 replies and 6945 views.
    Beating up small kids in real life, is something completely else right? ... Computer game? You could be 10 years old or 65 (fat, tall, thin or small) there's no discrimination in it far as I can see. Besides, many smaller kids are probably a darn sight better at ED than most full grown men! lol All a bit on the oversensitive side if you ask me, especially to be (quite) hateful towrads (alleged) haters. Go on now .. learn to run?
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:04 PM · 226 replies and 6945 views.
    I don't know though. I see what you're saying but remember the Wheel of Pain? Without his trial, Conan would never have become what he was. If he'd been put to the Wheel of Fluffy Bunnies would he have lived? No, he was forced to fight, to survive. There is a distinction definitely, between 'interesting' griefing and being a hat but in large part that's down to attitude I think, both in the attacker and also too in the attackee. So you can either turn up your toes and wither away or say to yourself, "right then, this time I'm gonna makes it" ff you see what I'm saying. Solo modes are also available?
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:45 PM · 226 replies and 6945 views.
    Hehe. I'm loving the "I am influenced by" bit ... Napolean Bonaparte, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, etc. Shocking!!! Much rep OP.
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