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    Today, 5:25 PM · 512 replies and 70547 views.
    zitruskiller replied to a thread Federal Corvette Rear Admiral's lounge in Ships of Elite
    I do not like both. -2 and 3 Multicannons without high-capacity will run out of ammo very quick. -no need in emissive munitions in PvE -not sure about the effectiveness of thermal vent on beams. I would prefer: 2 huge overcharged MC without effects all other slots for gimbaled or turret burst long range lasers without effects. This is an easy loadout, and would be effective against anything in PvE This build is so bad.
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    Today, 4:52 PM · 1 replies and 44 views.
    zitruskiller replied to a thread Federal Corvette Decent Corvette Shield Value s in Ships of Elite
    This question is as incorrect as possible! For PvE 1000 shields with 50+ resistances is more than enough. (On any ship) On my Vette i have 2000 shields on bi-wave shield gen with ~65 resistance on everything and it it more than enough to forget how it feels when your shields are down in any PvE activity.
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    Today, 12:59 PM
    So, here`s the topic, what i suggest is to give an ability to clone a blueprint on the same module for x3 or x5 or even x10 price. For example, if i made an upgrade for a huge multicannon and i like the results, i can pin the modification and than make a clone it on the same type of gun, paying increased price in mat`s. Why? I am a huge fan of symmetry, i hate when 2 guns have different ammo capacity\firing speed etc. It will also reduce the amount of grind needed for people who want to get the upgrades thay want. I will be glad to hear your thoughts about that, and i will be happy if this feature implemented in the future updates of ED. PS: To be honest, I personally, think, that engineering needs much more than that, and probably sould be completely reworked. That`s just my personal wish.
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    Today, 9:40 AM · 4668 replies and 376676 views.
    Не знаю насчет Low emissions, но вот лучший оверчардж ПП, который я видел.
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    Today, 9:35 AM · 3 replies and 114 views.
    You can get MEF`s as a mission reward, but not with surface scans in Quince. If you want an easy MEF farm, you better forget about them and farm CIF`s on the surface bases, i`ve got ~60 CIFs and 60 MEF`s per day, scanning bases.
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