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    Yesterday, 10:38 PM · 39 replies and 417 views.
    I disagree with this because you'd know - from the CG blurb - what you're signing up for and this CG may or may not be for you, so on and etc. so I'm a +1 on the OP and I think it'll come. I hope so. When a CG gets anti-CG players camped (they don't always) that's the time to call SDC as things stand right now imo - and get them to 'gank the gankers'. I think anti-CG play is a good thing in principle though .. it's justvolunteers to militarily hlep the CG to succeed are thin on the ground (are there no white knight PvPers?). So basicaly 3 concurrent CG's - (1) the CG, (2) kill the CG and (3) defend the CG. That's not negligible to program though .. (notably, the 2.4 pilots-federation-bounty mechanic, could allow Frontier to count relevant PvP kills for it, and it could be just a standard add to all CG's I think, imo, and technically speaking).
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    Yesterday, 9:19 PM · 6 replies and 304 views.
    Hmm, and all of a sudden, Imperial citizens whom CHOOSE to volunteer for indentured service to clear their debts doesn't seem at all wrong considering THIS kind of alternative. Like all great truths, all come to know them eventually :)
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    Thanks for the rep, Commander o7 - see you in the void

    So much easier!

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    Hi Susanna!
    How're you finding the CNE? I confess that it's not much different to trade running without cargo for me at present. I was accepted into the AtomicBomb639 PG but other than the waypoint list, given no other info where others (with a suffixed CNE number)seem to have more info available than I could find - hence I asked a CNE numbered player what the coords for Betelgeuse Waypoint were since, as far as I know...the info is still not (looked earlier) posted on the online WP list. You and 2 others (and then only on comms board of my ship due to darkness), are the only 3 people I've encountered since starting and without more info, CNE is, for me at least, turning into a very long rare goods run without the rare goods or the AI lol I'm here on Betelgeuse 2 at the coords that I got from (from your wingman?) and there's not a soul about! I wonder if there are preventative tech probs but just don't know...arrrgh! most frustrating lol!!
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    Hi Susanna,

    I'm guessing from your part-1/part-2 that you also encountered the 2500-character limit here. We're being reined in by Frontier.

    We could consider email for some of this but I would leave that up to you to decide on, the whole privacy thing, etc.

    And embedding links here is more vague too, like when I embedded image links for the hedge, the old Civic and the old family house 1973, the text with the embedded links is only slightly bolded.

    Take the case of this 'relatively' recent piccie of me, where I will include the literal link, and I will also embed the shortened link in the file name:

    Raymundo Wal-Mart Clunkers 09-Nov-2009.jpg -

    I'm so sorry to hear about the incident with the Vauxhall Adam - Top Gear (a link again)

    I also use Skype to keep in touch with Roza in Bulgaria on a daily basis. And I use TeamViewer (link), to connect to her laptop over the roughly 4,900 miles, so I can manage it.

    I'm the computer tech in our household, both of us love photography but Roza is the Photoshop expert, she's a veritable wizard in fact.

    And now I'm panicking that I'm close to the message limit, and I need to cut the grass in the back yard.

    - Ray
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    Hi Susanna,

    I think I'm going to roll over to my Python based on your comment.. "in a Python finding a sweet short two-hop loop can easily net you 5mil an hour"

    I have serious new-car fever, although I keep my vehicles a long time. It was only a few years ago that I sold off our second car, the 1990 Honda Civic, Sept of 2011 Google user content.

    I was the original owner of the Civic. It only had in the range of 34,000 miles. And from Roguey's Where to Buy page on the Python, it doesn't look like there are any deals.

    And after the Python, I would hope to eventually get a Conda. Your description of flying the beast has tickled the Captain Kirk in me. Our national Aviation Museum has a Starfleet Academy exhibit.. CBC News, and the Aviation Museum.

    I'm not a Trekkie but as a kid in the 60's, I cut my teeth on the original Star Trek 1966-1969. Here's a shot of the house from 1973 where we watched the show. I'm thinking of going mid-June, before the grade-school kids are let out for summer.

    Lots to do today. My wife is away visiting her mother, so I'm left to fend on my own. The lawn needs to be cut, front and back yard. And soon I will have to start trimming my massive cedar hedges. But all I really want to do is stay inside and have fun on the computer..

    - Raymond
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