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    Yesterday, 1:10 PM · 372 replies and 14564 views.
    Not me. It's the worst mechanics because you can't do anything about it until someone in unspecified time decides to build a station in the direction you desire to go. It is on par with placing three pebbles in an jRPG and telling you that "you cannot pass, rocks block the way" while these "rocks" could be even walked around. I know it is supposed to indicate the need for backtracing sometimes later (or when the devs decided to expand service stations circles), but still unnerving. And whenever I feel the galaxy is small (if ever), I just zoom in to the core and see the number of complete systems there. The "small" feeling passes right away. Also would you really like the galaxy to be so big that it was uncrossable during one's lifetime?
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    Yesterday, 1:01 PM · 372 replies and 14564 views.
    That was exactly my point, especially with the observable timeframe! :-) And yes, people have big expectations even for atmospheric *flight* alone. Yet there were a lot of discussions about the shape of the ships being totally "unfit" for atmospheric flight, so they either need to handwave that using magic thrusters (which are very magical right now too), or totally change our fleet, for example with "atmospheric flight kits", akin to planetary landing kit) to be able to even simulate the flight. Or maybe a new ship lineup? TBH, besides Gutamaya ships and maybe Fed Corvette, ships' designs are quite dull and strange. IMHO they look like toys, even in VR. Yeah I know, legacy and all that, but for legacy purposes a Cobra would be iconic enough. I wouldn't mind a complete fleet overhaul, yet I can already hear the purists yelling "BLASPHEMY!" across the globe :P And regarding weather, yes - I'd expect at least thunderstorms, varied cloud formations, rain and snow and maybe desert storms, complete with...
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    Yesterday, 11:27 AM · 372 replies and 14564 views.
    The problem is, we all fall into the trap of super realistic simulation where a simple algorithm would suffice. Programming world, especially gaming is often all smoke and mirrors, so unless you would want this complicated and simulating every pebble we could probably get away with some simplistic approach. For example you mentioned erosion - why would one like to simulate that? Of course, the forge is said to simulate how planets are made but in reality what you end with is a ball with some mountains and ridges. IDK if the alien bases are an indication of possible caves or it's a nice trick with the door as loading screen for a new level, the point is we don't yet get caves or overhangs on the surface. Frontier expo is soon, we will see if it will be all "thargoids thargoids thargoids" or something interesting to explore too...
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