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    Today, 12:36 PM · 35 replies and 2052 views.
    StarLightPL replied to a thread Hutton Orbital? in PlayStation 4
    From what people describe, you don't reach the magical 2001c while travelling to Hutton, so that case was I think salvageable. Also once your FSD reaches a certain supercruise speed, it will accelerate from 0 to that speed quite quickly, which is an interesting glitch, feature, phenomenon in itself. You could say FSD has a neural network that "learns" to fold the space in a given system ;-). Anyhow, using 2001c it would take you around an hour to backtrace, Wolfram Alpha says so (click because it is so immensely cool a website can calculate that! ;-) ):,+time+to+travel+0.22+Light+years
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    Today, 10:10 AM · 237 replies and 9896 views.
    Sooo it's settled guys, now we need to camp in front of whichever building frontier resides currently with signs saying "Planetary surfaces need much lovin'" ;-) with an odd "Make blackholes lethal" and "more navigation variety" and of course prominent "Give us this day manual waypoints!" ;-) ;-) ;-)
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    Yesterday, 12:57 PM · 170 replies and 14322 views.
    Did I Uninstall? No, not yet. Waiting till frontier expo, giving Elite another chance as promised. Though (pssst) I have cheated on her played with "X-Rebirth VR edition" a bit, and getting even more keen to revisit her older sister "X: Rebirth" with kinky toys mods. I'm also officially in separation phase on a break since spring, and am seriously considering throwing her things out moving the game out of my SSD. IRL - happily married, why? ;-)
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    Yesterday, 12:25 PM · 58 replies and 5016 views.
    PS: Forgot the mods which can make a real difference when playing this game: Also, Linux and MacOS support.
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    Yesterday, 12:21 PM · 58 replies and 5016 views.
    Disclaimer: I don't work at EGOSoft, it just pains me to still see the opinions like "it was horrrrrrrrrible at release, surely there is no reason to play it now!" while the developers work continuously to improve the game. TL; DR: If a "generic preorder owner" still holds a "grudge" (egosoft are liars, I was deceived, I won't try it again), please reconsider, you're missing out. Yeah, that was in 2013. Is it possible the game has improved since having continuous post release support as all Egosoft games? Yes. You still can fly only the skunk (this is a design decision), npcs probably are still ugly and you still have hyperspace highways (which are still more interesting than our "gawk at supercruise timer for the next 5 minutes if you ask me), but somehow people who tried X:Rebirth again are liking what they saw.
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The best description of the whole Horizons season I've read to date, by cmdr Kaocraft
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