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    Yesterday, 9:32 PM · 8220 replies and 592599 views.
    Ah, yes. Coop SQ42. The game fully funded at 6 million (BOTH games!). A huge universe.... i don't call 100 systems huge, but maybe ED has spoiled me. Oh, and modding, and private servers. I'm very curious when some of those things will arrive. Most curious where SQ42 has got to as well. The backers never voted for the scope of that to be massively expanded.
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:40 PM · 8220 replies and 592599 views.
    But they don't want to show anything in advance, it will spoil it... or at least that is what i've been told. Besides, they have only grey box and white boxed it... they still need to go through the rest of the rainbow yet.
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    Yesterday, 1:37 PM · 8220 replies and 592599 views.
    Just remember, eventually the game will go on sale, so forget about paying full price anyway. You've already waited so long. No harm in waiting a year or two after release to grab it in a sale.
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    Yesterday, 8:36 AM · 28 replies and 885 views.
    I agree, but only after they add a medium Saud Kruger ship :D
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    Yesterday, 8:35 AM · 8220 replies and 592599 views.
    Or maybe Mostly Vanishing Product?
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:13 AM · 8220 replies and 592599 views.
    Furthermore, based off the non-3.0 we got shown at Gamescom, no way can that even be called an MVP. Half of what they showed even at that point was not coming in 3.0 (eg: faceware - not that is necessary for even a 1.0 release), but then we hear that since then they have been cutting features that are being blocked by bugs. At this point in time, i don't even think its clear what 3.0 will actually contain, but certainly nothing that will allow it to be called an early access MVP. The media would eviscerate them.
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    Yesterday, 8:10 AM · 335 replies and 10868 views.
    You must have a lot of faith in FD if you think they can solve problems that the likes of EA, Ubisoft, and Blizzard cannot!
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:34 AM · 335 replies and 10868 views.
    But that would remove the difficulty aspect....
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:46 AM · 335 replies and 10868 views.
    It doesn't. There are two issues here. One is people having trouble getting what they want in terms of cargo/materials, and how to make that process smoother. The other is adding more reasons for player interaction. I was addressing one side of the issue. How about one that addresses both at the same time then? Add multicrew SRV driving or allow two people in two SRVs at once from the same ship while multicrewing. They can then drive together to look for materials. Make it like mining, so if one person finds a rock with (for example) polonium and there are two multicrewing, it spawns double the amount, and they can share it, each taking 3 units. Or maybe they can be nice and one person can let the other grab double the amount. I mean, you can keep on beating a dead horse, insisting FD must add player to player trading, but it doesn't look likely they want to do that. So the next best thing is to look for other things that will achieve similar results, that FD might be interested in doing. ...
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    thank you for the rep
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    about ''future world''

    it's almost incredible... after 40 years, yet there is something that surprises me:
    west world of the 1973 had a sequel named future world of the 1976.

    i didn't know that and i am shocked, since i loved the original west world of the 1973 and i consider it a masterpiece.

    And i watched the first season of the recent 'west world' serie of the HBO and it doesn't look so good to me.
    IMHO The orignal concept by Crichton was good for a movie, not a serial
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