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    Today, 12:26 AM · 355 replies and 13822 views.
    Distant Stars? That one was to the Cancri Cluster. It was the Distant Suns expedition that discovered Beagle Point (CMDR Kamzel) :p
  • Qohen Leth's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:05 PM · 6 replies and 97 views.
    IT could be a bug, I had this happen to me a few times. Thrusters offline, unable to online them by any means...
  • drew's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:30 AM · 13550 replies and 1426135 views.
    He he, they couldn't afford me. ;-) Seriously though, never say never, but I would need a proper project team to make something greater than what was achieved with the resources we had. That depends on what appetite Fdev has for that sort of content. Ultimately it will be a commercial decision for them. Cheers, Drew.
  • Qohen Leth's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:57 AM · 65 replies and 8674 views.
    It looks good on that wall! === Bonus: the map (approximately) superimposed with ModishNoun's EDDB export.
  • Kazahnn's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:35 AM · 84 replies and 6196 views.
    Effectivement, ou en sommes-nous quasi deux mois après ?
  • Qohen Leth's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:19 AM · 1601 replies and 68585 views.
    Stevie Ray Vaughan?
  • Qohen Leth's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:13 AM · 10 replies and 181 views.
    That was pretty good! The music blends very well with the game. And I definitely dig the explorer's blues :D
  • Qohen Leth's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:11 AM · 10 replies and 236 views.
    This has nothing to do with who you are ;)
  • drew's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:07 AM · 4 replies and 180 views.
    This is true, they were kickstarted. It's a very expensive process unfortunately, so funding them is the major stumbling block. Cheers, Drew.
  • drew's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:51 AM · 313 replies and 31159 views.
    drew replied to a thread [ANNOUNCEMENT] Frontier Expo: October 7, 2017! in News and Updates
    Hi Folks. Quick update - just confirmed that there will be copies of Premonition available at the Expo and you can get them signed if you wish. :) Anybody who already has a copy is more than welcome to bring them along too. Cheers, Drew.
  • Erimus's Avatar
    22/09/2017, 11:32 PM · 355 replies and 13822 views.
    You could be right. I only remember it being a bit of a surprise when it was announced. I do remember MB posting a link to a database he created that players could type their commander name into, and it would list all the systems that player had level 3 scanned during gamma and pre patch 1.0 - this gave an indication as to who would get their name on what when the discovery tag mechanic was added in the upcoming patch. Edit : A bit if trivia... After it was introduced there was also a bug that put your name on every single body in a system just by pressing the buzzer, so the surface scanner wasn't needed, nor individual planetary scans either.
  • Erimus's Avatar
    22/09/2017, 11:18 PM · 355 replies and 13822 views.
    I don't recall them being asked for. They were introduced around 8 weeks after gamma started and were partially retroactive (meaning that some of the earliest discoveries were never credited to those who were first). IIRC Michael Brookes made a post out the blue in January 2015 mentioning they were introducing discovery tags in an upcoming patch. Although they could have been mentioned in the kickstarter? It was such a long time ago! :D Heh, thanks for the vote, but there are a lot of old timers still lingering here with a wealth of ideas to throw at FD. :)
  • Erimus's Avatar
    22/09/2017, 10:53 PM · 355 replies and 13822 views.
    I agree with this. The foreknowledge this playerbase now has, with the recorded histories, mapping projects, videos, historical blogs and third party apps would make a reset pointless. Everywhere of significance would be tagged and bagged within days. We can't recapture the mystique the galaxy had in the early days with a blanket reset. It would need a whole new gameworld and mechanics for that I think. I love the idea of hardcore Elite. :) Elite: Deadly. Complete with a fog of war that has been mentioned. Only when you have reached a specific region of space is that regional map opened up to you. Agree also that first discovery tags are something that could be left behind with Elite Dangerous, and not be a part of Elite Deadly. On one hand, yes its nice to see our names in game for achieving something, on the other hand it can often put a dampener on visiting some far off place only to see a thousand other names there (Formidine Rift is a prime example. It loses that little bit of mystique...
  • drew's Avatar
    22/09/2017, 9:46 PM · 6 replies and 203 views.
    Very little has been written about socio-economics in the lore of ED actually. There are some technology primers that were made available to the writers, but they are still NDA protected at the moment unfortunately. Space ship ownership is probably best related to house ownership nowadays, possibly the biggest expense an individual is likely to incur. However the economics of today can't be directly compared. Spacepilots, as a % of the entire human population, are a relatively small segment, but the scale of human habitation makes them seem very significant. They're perhaps more akin to owner/driver white van merchants. Cheers, Drew.
  • drew's Avatar
    22/09/2017, 9:36 PM · 4 replies and 223 views.
    Frontier are beginning to augment the lore via the forums and on Galnet bit by bit, so my pages won't be updated beyond v2.4, I'm slowly retiring them. However, I think my hyperspace page is still pretty accurate. To answer the OP's questions. Yes, I'm pretty sure it's the same 'witchspace', ie. some sort of higher dimension that you're shortcutting through. You're also right that the new hyperdrives are more akin in function to the ones in the original Elite, though using different technology and vastly extended jump ranges. The original Elite drives were more technically advanced than the ones present in FE2/FFE, but their technology was lost in the collapse of Galcop - now just a footnote in history. Cheers, Drew.
  • Erimus's Avatar
    22/09/2017, 9:07 PM · 355 replies and 13822 views.
    There's some great ideas on this thread, and its great to see Dale from FD respond here. My 2 credits worth... Introducing Layers to 'Discovery' Travelling the Galaxy Hyperspace Probing - Warning - long post ahead -
  • Qohen Leth's Avatar
    22/09/2017, 7:13 PM · 10 replies and 181 views.
    I just discovered that my GPU can do 4K supersampling without any framerate loss. I needed something to make the next Elite session special, so... guess I have it.
  • CMDR -=REAPER=-'s Avatar
    22/09/2017, 2:40 AM · 6 replies and 318 views.
    Hello, Maybe it was missed but I did give you credit in the very first line. I'm not sure how you can claim copyright infringement, as any game related information/assets related to Elite belong to FDev, and you never had a copyright claim to be infringed in the first place since you do not "own" this information. It's fair to say the info contained herein does not belong to you specifically, but to the community as a whole, and is free to be discovered, discussed, and written about, by anyone who plays Elite. I also believe any info related to elite should be here, on Frontier's forums. Anyways, I have reformatted, and re-written parts, and added some from other sources to make it a bit more comprehensive, and will continue to add and tweak as I come across new information. If anyone comes across errors, or any new information, please post, and I will do my best to keep this up to date. Cheers
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