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    Today, 9:01 AM · 89 replies and 2381 views.
    Thanks for your efforts to compile and update the guide and maps, Dognosh. Virtual Rep++, since I can't rep you again so soon. Respectfully, you missed a step, after "find a ruin", you must collect 2 of every artifact. That's not so easy, without a map!
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    Today, 7:31 AM · 89 replies and 2381 views.
    I contributed to the artifact/monolith combination testing, so I also have a valid claim. My efforts helped make the guides, even if it was only filling in some cells on a spreadsheet.
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    Today, 7:11 AM · 89 replies and 2381 views.
    Unfortunately, it's not really a puzzle. More like an RNG nightmare. No one could complete it on their own, in any reasonable timeframe. I'm guessing you haven't tried it. Come back after you've completed the mission. Skip the guide, if you feel it's cheating. I predict you'll be using the guide within a week.
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    Today, 6:48 AM · 89 replies and 2381 views.
    Anyone who has actually completed the mission (even with a guide) would be unlikely to call it an exploit. There are far easier ways to earn credits in this game. A week or more of genuine effort is required to complete the mission. Just flying out to the Alien Ruins sites would be a challenge for many. It's 18 jumps in my seriously engineered AspX to get to the first system. Some of the planets take 20+ minutes to reach via supercruise. Then you spend hours driving around in an SRV, trying to determine which monolith you need to scan next. A guide makes it possible, without it, almost no one would be able to complete the mission. (Seriously.) The guides took the efforts of many Canonn players, scanning for sites by eye, since there were no bookmarked locations back then. Then more players tested all the endless combinations of alien artifacts at each of the monoliths to determine which was needed to unlock each of the messages. My understanding is that it took the efforts of hundreds...
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    Today, 5:59 AM · 89 replies and 2381 views.
    It's still possible to get a reasonable payout for an abbreviated mission. You can pick up 60 mcr or so for the first few sites; just skip the rest, cash in your reward, and don't bother trying to earn the (now) trivial bonus. The most frustrating part is that this mission has been broken from the start and only became fully functional a few weeks ago.
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    Today, 5:51 AM · 89 replies and 2381 views.
    I started the mission yesterday and just verified that I still get the 100 mcr bonus. Yea for me! However, it sucks that others will get a lesser payout. I've done the mission previously and it was still a fair bit of work to complete. (It took me about a week.)
  • Lucian667's Avatar
    Today, 5:27 AM · 5 replies and 154 views.
    Yes good point, if we had some sort of setting to auto-sell cargo rewards or auto-dump them or auto-ignore them then people with low or no cargo space wouldn't have to worry about that "can't hand in mission cause no storage space for BS rewards" problem. I think it should be optional though, I'm sure some people really like sifting through junk.... :)
  • Lucian667's Avatar
    Today, 4:56 AM
    Hi FD! Is there any chance that you could implement some sort of "Auto-sell cargo rewards" setting or button or toggle so that when handing in missions we dont have to constantly empty our cargo holds of useless junk? It would be a great quality of life improvement and doesn't sound too hard from a coding perspective. Thanks!
    5 replies and 154 views.
  • NW3's Avatar
    Today, 4:17 AM · 89 replies and 2381 views.
    That's good to know. I started this mission yesterday. I wonder if I'll get the large or the small bonus. I guess I'll find out in a week or so. I still plan to complete the mission. It seems likely that the bonus payout changed in last night's update, so I'm hoping I'll get the 201 mcr payout. If so, I'll be one of the last ones to get it.
  • NW3's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:42 PM · 153 replies and 3849 views.
    No sarcasm was intended. The point is that there is no good solution: Players will complain about either option. FD can't guarantee a "magically good" internet connection for all players. Right, that is expected. There's really nothing that they can say, to add to this discussion. I'm sure that they continue to investigate any problems submitted to Support. Players will continue to complain. It's really too late for FD to switch to a subscription model and central servers and even if they did, it likely wouldn't fix all the problems, which (at least some of the time) are due to issues outside their control. Also, if they did switch, it would cause a huge uproar and they would lose a LOT of players.
  • NW3's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:21 PM · 153 replies and 3849 views.
    Yes, we do. We often see complaints in the forum on this issue: "Why is it so hard to join an instance with my wingmates?" This is a classic lose/lose situation. You want to play with your friends and your choices are: (1) Nope, you can't do that or (2) Yes, you can, but the experience will suck, because your friend has a crappy connection.
  • NW3's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:00 PM · 153 replies and 3849 views.
    Agreed, but I've never seen a 4 digit ping while playing ED. Perhaps FD should be a lot stricter about who joins others in an instance. Personally, I'd much prefer FD to drop multiplayer, rather than charge a subscription fee.
  • NW3's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:26 PM · 76 replies and 1076 views.
    I really like my Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, which I've had for over a year. It is inexpensive, but well-made. It has twist for yaw and a paddle for thrust. It only has 12 buttons (not including the 8-way hat), so I use the buttons in combination with the Shift and Ctrl keys. It's currently on sale where I bought mine, at a company I've been using for over a decade:
  • NW3's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:47 PM · 22 replies and 577 views.
    I probably wouldn't use any heatsinks, if I did the trip today. Distant Worlds Expedition was my first exploration voyage and I was not yet skilled at fuel scooping.
  • NW3's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:38 PM · 22 replies and 577 views.
    Agreed. I made it to Beagle Point and back with only 1 AFMU, so you really only need 2 if you are planning a really long voyage (or maybe doing lots of neutron star boosting). For my trip, what I really needed was more heatsinks; I only took 2 launchers and was out of heatsinks before I reached Sag A*.
  • Lucian667's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:36 PM · 9 replies and 310 views.
    Yep, good idea, way too many of them look like they're missing a chromosome. It would be good to be able to see a range of options and select the least hideous.
  • NW3's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:11 PM · 22 replies and 577 views.
    Neutron star boosts are easier than white dwarf boosts, because the cones are much bigger. I've only tried the double boost trick once and was unsuccessful. I didn't die or anything; I just jumped before the second charge was obtained. I plan to try again, but I've been in the bubble and haven't been near a neutron star since my first attempt to double boost. Good luck with the RNG gods!
  • NW3's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:37 AM · 87 replies and 2285 views.
    I'm waiting for more info, before I outfit a ship to fight Thargoids. I just don't see a need to do that yet.
  • NW3's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:33 AM · 153 replies and 3849 views.
    That sounds like good advice. Rep++ I have a relatively new, fairly high-end, consumer-grade router that got good tech reviews. That probably explains why I don't have issues playing ED, unlike so many others. (Even though I'm not using port-forwarding.) I see no reason to change that, since everything is currently working just fine.
  • NW3's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:43 AM · 123 replies and 3500 views.
    I also use EDDB, but I don't consider it an exploit. I avoid exploits. I made Elite Explorer the hard way, before passenger missions. I've almost made it to Elite Trader. I have made use of the Ancient Ruins mission (multiple times, actually), but that's an intended feature, not an exploit, especially since I've avoided using an Anaconda. The vast majority of my game-time (over 1500 hours in-game) has been in an AspX.
  • NW3's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:20 AM · 64 replies and 5082 views.
    You don't need to use 2 cards. I have a 4K monitor and a slightly overclocked MSI GTX 980 Ti. It's fine for ED, although the framerate is a bit slow inside stations, but it's not really an issue. I have my game quality set to Ultra. Do not set an in-game framerate limit and do not enable V-Sync. Instead, in GeForce settings panel, set the V-Sync to Fast (assuming you don't have a GSync monitor). That will give near-GSync framerates, with NO tearing. I would think that a GTX 1080 would also work well. A GTX 1080 Ti would be even better, but they are quite expensive. I'm not sure about the 1070, but it might be acceptable. Use a Display Port Dual Link cable, to ensure you are running the monitor at 60Hz instead of 30Hz (the standard HDMI cable refresh rate). Windows 10 does a pretty good job with the GUI on a 4K monitor. Go to the Display control panel and set the Scaling to 200%. Most apps will work fine, but a few may have some tiny text. These days I'm actually playing ED using a...
  • NW3's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:58 AM · 22 replies and 577 views.
    You can reduce the zig zagging by using the "tricky" double neutron star boost. After you've overcharged your FSD, start the jump to your destination INSIDE the cone and slowly accelerate (still inside the cone). You want to get another neutron star boost, before you trigger the jump. When you reach your destination, you'll have a second boost available, from the original neutron star. You'll likely do a bit more damage to your ship, but you can double the boost bonus distance. You can also use this trick to return from a distant system that you can't reach without a boost. Video, or it isn't true... :D
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