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    Today, 7:39 AM · 291 replies and 9425 views.
    True, which is why I said that I didn't "expect to see any changes". I was simply pointing out that we don't need player trading to solve the materials gathering "issue".
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    Today, 7:13 AM · 54 replies and 807 views.
    There's plenty of space to store ships. Currently, all Engineers have planetary bases. Ships can land on planets/moons without needing landing pads. All there needs to be is a large "open air" parking lot to store the ships. Ships can automatically take off and land on planets (when you are in an SRV), so your current ship can fly off to the parking lot, while your new ship flies to a landing pad, so you can engineer/outfit it. The lot would need to be nearby, so that the base's defenses would attack any player that tries to destroy the parked ships. Because some of the engineer bases might not have level ground nearby, not all of the bases would have this facility, but a lot of them could. Actually, I'd like to see "used ship lots" in this game, regardless, so you could buy discounted used ships with non-standard load-outs.
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    Today, 7:00 AM · 291 replies and 9425 views.
    The problem is, materials are supposed to be difficult to get. Until FD changes their mind, I don't expect to see any changes to that. We don't need player interactions/trading/selling to improve the materials situation. All we need are markets at some stations that let us buy/sell materials. Problem solved. As to player interaction, there need to be more reasons to do things cooperatively: Multiplayer missions, for example. Defending a cargo shipment would be one mission type, but there are lots of untapped possibilities. Of course, there are still probably some multiplayer/connection/networking issues which would need to be addressed for this idea to be viable.
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    Today, 6:28 AM · 147 replies and 9418 views.
    Yes, the countdown and tunnel animations do take time, but imo, it seems necessary. The speed up to start countdown is probably mostly for combat escape situations, where it adds drama and challenge. In "normal" situations, I don't see why the countdown couldn't start as soon as you throttle up (without waiting for your ship to achieve maximum velocity). The tunnel animation "loading screen" appears to be required. There's no way that all the all data for the entire galaxy can be stored on your local drive, so it has to be downloaded. When my connection is bad, the tunnel animation sometimes plays for an exceptionally long time, while I wait for the data. Would you prefer to see a "Downloading" progress bar instead? The required bits have to be transferred. Yes, harvesting materials on a metallic planet does sound weird. I've never actually landed on a metallic planet, so I've never encountered that situation.
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    Yesterday, 7:11 AM · 291 replies and 9425 views.
    And you would need to purchase your admission ticket at Hutton Orbital (but they don't mention that until you get to Beagle Point). :D
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