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  • Robin of Spiritwood's Avatar
    Today, 8:11 PM · 21 replies and 319 views.
    This was a funny bit on TV.
  • artigan99's Avatar
    Today, 2:26 PM · 180 replies and 5864 views.
    Her post doesn't bother me one bit. A bit of dark humor from a programmer who, I'm sure, is always constrained from showing off what they *could* do, in order to make the game playable for actual mortals. I'd want to blow off steam, myself. Besides, she's right about those piggies ;) Any good AI programmer could easily create enemies that were undefeatable by humans. After all, they could have perfect aim, instant reflexes, never make mistakes, etc. The art of AI programming is making the enemies *imperfect* in just the right ways. Her work in this game has been stellar. Watching a Thargoid is like watching a living creature, for example. That's impressive. ED would be a far lesser game without her contributions.
  • artigan99's Avatar
    Today, 2:20 PM · 16 replies and 188 views.
    You can also just look for blue POIs in the vicinity of the station. It's easy enough to find skimmers of the correct faction that way. In fact, you don't even have to go to the defended base at all, which can be a good strategy in some cases. I did a lot of skimmer missions this way, back when all I had was a Sidewinder.
  • artigan99's Avatar
    Today, 1:32 PM · 17 replies and 1212 views.
    artigan99 replied to a thread CANONN Decals in Aliens
    I got my Canonn decal for helping with the Gnosis, too. I hope they figure out a way to make it available to others, now. To the devs, though --- while you're in there, could you revisit the decal itself? It displays very poorly on dark backgrounds, and not that well on light ones either. You can only see it properly from very close up, and only in certain light. It often becomes invisible or broken-up looking when viewing the ship from a normal distance. But you can't have it back! :)
  • artigan99's Avatar
    16/10/2017, 6:22 PM · 227 replies and 7223 views.
    Did a couple of the Patrol systems, the EDMC Plugin works great! Plus it's nice to have something concrete to contribute, even if it's just "No Thargoids Found".
  • artigan99's Avatar
    16/10/2017, 2:46 PM · 854 replies and 73631 views.
    artigan99 replied to a thread INRA Base Discoveries in Aliens
    Yes. It was probably done by a ventriloquist. (bad joke there, because 'B' and 'D', get it?). But you're right, it was wrong in the text and the voice actor read it that way.
  • artigan99's Avatar
    16/10/2017, 2:31 PM · 854 replies and 73631 views.
    artigan99 replied to a thread INRA Base Discoveries in Aliens
    B sounds a lot like D, too, easy to mix it up. It's most likely just a typo that got perpetuated.
  • artigan99's Avatar
    16/10/2017, 1:42 PM · 224 replies and 10670 views.
    artigan99 replied to a thread Thargoid Interactions in Aliens
    He's using the previous meaning of TS, Thargoid Structure. Those places. Now that the former UAs are Thargoid Sensors, also TS, it's become confusing.
  • artigan99's Avatar
    16/10/2017, 1:38 PM · 32 replies and 889 views.
    I agree they could be improved. What bothers me most about them is that I have to stop, target one, and wait -- just to see what it is. That means that I normally just pass them by while doing other things, because there is nothing to catch my attention. If they resolved automatically as I passed by, then I'd have some choices to make when I see an interesting one while travelling or doing missions, etc. As it is now, I just ignore them unless I need something that I know might be inside one.
  • john willi's Avatar
    16/10/2017, 6:00 AM · 6 replies and 332 views.
    not sure anything else really new will be included, maybe more like... what was talked about.
  • artigan99's Avatar
    15/10/2017, 9:09 PM · 3 replies and 119 views.
    So, you're flying FAOff from the external camera? You are an ace. Nice canyons, too. Where were you?
  • Robin of Spiritwood's Avatar
    15/10/2017, 3:55 PM · 10 replies and 212 views.
    That's an interesting take on the matter, and if true suggests the symptoms would be reversible. However, there are recordings of the sound, and frequency analysis shows it to extend into ultrasound ranges. So there is a physical real-world event tied to the etiology. The party that benefits from driving a wedge between the 2 countries, with technical expertise, and an espionage arm already in place, is obvious.
  • Robin of Spiritwood's Avatar
    14/10/2017, 7:47 PM · 6 replies and 181 views.
    Odd, railgun videos have been appearing in my newsfeed as recommended articles too. The tech seems impressive, to be sure. Mach 7 projectiles, staggering penetration, small munitions size because no propellant, and of course greater safety an no cook-off.
  • artigan99's Avatar
    14/10/2017, 5:00 PM · 2 replies and 86 views.
    We are discussing it it this thread. Fdev has stated that it’s working correctly, but it’s not.
  • artigan99's Avatar
    14/10/2017, 4:49 PM · 194 replies and 6511 views.
    I've been in game, looking at various mission boards where I normally hang out. I'm allied with many of the factions. And I think maybe I see what's happening...maybe. Dom says it's all tied to the rank of the missions. But I'm seeing mostly low-ranked missions, now. Out of the last 100 missions I looked at today, only a handful were at my rank or higher (for the type of mission). All the rest were for lower ranks, with a lot of penniless, aimless, harmless missions. So if the range of mission ranks has skewed lower, it would explain why less rare mats are being offered.
  • artigan99's Avatar
    14/10/2017, 3:18 PM · 194 replies and 6511 views.
    Sorry Dom, but it’s still messed up. The generation of missions is out of whack, with odd missions for low pay to Colonia flooding the boards, and MEFs only being offered in missions for 20000LY or more. I’m seeing this everywhere I go, and only since the latest patch. It was actually ok, if a bit rare, before that.
  • artigan99's Avatar
    14/10/2017, 2:28 PM · 26 replies and 681 views.
    artigan99 replied to a thread Baghdad Bob in PlayStation 4
    Wow, that is really bad looking. I couldn’t play like that either.
  • artigan99's Avatar
    14/10/2017, 12:19 PM · 194 replies and 6511 views.
    I have been looking for MEFs and been unable to find any missions offering them, except for one that required delivering a bunch of cargo to Colonia. It’s all messed up again. FD sure has a lot of trouble getting this right.
  • Robin of Spiritwood's Avatar
    14/10/2017, 6:22 AM · 523 replies and 18611 views.
    Now that the US has unilaterally "decertified" the Iran deal in the complete absence of evidence, why would the North Koreans ever trust them? At this point, even a skeptic of war like me has to reconsider the probabilities. It seems more and more that US regime change is becoming necessary for global security.
  • Reina Kaede's Avatar
    13/10/2017, 10:29 PM · 155 replies and 5432 views.
    I love these threads and I'll gladly chime in to offer FD my support as well. Grew up playing Wing Commander my loyalties *should* with Chris Roberts and Star Citizen but I really like Elite, the kind of game it is, and what is coming for it in the future.
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