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    Today, 10:15 PM · 9 replies and 49 views.
    Experience, awareness and skill.
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    Today, 9:53 PM · 3710 replies and 121417 views.
  • Arry's Avatar
    Today, 9:48 PM · 9 replies and 49 views.
    Cool, don't worry about the link; it is just good to know. Thanks.
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    Today, 9:45 PM · 3710 replies and 121417 views.
    You mean me vs. a Professor who can't even get his basic math right? x = 2/100 = 2/(100-y) is plain wrong. x and y are already the variables. You can't add another "emotional placeholder" to the equation of "eat 2% of the cake that would be smaller if they wouldn't contribute baking it".
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    Today, 9:45 PM · 322 replies and 23088 views.
    It is the Thargoid technology. They shut the simmers down just at the right time and use them as bludgeons. to kill humans. Ramming is a recognised human kill technique and so the Thargoids, have taken it to the next level. As long as we keep thinking it is a game bug, they will get away with it.
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    Today, 9:34 PM · 9 replies and 49 views.
    Really? Nothing to do with thruster power and logically, all to do with manoeuvrability?
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    Today, 9:29 PM · 9 replies and 127 views.
    Just after the decree absolute?
  • Arry's Avatar
    Today, 9:26 PM · 61 replies and 1547 views.
    Agreed: I have always said; even here. Greed will get you killed. These days it is not PC to say that some are asking for it; but it is true and political correctness, is not going to change that.
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    Today, 9:23 PM · 9 replies and 127 views.
    Game: about 40. L.P. 120 Skins; Total about 20. Pirate Cobra, pirate Viper and sidewinder. Tactical pack for clipper for the black paint. (only to be informed just over a week later, of the Friday free skins.) New laptop required after 6 months of playing, 600. However: I cut my teeth on the Spectrum and so; bugs, crashes and general confusion; is just Elite, to me.
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    Today, 9:02 PM · 3710 replies and 121417 views.
    Yea, that's why "economics" don't count as science. It's "arts". Broad stroke judgements about consensus in "science or economics" disqualify you as scientist. :p Now that worked well - would you like some more horse in your lasagna? All trade economics with "homogenous products" are trash. (remember how often you heard that about EDs "trade simulation"? - now in ED goods are per creation homogenous, unless you factor in "roleplay" reasons like slave labour - take away the moral component in real life scenarios and that cheaply produced stuff can still kill you - way to save 2 quid on a bag of chips) "In theory, the only factor for a homogenous product is price" ... yaddayadda Fipronil, Glyphosat, nitrate ...
  • Arry's Avatar
    Today, 8:47 PM · 307 replies and 7610 views.
    Until you understand; that Chump's definition of the word, respect.
  • Arry's Avatar
    Today, 8:36 PM · 22 replies and 438 views.
    Arry replied to a thread How do I surrender? in Newcomers Forum
    I can understand that, but the only ship I was really bothered about its weight was, the Courier; but that was all about movement in combat, not jump range.
  • Arry's Avatar
    Today, 8:33 PM · 61 replies and 1547 views.
    This is very good point. First; be very comfortable with your re-buy costs, so you can relax. Second; watch just how predictable the idiots become. Third; always have an exit strategy. Fourth; when you learn how to play in open, just how much fun it can be and how friendly, most of the locals are.
  • Arry's Avatar
    Today, 8:20 PM · 61 replies and 1547 views.
    My non engineered clippers fairs OK in open CGs running cargo and hit the top 25%. Yes I have been down to under 30% as I have parked, but that was on the fourth day and there were a lot of idiots about. The mail slot got so bad, with empty squares at one point, I had to let the DC take over, just before entering, instead of after entering as normal. It don't matter how many ships die if the DC is in control. :D
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 6:39 PM · 7 replies and 273 views.
    Godmode+autoaim is what a loud part of the community wants. Its up to the devs to fix this nonsense.
  • Frank's Avatar
    Today, 6:34 PM · 307 replies and 7610 views.
    The admiral sent out a memo to all his helmsmen saying that staring directly at the sun without any eye protection is the bravest thing they could do
  • Robin of Spiritwood's Avatar
    Today, 5:02 PM · 307 replies and 7610 views.
    4 collisions since January is unprecedented in any modern Navy. Something is definitely not working properly. Not sure if the Admiral is to blame, but he sure has the responsibility if they were all his ships.
  • Boomer Kay's Avatar
    Today, 4:30 PM · 3710 replies and 121417 views.
    Found that in the comments section. Interesting read:
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 4:23 PM · 4208 replies and 345400 views.
    Like we took '3.0 releases in just a few weeks, probably 2016' at face value? Or 'Sq42 will be released 2015'? Or 'we will definitely support all main VR sets'? Or, well, anything they have ever said? Better question: if you know someone is known for selling mini-demos and slices as 'actual game' since forever, why would you assume that what you saw is anything other than what he does every single time?
  • FuzzySpider's Avatar
    Today, 4:14 PM · 3710 replies and 121417 views.
    To those debating Patrick Minford and his magical economic ideas, here is some reading.
  • Boomer Kay's Avatar
    Today, 4:13 PM · 3710 replies and 121417 views.
    The numbers are between 0 and 7000, depending on your "allocation" of the costs.
  • Boomer Kay's Avatar
    Today, 3:54 PM · 3710 replies and 121417 views.
    You can remove the moral component. It's bad business. I got my first real suit at a gentleman's outfitter in Newcastle upon Tyne. Thing cost 600gbp back then (a small fortune) but it's as good as a "quality suit" gets and the advice I got was that "a young gentleman needs at least one good suit". It's held over 20 years now. I still wear it occasionally. It's actually better for travel and "casual" wear than the fancier stuff I got later. It's hard to find that quality on the market any more, because even "premium" clothing is "cheaply" made in southeast asia, it just goes "out of fashion" so fast (an "unthinkable" thing back in the days, a well cut suit, shoes and tie was "timeless"), you need to replace it frequently anyways. The natural progession of "consumption" in the quality case is to get additional suits, since as you increase in status, your requirement to wear them increases, so you'll end up with a dozen or more which you can rotate and not look cheap. There's no need to ever throw it...
  • Adept's Avatar
    Today, 3:27 PM · 3710 replies and 121417 views.
    When he doesn't descend into sickening stuff like the transphobia here, FJ's contributions read like competent satire pieces on rabid nationalism. It's hard to take him seriously.
  • Boomer Kay's Avatar
    Today, 3:19 PM · 3710 replies and 121417 views.
    You just paraphrased "being better than 'them'".
  • FuzzySpider's Avatar
    Today, 2:54 PM · 3710 replies and 121417 views.
    Well then... ...hardly complementary but this could be the beginning of the end of this stupidity.
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