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    Yesterday, 8:01 PM · 7990 replies and 540421 views.
    BGS Bugs since the latest pathc. Anyone else seeing stuf fthat is simply wrong Faction A was at War with faction B War finsihed and Faction A won 5% The % did not show any change at all from the previous day (not even 0.1% in teh system map) even though commanders were fighting for faction B. Population of 2 million.
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    Yesterday, 7:53 PM · 32 replies and 431 views.
    I'll be dead. Have fun starving . . .
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    Yesterday, 7:47 PM · 45 replies and 2915 views.
    Sometimes, just because the ship's nose is pointing at an object, that does not mean the ship is actually moving toward that object. In Elite Dangerous, ships tend to slip sideways, or skid when turned quickly. Often when a CMDR aligns their ship with their destination, their ship is still slipping sideways and moving away from the destination. Just line up with your destination and boost. That will get your ship moving in the proper direction and with the correct alignment. Note: If you get the "Align With Escape Vector" message when attempting to enter lo-wake (Supercruise) from a planetary surface, your angle-of-attack is probably less than 40 degrees positive. Simply point your ship so its nose is pointing more than 40 degrees above the horizon (you may need to boost to straighten her out) and she should enter Supercruise. o7
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    Yesterday, 7:18 PM · 6 replies and 89 views.
    Transitioning into the larger, bridge-on-top ships can be challenging for some CMDRs. Temporarily fit the Automatic Docking Computer (ADC) and let it fly you through the slot a couple of times to show you how and where to line up, then exchange the ADC for a more useful module and practice docking. The ADC can be a great tool for showing a CMDR transitioning into the larger ships (especially the Anaconda) where and how high to line up going through the mail-slot so the CMDR can avoid the loitering fee and more importantly, that big rebuy when the station decides you have "loitered" long enough and blows up your shiny new Annie! A couple of notes on getting the Anaconda thru the slot: If you do not instinctively duck your head as your ship passes thru the mail-slot, then you are still too low! REALLY scrape your head going thru the slot in an Anaconda! Also, it is not as big as you think. Three (3) Anacondas can go thru the mail slot side-by-side. Go right of center and STAY HIGH. Do not continue...
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    Yesterday, 5:35 PM · 55 replies and 1488 views.
    Drinking tins on a park bench with the local wine experts for the next couple of days
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    Yesterday, 4:11 PM · 35 replies and 1008 views.
    You'll love it, abysmal jump performance and all. With G5 Dirties it turns like an Anaconda while hauling twice as much cargo, armor and armament. With G5 Extended FSD Range modifications it jumps like a (stock) Anaconda. Yes, those first runs out to Felicity and the Professor are a drag but worth it coming back. Basically, it is a great, big Python. o7
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    Yesterday, 3:04 PM · 39 replies and 592 views.
    OP I have no idea what you are talking about . Cna you let fok lie me knwo what you are refering to in your opening post please with some links or a summary. Cheers.
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    Yesterday, 12:49 PM · 148 replies and 11859 views.
    Your Ship's First Critical Upgrade: The Frame Shift Drive (FSD): The Frame Shift Drive, or FSD that came with your starter Sidewinder works but is underpowered, with extremely limited jump range. An upgraded FSD should be the new CMDR's first critical ship upgrade after the cargo-racks in fact, the FSD will probably be the first upgrade most CMDRs apply to most, if not all of their ships. The FSD is what gives the ship the long legs (jump-range) needed to get the starter Sidewinder "off the porch" of the CMDR's local station and move about the local stellar neighborhood, avoiding the FSD related jump errors commonly experienced by newer CMDRs with underpowered Frame Shift Drives. From: Stuff They Don't Tell You: Elite Dangerous
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    Yesterday, 12:35 PM · 148 replies and 11859 views.
    DO THIS FIRST, WHEN YOU DOCK: BUY FUEL! Know that the Mission Board will never offer the CMDR a cargo mission that the CMDR's current ship cannot complete in the ship's current condition however , since fuel adds mass (weight) to the ship, if a CMDR first accepts mission cargo and then adds fuel, the CMDR may find the ship is now over-weight and unable, because of the added mass (weight) of fuel to make one or more the system-to-system jumps necessary to complete the mission. To resolve this, simply add fuel your ship first after you dock and before doing anything else. This way the ship will be at its maximum mass (weight) before accepting any cargo carrying missions and will be able to complete any mission offered. From: Stuff They Don't Tell You: Elite Dangerous
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    Yesterday, 12:16 PM · 148 replies and 11859 views.
    DO THIS FIRST, BEFORE YOU EVER LEAVE THE FIRST STATION: CHANGE OUT THE CARGO RACKS! The cargo-racks that come with the starter Sidewinder are half-size! Exchanging those half-size racks for full-size cargo racks instantly doubles the new CMDR's profits from cargoes. Some CMDRs fly for days or weeks before discovering this. o7 From: Stuff They Don't Tell You: Elite Dangerous
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