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    Yesterday, 10:14 PM · 209 replies and 6978 views.
    Disclaimer: Your Experience May Vary. If you play in Open, it can be very anarchy or it can be as lonely as solo. Expect the unexpected. Expect the worst, hope for the best, and never be disappointed. With that base-level premise established (if you aren't free to do anything with the product known as Elite Dangerous, we can end our conversation), we can move on to the meat: The reality that some mechanisms are clearly not in the spirit of the game and routinely get exorcised from ED. Robigo? Nerfed. Sothis? Nerfed. Ceos? Nerfed. Passenger missions? Nerfed. Massacre missions? Nerfed. Engineers? People had their mods removed. Why did these happen? As it turns out, their payouts were not in the spirit of the game (Engineering issue was different so I won't bother with that).But we really should bother with that, because that's been the only real Exploit out there that I am aware of, and I'll add, did not even know about it until the day it was patched out. Because that's not how I play. It's hard for...
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    Yesterday, 9:57 PM · 89 replies and 1966 views.
    Can't build anything without a solid base, including relationships. And I can tell you my wife's secret to keeping me happy... she lets me play in peace. It took her almost 15 years to figure it out - when go vegetable mode, leave me veg, and I'm completely happy. I'm just not that difficult.
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    Yesterday, 9:47 PM · 74 replies and 1997 views.
    To me, ships are something to collect, and collect them I have. My fleet is 37 ships, including the Corvette and the Cutter. Working on Ranking makes credits. Credits buy ships. Pretty much by the time you make the rank, you have the credits to buy the ship. As for how much effort is involved.. not much really, just play the game. If you're trying for the Corvette, play in Federation space. If you're after a Cutter, play in Imperial space. You have to take missions from factions that support the power you want to make rank with, so make sure you take the right missions. That's really all there is to it. The Corvette and the Cutter are both exceptional combat ships, because they're covered in hardpoints and utility mounts. But you still have to be a skilled pilot or you'll get torn up quick.
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    Yesterday, 9:34 PM · 35 replies and 1077 views.
    IndigoWyrd replied to a thread Why? in Dangerous Discussion
    There is only one material I have not found, that remains elusive despite my having made some effort to locate it. Military Supercapacitors. That's it. Everything else I've either found more than I'll ever use, or simply have no issues finding. Imperial Shielding you say? Fly around Achenar. You'll be throwing them out before long.
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    Yesterday, 9:32 PM · 89 replies and 1966 views.
    Kerrimuir. It was a ball. Need I say more?
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    Yesterday, 9:29 PM · 89 replies and 1966 views.
    I cannot answer this question in these forums. The ban-hammer would come down so hard there would be a singularity in the spot I previously occupied. But it's a good way to spend time while waiting to reach Hutton Orbital....
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    Yesterday, 9:22 PM · 113 replies and 2663 views.
    Indeed, because we know Over There, the LaWS would be turned down to a very stern flashlight, and the rail gun would only project a flag a few feet that said "Bang", because, you know, we can just talk every thing out with everybody.
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    Yesterday, 9:11 PM · 113 replies and 2663 views.
    Not for since 3 years ago. And we've got these too...
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    Yesterday, 9:03 PM · 233 replies and 5331 views.
    I did, and I'm not ashamed to admit it - my fleet contains 37 ships, and will likely continue to grow over time.
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    Yesterday, 8:16 PM · 209 replies and 6978 views.
    So... means "as long as it doesn't feel out of the spirit of the game to other people who are still bitter there's no switchboard operator on the other end of the phone, and still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea"? And if I make 100 million credits in a few clicks, how does that show up in anyone else's bank account? How does that prevent them from continuing to trudge through their day-to-day their way? Doing that thing that drives people crazy again - looking at the real world... I wanted to create the first commercial space craft, but that darn Elon Musk beat me to it with SpaceX. I'd have done it sooner, but I wasn't ready yet. Does this mean I should just give up now? Is my life-immersion broken? Not at all. I may not get to be first, but I can certainly get to be better.
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    Yesterday, 7:38 PM · 233 replies and 5331 views.
    Still have mine. Only ship I've ever sold was a Vulture, and that's because, at the time, I wasn't skilled enough for it, didn't really grasp a lot of concepts that have since become nearly second nature, and since then I've bought one, outfitted it, engineered it and enjoy it where appropriate. And that's something there is no way to shortcut - experience. That's the real End Game. That's the real Progression.
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    Yesterday, 7:10 PM · 209 replies and 6978 views.
    Which is why twice now I've pointed back to my initial response, regarding the use of GalNet to communicate these sorts of things in-game. I'd also point out that the "scanning one surface installation" business is actually slightly misleading - if you pay close enough attention, you will notice there are actually multiple surface installations, all stacked one-on-top-of-the-other, as the "post" the data point is on will lower, yet still appear raised, so you can scan each of the raised posts as well. That's a purely game-mechanics things though - let's put this in real-world terms. Amazing Company has developed the Latest Greatest Thing. All the information about the Latest Greatest Thing is stored on their server. The folks at the Just So So Company want this data, and pay me to steal it for them.
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    Yesterday, 6:36 PM · 4 replies and 98 views.
    Gully_Foyle replied to a thread Dolphin can't find one. in Ships of Elite
    No you didn't. Type Dolphin into Station Sells Ships Type your present station into Reference Station Click Find Stations
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    Yesterday, 6:32 PM · 113 replies and 2663 views.
    Its pizza money.
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    Yesterday, 6:32 PM · 113 replies and 2663 views.
    Glitter will be next. Then fireworks shells for the cannons.
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    Yesterday, 6:09 PM · 209 replies and 6978 views.
    I'll let you know - I've been working a "speed route" for a while, and I think I've just about optimized it, but I've not been back in a while, found other shiny things to play with lately.
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    Yesterday, 6:00 PM · 37 replies and 1782 views.
    I won't be on for at least six hours, have no idea what time zone you're in, but I'd gladly come watch you try to leave a station and see what's happening. I find the Corvette the 2nd easiest large ship to fly, as it's basically a giant pancake, unlike the T-9 which is a massive box that looks like it was extruded from a mail slot, the Anaconda which has an odd bridge and fat belly, the Cutter that moves like a block of soap on ice, and the Beluga (which I actually find the easiest to fly, as long as you remember it has a fluffy tail and will get caught on things if you let it). The only other thing I can think of is... are you a complete masochist and fly around with Rotational Correction turned off?
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    Yesterday, 5:52 PM · 62 replies and 2731 views.
    Nope, just a dead one. That is, until I track them down too.. darn loose ends.... I have actually replied in local "By killing fools like you." and done the exact same thing. It makes me smile.
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    Yesterday, 5:49 PM · 25 replies and 969 views.
    I might like that, but still kind of holding off for Black weapons and exhaust. Sic transit gloria mundi or Semper ubi, sub ubi.
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    Yesterday, 5:41 PM · 233 replies and 5331 views.
    How does it "break the game"? Details - very specific details. I will counter with, while this is your opinion, it holds less water than a sieve. I support that with: Kim Kardashian - famous for what, exactly? No talent, no skills, could not survive 10 days in the desert. Paris Hilton - has made what contribution to society? One Night in Paris is not a contribution to society. Farrah Abraham - famous for? Not being able to keep her legs together in high school is not a skill.
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    Yesterday, 5:37 PM · 11 replies and 262 views.
    Because you cannot edit the software text line that changes the colours on the Xbox? You can do it manually or with a 3rd party tool. Its not built into the PC game.
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    Yesterday, 5:27 PM · 52 replies and 1085 views.
    Well, since I just stumbled across Palin-has-a-mission, I'll be heading that way to check it out, even though I've already fiddled with the Alien sites a few times back when they were new news, just so I can say "been there, done that". And I'll be plugging away at my other favorite Elite passtime - looking for more people to help grow my little group. If you want to know more about it, you'll have to ask me.
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    Yesterday, 5:19 PM · 209 replies and 6978 views.
    Can't we drop all the "X" is an exploit nonsense? Please? I even asked nicely, and that's not something I do. Nearly 100% of the time, when someone uses the word "exploit" around here, their credibility plummets at terminal velocity, as I can count on one hand the number of people who actually know what an exploit is. I'll skip the explanation, as trying to explain these kinds of things here is like trying to flood the Earth by spitting into the ocean. Yes, the old completion bonus was nice. It's changed. It's not going to be changed back. It worked the way it was intended, even if the mission itself did not. Bank errors were issued to amend for that. It's also old news now - months old news. How much would you pay someone for discovering fire these days? Or finding King Tut's Tomb?
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    Yesterday, 3:58 PM · 209 replies and 6978 views.
    Here is a set of instructions: 1. Fly to any station, installation or outpost. 2. Accept any mission from the mission board. 3. Complete that mission. 4. Turn in the completed mission at the designated area. 5. All mission board missions are now exploits, as you've followed a set of instructions. --- Meanwhile, back in reality...
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