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    Today, 1:16 PM · 4 replies and 109 views.
    What he means is that in order to have stations on a lava world, we need to have lava worlds made available to land on.
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    Today, 9:00 AM · 30 replies and 713 views.
    I'll give further analysis to this... I saved your build and put it as an opponent to my Python. If we sat there at ~1km from each other and fired everything we've got, your shields would drop nearly 10 seconds before mine. And your armour would deplete at the same rate as mine, but I'd have the advantage of ten seconds. I had to remove your SCBs to get a clear picture of it because, as has been said, that reinforcement is only given you while charging. It was saying you'd last 8mins against my weapons, but that's not accurate because you're not in a constant state of SCB charging.
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    Today, 12:17 AM · 30 replies and 713 views.
    Where on earth are you getting all those numbers from? You've put your build in and the number it's given you for your shield strength is on the top bar, and it reads 1460MJ. I don't know if this takes into account your SCBs, but it will certainly take account of your boosters. Your SCBs only reinforce your shields by +539MJ and +312MJ respectively. Even taking account of that you've got 2211MJ there, but that will only be for the duration of the SCB charge, I think(?) Besides, just one look at that build tells me (from my recent experience swapping from a raw strength build to a resistance build on my Python), you are never going to get 11,000MJ shields out of a Thermal Bi-Weave Shield. You're never even going to get close to the 6500MJ you quoted with that type of shield and that type of modification. Thermal shields don't by default modify your shields raw strength, only a little bit if you're lucky on the secondary rolls. A Prismatic shield with G5 Reinforced + all those boosters might get...
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    Yesterday, 5:12 PM · 30 replies and 713 views.
    It has been a weird CG. Well, weirder than normal for me, anyway. Almost fell into a honey trap today. Competent Python CMDR drops into the CZ while I'm dominating all the NPCs in my Python, the Savage Bargain. I notice he's neutral, so I leave him be but keep an eye on him nonetheless. Suddenly he turns red, which is fine, I don't normally go after opposing CMDRs anyway... until he started firing on me. I just flipped around and watched as all the NPCs in the middle of the CZ popped his shields instantly. So, I decided to give him something to think about and gave him a couple of shots up the rear before he high waked. I go back to what I'm doing... A few minutes later, this CMDR is back in the CZ and neutral again. I keep an eye on him still while I'm wailing on the NPCs. Then I realise exactly what's happening as an Expert Anaconda CMDR also drops in, then a CMDR in a Corvette. They're not winged up, but they all turn red and the Anaconda attacks me, followed by the Python. I retarget, pop the...
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    Yesterday, 12:32 PM · 71 replies and 6413 views.
    So there I was, intending to have a nice stretch of combat in Private Group to get my contribution to the CG up a little (last time I played in Open, the CZ wasn't big enough for all us CMDRs lol). But as soon as I drop into the CZ, I find it in ceasefire. So, I jump over to Open again, and lo and behold, the war is raging again. What's more, not a single other CMDR in sight. Had a lovely half hour or so just butchering my way through the CZ before a couple of other CMDRs turned up, by which time I had my fill and I gladly turned it over to them. Very odd, but pleasant experience.
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