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    Today, 1:09 AM · 437 replies and 13585 views.
    Couple of months ago out of the blue I got interdicted by a known Xbox pirate (not known to me at the time) pulled me over asked for cargo, I told I had none he scanned me. He left me saying shame on me for having no cargo this time. I was in a exploracoda he was in a cutter, probes engineered to the gills. I then received a msg and a link to yt thanking me being a good sport and inviting me to view our encounter. I found this to be a decent experience, adding to the fabric of elite dangerous. Later that same day, another cmdr interdiction this time no comms just killed in about 20s. My exploracoda had no weapons no cargo racks, his corvette my 7Mcr rebuy. But because I was engineering my vette nearby around the same time I took my vette back to the same system. I flew for a few minutes until same cmdr interdicted for the second time I unload on him, he logged. Then msg me stated he didn't know what happened and why I logged on him. Luckily I recorded our encounter and shared it to my various Xbox clubs,...
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    Yesterday, 11:16 PM · 31 replies and 466 views.
    I am quite psyched for the long awaited return of the thargoids but going full Australian, you know you shouldn't go full Aussie. Next you'll be working in a bar and driving a ute.
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    Yesterday, 10:58 PM · 29 replies and 684 views.
    I know I am just a aged xboner lol, I was looking forward to the Xbox x (Scorpio) for the at the time VR option. Then E3 came Microsoft became soft on the whole VR thing. Looking back I am the type of person that shouldn't have VR, I enjoy a few too many beers when gaming. Coupled with the fact my gamer rig (Xbox, tv, tablet and beer) are in the living room. My better half sitting doing her thing when I'm reacting to ship explosions whilst pawing at the pull to escape handle in our 13 x 12 snug. Definitely think a bigger screen was the better option for me, so does the missus. Enjoy your better gameplay experience fly safe cmdr o7.
  • Vin58's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:35 PM · 34 replies and 604 views.
    I'll just start this with I have never flown the cutter. My son went the whole quince thing but after the grind for rear admiral I didn't have the stomach for that. He hates the cutter his preference is the clipper over any other ship. I love the conda, long distance multi role perfect. The biggest thing about the vette is the respect it gets even at cg's. Even back in alien sites the perception, regardless of my load out, other cmdrs were wary of the power this craft could bring to bear. I have engineered mine fully 11.5kj shields, with almost all 50% resistances, 50Mw power plant, 4K hull- with 50% resistances and module protection. Stripped out can deliver 488t full armed with decent burst and multi cannons. Jump range is the only snag, combat 20 ly, trade fully loaded 15 ly.
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    Yesterday, 8:53 PM · 117 replies and 3684 views.
    Sorry didn't notice that it was corgi not a rat. Lol. Not the first time a corgi has been surprised by a queen. Hahaha.
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    Yesterday, 8:44 PM · 117 replies and 3684 views.
    So you spend time to go to beagle point and blow up a fuel rat that came to help you at beagle point. So assuming you fly back, you've invested more in game time than the Good Samaritan. Or if you committed suicide, both parties pay the rebuy. But because you had weapons your rebuy is bigger. More credits = more game time. Either way fuel rat wins. Hahaha.
  • Vin58's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:11 PM · 271 replies and 28777 views.
    Reminds me of the time Robert de Niro asks Ben Stiller "I have nipples, can you milk me?" Apologies any resemblance to mythical creatures living or dead is purely coincidental.
  • Vin58's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:03 PM · 46 replies and 1888 views.
    3.0 will repeat the horizons blueprint of content being held away, from cmdrs who for what ever reason haven't paid for the updates. Frontier will follow the age old tradition of discounting these season passes to encourage players to access the new season. The problem with the new season, as far as I know, are the fact it's going to be a season of Qol improvements rather than headline additions. Like space legs, atmospheric landings and space cheese.
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