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    19/10/2017, 8:05 PM · 106 replies and 5289 views.
    "TheoJones" you and I are basically on the same page as far as exploits are concerned. However, I have a bit more relaxed yardstick when it came to Quince. I would be genuine bummed when I was coming in for a landing on the planet and someone else's scan would "complete" my stack. I felt I'd been cheated (odd term to use here) by not being able to complete my missions. The lubrication to my moral compass was the observed FD stance on the operations in Quince. Obviously it was fixable as it is now (mostly) fixed. They'd known about it. Known of the details, seen the discussions, yet choose to not change/correct the behaviour of the mission boards. The multiple data ports superimposed on each other. The "completion" of all missions by a single scan, from ANYONE on the local grid. Ergo feature, not exploit. Their lack of action in any form for such a long period of time makes them complicit. IMO
  • Tacyon's Avatar
    17/10/2017, 8:13 PM · 65 replies and 1702 views.
    While I thought that the multicrew might be a interesting idea, I quickly realized it would be a bit like a motorcycle. Do you want to be the driver, or riding "bit*h" ? Given the option, I think most (all?) want to be in control of the ship and not the "tag along". So for me, IMO, its usage is flawed at a fundamental, humanistic level. Just my opinion for what its worth.
  • Tacyon's Avatar
    17/10/2017, 3:40 PM · 24 replies and 731 views.
    There are SAR missions and not only in the Pleiades. I took two of them yesterday to see what was what on them. It was go here to this search area, locate and bring back 4 occupied cryo tubes. Another one was to locate and bring back 4 damaged ones. Payout was very low, but I looked at it as a discovery to find out what I could about these missions. Would I do one again or as a thing, I don't think so unless it was where i was going and I knew I'd have room for "X" pods.
  • Exigeous's Avatar
    16/10/2017, 8:03 PM · 118 replies and 17109 views.
    Sadly I think you're right. I assume V is someone's small side project given the rather slow pace of development over the last year or so. From what I see there hasn't been any appreciable update to it since release, other than maybe a few very minor fixes. It's a shame too as it could have been very cool and possibly the start of something but seeing with Core 2.0 has my guess is that V will be obsolete before it's ever functionally useful. Either way good for consumers as the 2.0 update does look rather cool.
  • Tacyon's Avatar
    16/10/2017, 5:49 PM · 43 replies and 1154 views.
    Unfortunately IMO it's become that way in real life as well. And I don't think that the real life manifestations stem from games as much as the other way around. Real life personas & attitudes bleeding into games. And with little or no filters or consequences it's a "why not" attitude.
  • Tacyon's Avatar
    16/10/2017, 5:40 PM · 106 replies and 5289 views.
    TheoJones, re your thought about going out to Quince to recoup your losses, you're outta luck (mostly) It got severely nerfed in 2.4 Where, before you could stack (with topped out standings there) 15-25 missions (only 20 would "complete") averaging 1.45m/mission and then get them completed by doing a single scan. Now that the single scan of a dataport is fixed (the way it should have always been) the "quick" part is gone. And now instead of 15-25 stacked missions, you'll never get more than 5 with board hopping. I was out there grinding (like that was really a grind) to get my Cutter rank and cr - then ended up leaving when it was fixed/nurfed. I was happy about the fix as I felt this was the way it should have worked all along. However I think there is something fundamentally borked with the Quince system as even now, when stacking 5 scan missions, it weirds out. It's hard to get where the next scan mission is at to NAV target it (you end up guessing) and it'll say you're all done, then you find out...
  • Exigeous's Avatar
    16/10/2017, 4:35 PM
    Severity Moderate Frequency Most of the time (75%) Time of occurrence Frequent Date of occurrence
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  • Tacyon's Avatar
    15/10/2017, 7:46 PM · 83 replies and 3128 views.
    Can't quickly find my previous "idea" posting but here is the quick dirty. Basically this -> Surface navigation computer. Input the target LAT/LON info and it generates a heading caret on the compass in ship and SRV. Or if still in orbit/glide, it generates a target circle like we currently have for surfaces bases. The advantage of being "built in" is that your present LAN/LON would already be known to the Surface Nav Comp and you'd simply enter your target (where you want to end up) LAT/LON in two fields and a direction caret would appear on your compass indicator. Your vector would also then be updated live. It would also be logical to include a "Distance to waypoint" Once you're at the destination you could then place your bookmark.
  • Exigeous's Avatar
    14/10/2017, 10:50 PM · 25 replies and 696 views.
    I completely agree and honestly am not sure why this has become difficult. At this point I'll just let it expire, if anyone wants it they can ask or it'll be free in 2 years.
  • Tacyon's Avatar
    14/10/2017, 3:19 AM · 35 replies and 908 views.
    Well consider this, if those trucks and mega buses would travel in the opposite direction of station spin, a quick pop to the suspension or a bump in the road would cause them to leave the inner surface and float around until something ran into them. Check out for video of a pilot with his SRV in the station. (for reasons) It can't land and therefore has no down force applied. It just floats around while things bump into it.
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