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    Today, 7:09 AM · 138 replies and 3242 views.
    What's that quote from Ecclesiastes? :)
  • Ralph Vargr's Avatar
    Today, 3:11 AM · 5 replies and 286 views.
    EDD records the NPC text. :)
  • Ralph Vargr's Avatar
    Today, 3:10 AM · 11 replies and 275 views.
    NO! You have to fit a 6A internal module massing 2,000 tons to have that! :)
  • Ralph Vargr's Avatar
    Today, 3:08 AM · 13 replies and 365 views.
    The shrubberies! Think of the shrubberies!
  • Ralph Vargr's Avatar
    Today, 3:07 AM · 31 replies and 492 views.
    Limited galactic map bookmarks. Limits on materials storage. No planet waypoint bookmarks or location system for co-ordinates. No market data stored in ships computer. No in-game listings of first Discoveries/system data collected.
  • Stealthie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:13 PM · 18 replies and 285 views.
    I can often understand why FDev makes the choices they do, even if I don't agree with them, but this has always baffled me. So, you're a spaceship captain, you've visited some reclusive oddball boffin and he's offered to make modifications to your ship. Are we really to understand that it's beyond your wit to have written down the ingredients for all the recipes he's offered you? Sure, restrict the list to stuff you have access to (if you must) and make it so one recipe can be highlighted if that has an effect on the RNG but only having access to one recipe at a time seems willfully obtuse.
  • Stealthie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:18 PM · 73 replies and 1418 views.
    Let's face it, the real reason you can't transfer a ship directly to an engineer is so that you can't just hop from engineer to engineer in a DBX, transferring a gaggle of ships behind you, and engineering them all at the same time. I dunno if people want to argue against this on "QoL" grounds but it seems like a big part of the whole engineering process is deliberately intended to involve a lot of asset management. That being the case, I doubt they're going to change their minds to improve your QoL when their deliberate intention was to "reduce" it.
  • Stealthie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:06 PM · 103 replies and 4573 views.
    FWIW, I encountered a Cobra 3 which seemed to have magical shields last night. I was in my Vulture (C3 beam & C3 MC) and it was taking me long enough to chew through his shields that I'd have to assume they weren't stupidly weak. He certainly was using SCBs, constantly spamming the living poop out of them, in fact. The strange part was, as I've said before, the speed at which he could restore shields to full. I'd fire for 30 seconds (with beam and MC) to get his shields down to one red ring, stop firing (deliberately) and his shields would just go "booooiiiinnnggg", back up to full in, literally, a couple of seconds. Once I realised this was a ship which was behaving this way, I deliberately took the opportunity to play around with him, testing out how long it took me to take out his shields, how long for him to restore them and whether he was dropping heat sinks (he wasn't) etc.
  • Stealthie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:37 PM · 41 replies and 1572 views.
    Can I ask the OP how much you paid? I'm in a similar position and I pay absolutely no attention to the prices of computer stuff until I actually need to buy something. PM me if you're more comfortable with that. With regard to PSUs, the big problem is that the voltage regulators start to fail after a year or so (depending on the quality) and that'll cause problems in a PC even if they're still providing plenty of wattage.
  • Stealthie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:06 PM · 352 replies and 11389 views.
    As long as everything is working as intended, the level playing-field is in place and sooner or later the people with billions of credits will start to notice it too. It's all very well flying around in a ship with a Cr50m re-buy but you are going to need those re-buys sooner or later and your bank balance will eventually stabilise at whatever level the dev's see fit. If the level of income is such that it'll still allow people to routinely fly Cutters and Corvettes, that's something everybody can achieve eventually. If, OTOH, it isn't then people will have to start flying more modest ships when, eventually, their bank balances start to drop.
  • Stealthie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:56 PM · 48 replies and 1519 views.
    If I had to describe the Cutter in a single word, it'd be "lazy". It doesn't really matter if you're using it for combat or trading, everything can be done at a sedate, lazy pace. There's nothing that can ruin your day so quickly that you need to panic about it. This might change in a few days.
  • Stealthie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:33 AM · 28 replies and 923 views.
    I'm not seeing a "cockpit". It looks more like the lump on the top is supposed to be a "bridge", which suggests it's intended to be more Corvette/Anaconda size. Course, if they could mash a canopy onto the front, somewhere, I'd be okay with it as a medium ship.
  • Stealthie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:45 AM · 73 replies and 1418 views.
    2,357 to choose from according to EDDB. Just select "shipyard" in the "Has Facilities" box and select "Planetary port/outpost/settlement" as the "Type".
  • Ralph Vargr's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:45 AM · 138 replies and 3242 views.
    And, we have been rockhounding for a year. Enough, already.
  • Ralph Vargr's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:41 AM · 54 replies and 1626 views.
    But a thousand to one, that's not fair. Props for figuring out reference, and generation check. :) And our wallets, for the next DLC.
  • Ralph Vargr's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:38 AM · 80 replies and 2937 views.
    Because, EVE. You can't see the Salami without them.
  • Stealthie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:23 AM · 73 replies and 1418 views.
    Same here. I actually enjoy finding a suitable place to transfer a ship to. I'm pretty sure there's at least one engineer (one of the G5 weapons guys?) who doesn't have a station in his system. There might be a ground installation but I CBA looking. I jumped into the next system and the nearest station was something like 40KLs away. Tried a 2nd system and found a suitabe station. All part of the fun IMO.
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