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    Today, 7:06 PM · 774 replies and 27671 views.
    For Skardee I test, should you be able to land without using heatsinks for it to count? And I'm not sure what the last one means. How high or low get from SOL?
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    Today, 6:23 PM · 8364 replies and 661069 views.
    Hang on. No, completion (101 scans) give 111 mil credit, after the nerf. It was giving 201 mil before the nerf. The 100 mil that was nerfed to 10 mil is the bonus only. The payout for the scans are still 1 mil/scan, and there are 101 scans to be made. So 201 to 111 is only a 45% reduction. I'm doing the mission right now, and I'm at 41 mil already since Monday. Before the nerf, you could do 100 scans and only get 100 mil. But by doing the 101 scan, a complete with all scans possible, that's when the 100 extra bonus kicked in, and that's the one that has been reduced to 10 only.
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    Today, 6:13 PM · 774 replies and 27671 views.
    Y'all make me curious what I can get by switching to a PD:1D. Maybe it's worth it after all.
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    Today, 6:07 PM · 64 replies and 1889 views.
    And where are the planetary landing with salt mines? :D
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    Today, 4:15 PM · 774 replies and 27671 views.
    Agree. I have a smaller distributor but still enough to at least give one boost. It takes a little longer to recharge and such, but to have at least one can be crucial for heavy Gs. Especially considering that the Anaconda doesn't have very strong lat/vert thrusters to begin with. What I love about the Orca over Anaconda is that it has very decent translation thrusters. It stops and turns on a dime. Really don't use the boost much except for exit surface.
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    Today, 4:58 AM · 8364 replies and 661069 views.
    So true. And with the tools available (Cannon webpage for the ruins), you basically still make many millions/hour. Just get 2 of each artifact. Store them in your ship. Follow the map by picking up the right combo of artifacts. Go to the obelisk. Scan. 1 mil earned. Takes a few minutes at most. The only thing that takes a little time is planning and flying between ruins. Still a lot of money. And it's fun to do even if it doesn't pay as much as it used to.
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    Today, 12:46 AM · 44 replies and 1054 views.
    That's how all the kids felt who wasn't Charlie and not getting Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket. Engineering in ED is basically a game of Lotto. Some are lucky winners, and some just aren't. And what's annoying is exactly what you experience there. One day it worked great. Several rolls in a row, all great and amazing. Then 3 weeks later, not a single good one, or even decent. Just one bad after another for days, and all the grinding to get the mats to keep on trying. And then a dry spell of mats on top of it, and no data scans because all T9's have left the beacons for good. And so on... I think engineering should be more like crafting like in other games. Rng for mats, fine, let's stick with that, but the Engineering should be more like plug in a mod here, another here, linked to the first, additive positive and negative effects, like a tree-graph. Turn engineering into art instead of luck.
  • Han Zulu's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:53 PM · 129 replies and 5725 views.
    I like your link in the tagline. Awesome ideas from CMDR ToCoSo.
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    Yesterday, 6:48 PM · 18 replies and 454 views.
    If the NPCs and dangers were increased to match up to the engineering, then new players who doesn't have engineering will be at huge disadvantage. How would the new players be able to survive if the dangers were matched up to god-rolled G5 mods? So it wouldn't be good to do as an overall change in the game. But, perhaps there needs to be some improvement to the higher level NPCs. So if you have a G5 mod, then you'll meet NPCs with G5s. Also, after all, it's your choice to engineer, so if you want to be challenged without engineering, then don't use them. Remove the mods.
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    Yesterday, 3:49 PM · 129 replies and 5725 views.
    My suspicion is that the group activity, that's what 2.4 is about. That battles with Thargoids will be a group event system. Every version that's come out has been about some core mechanics introduced with some lore/story on top to introduce it (kind'a), so I think that you're getting your wish in The Return. That's how I at least interpreted the info about it.
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    Yesterday, 3:39 PM · 129 replies and 5725 views.
    Exactly. That's why I have much higher hopes for ED. Braben has at least tried to make a playable game all the way while developing the features everyone wants, while SC is a product that's not "finished" until everything is in. Two different approaches. One is the trickle process, the other is all-or-nothing. No one wants to wait in 2097 to get the first official release. Frontier is doing it the right way, even if we at times feel that things are missing, incomplete, or broken.
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