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    Yesterday, 11:16 PM · 34 replies and 1341 views.
    ... Log Computer Redundancy Data Storage Failure ... ... Automatic Recovery ... ... Please Wait, this might take a while ... ... Repair Complete ...
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    Yesterday, 9:43 PM · 8437 replies and 605451 views.
    Only after having your AI character goes through college with 45,000 game credits in debt...
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    Yesterday, 9:27 PM · 8437 replies and 605451 views.
    Will there be unemployed AI on welfare? Will there be a tax system to cover the costs of the welfare that's taken out from each players virtual purse each month? I wonder...
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    Yesterday, 7:22 PM · 8437 replies and 605451 views.
    So will there be a baby sitting simulator as well in SC? One where the babies fill the diapers and you have to change them, then feed them, and lull them to sleep? It would be great!!! Especially if the babies were aliens... J/k of course. But it wouldn't surprise me if it's included in the goals for 4.0.
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    Yesterday, 4:26 PM · 8437 replies and 605451 views.
    Dude! What's your issue with SoCal bro's. Huh? :D
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    Yesterday, 4:25 PM · 8437 replies and 605451 views.
    Space suits with builtin poop container, like the real ones.
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    Yesterday, 2:25 PM · 1559 replies and 67257 views.
    I actually have the smallest thruster I could have on my Anaconda, D rate, but then upgraded to 5 dirty drive. Also, the distributor is a 1D, engine focused engineered. I have not boost at all. I've gone back and forth on it, but I think you need a 3D or maybe even higher distributor to get the boost, and it got a little too heavy, lost 1 or 2 LY, and I'm trying to push it up so it's not too hurtful to have the equipment I want (srv, slf, repair limpets, etc). It does 60 ly fully loaded and full tank, 63 unladen.
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    Yesterday, 2:18 PM · 8437 replies and 605451 views.
    Works as intented. Hater! You just don't know how going to bathroom works!!! No problem. They've put their super-duper AI NPCs as operators. Next stretch goal contains a forum simulator in-game, where players can post and AI NPCs are responding. It will be awesome to do this in a simulated space game.
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    Yesterday, 2:12 PM · 8437 replies and 605451 views.
    No worries. 3.0 will come out last year, 2016, as planned, by CiG finishing 3.0, inventing a time machine and go back and release it. So in the alternate time line, we already have it! Yay! :D
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