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    Today, 1:00 PM · 1867 replies and 173534 views.
    Once it does I ll make a proper translation if this is still an ongoing point by then or maybe just to point out any possible differences. I dont know the guy who made that thread but my statement is still true......its not a "translation"....its an "interpretation". I could make a translation of an ATV to german OR voice my own thoughts of whats shown in that episode. I m pretty sure both results would differ drastically. The author of that thread isnt neutral so his translation holds no value. Whatever helps in hyping this monstrosity up and convince ultras their investment was proper and the right thing to do. Next term to change is "first" which doesnt mean "never been done before" but" never been done before BY CIG" and of course everybody and their mother knew that because cmon...its self-explanatory.
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    Today, 1:15 AM · 1867 replies and 173534 views.
    Gems like this one along with the CRoberts play-fail video will make for a truly amazing hindisight book after the smoke settles down :)
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    Yesterday, 2:25 PM · 1867 replies and 173534 views.
    If you put it that way I m becoming antsy with anticipation are an evil evil man :D
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    Yesterday, 1:07 PM · 1867 replies and 173534 views.
    incredible summary of Star Citizen from this link
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    Yesterday, 1:00 PM · 1867 replies and 173534 views.
    Sorry for the spam :)
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    Yesterday, 12:56 PM · 1867 replies and 173534 views.
    Another post in the links provided by Zetta cracks me up I interprete this as a trade-off, reducing or dropping originally claimed features but adding more versatile stuff at the same time which in the end would make Star Citizen better as a whole and not a linear experience. While this sounds reasonable in the beginning I wonder if people forgot the influx of roughly 150 million dollars and the bloating of the company to its current size over the years? I think with all the resources and time spent so far its completely reasonable to expect old promises AND new stuff and dont simply settle for either one of them. Salesman: I know sir, you purchased a basket of sweet fruit and you already paid for it as well.....many times over, I d also like to thank you for your patience in waiting on said basket but I m sorry to inform you that all we have available at the moment is a bunch of cucumbers and flower petals in a bucket.....oh...and no refunds.
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    Yesterday, 12:29 PM · 1867 replies and 173534 views.
    Thanks Zetta for yet another very entertaining reddit link and all it encompasses. Reading through the comments one post specifically jogged a memory. The 2016 CitizenCon demo while wildly known as a marketing stunt by now was intended by CiG to show the kind of gameplay to be expected from 3.0. I dont hold my horses for sandworms because that was obviously tied directly to a planet which doesnt exist (or is not related, not sure if thats the same with CiG) in Star Citizen but the REST......the landing, the buggy driving and the fights among the way.....or was that silently dropped already (no need to answer that :D) Personally I will boot up the old Citizencon footage when 3.0 hits and compare textures and animation as well as content. I wonder if the current version of 3.0 even comes close to the 2016 demo or if theres actually anything in there thats new since then. Do I actively make life for CiG harder? I dont think so. In the end I believe that its only appropriate to expect AT LEAST the...
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