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    Yesterday, 8:01 PM · 60 replies and 1287 views.
    The answers so far confuse me, I thought it was to do with chess? "Pawn-ed", like when you get your pawn to the 8th row, and can promote it: Leading to a shout of -> "PAWNED!" :S
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    Yesterday, 5:58 PM · 501 replies and 48553 views.
    Stinja replied to a thread Cobra Mk. III Cobra Mk III Owner's Club in Ships of Elite
    <checks thread title> *cough* Cobra MK3 thread... the MK4 one got derailed bad recently... So yeah, here's gif I made earlier:
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    Yesterday, 6:41 AM · 76 replies and 1616 views.
    Which means PvP is essentially wasting your time, rather than adding anything. While being in a private group, you could have all the socialisation you want with players consenting to not-PvP. An even easier solution would be to gradually place all PvPers into the Shadow-ban version of Open :D Eventually they'd all be instancing and fighting amongst themselves, but without any "Open PvE" players, and neither side would know. Everyone is just selecting "Open" at the main menu, but PvE players get proper Open, while PvPers get shuffled off to Shadow-Open. Much like match-making in other games: push people together who play alike; don't instance people with different skill levels. Just hypothetically pondering, I am a 90% Open player, and have no particular issues with the current state (but do hope for crime and punishment, and a bit more logic to how security works etc).
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    Yesterday, 12:01 AM · 36 replies and 2191 views.
    I'm number 69 to sign up apparently :cool: Went to the closest High CZ, shot Nameless pirates, dropped off 1mil in bounties, top 50%. Try and do a bit more tomorrow... Anyone to team up with? Are people in Open, Mobius or Fleetcomm?
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    20/10/2017, 7:40 AM · 218 replies and 9708 views.
    My sympathies to OP, and agree it would of been better to just spawn Nameless directly in Colonia, if that was needed for the CG. I'd recommend you email the CG team to change their process, and maybe they'll take it on board for the future? My PC account is at Colonia at the moment, so i'll start the CG tonight; and if I see Explorer's Nation systems in my travels i'll try not to mess up / help any potential BGS ops for you.
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    19/10/2017, 9:00 AM · 424 replies and 10668 views.
    Interesting reading someone with some knowledge about the subject. Repped.
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    19/10/2017, 7:39 AM · 871 replies and 91424 views.
    I've been out at Sedna in case it relates to the poem: Some odd USS I've never seen before, bit nothing seems to be Raxxla related, and a wing of security forces just hanging out nearby. Is there a guide on searching from glide? I was just trying to spot discolourations etc, but I've never really done planetary searching.
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    19/10/2017, 7:31 AM · 15 replies and 496 views.
    About 95.8% if you call the Fuel Rats :cool: As for topic, I will sometimes ping a local / direct message to some random CMDR: "nice ship", "you stuck (in the slot)?", but mostly pootle about quietly...
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    18/10/2017, 10:55 PM · 5687 replies and 505028 views.
    Frontier trying to put us out of business again! :eek: Repair rat NPCs:
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    18/10/2017, 10:52 PM · 3 replies and 92 views.
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    18/10/2017, 4:19 PM · 180 replies and 6747 views.
    I know there's already some scaling, it's the "make it better" i'm talking about. And as sleutelbos says, it scales too strictly at the moment. When I'm in a Cobra mk3 I get eagles to small Med ships (Pythons and FAS are rare, as are condas) interdict me when pottling about. If I swap to an Anaconda suddenly enemies scale up in their ships, while combat rank range is still about the same (master to deadly mostly - i'm Dangerous on PS4, Elite combat on PC). It makes no sense the NPCs magically change depending on the ship I fly. IMO NPCs should spawn based on their own-job type, pilot ranks, and security level. - Elite bounty hunter in an anarchy should be in a proper combat ship, which is fast and shooty (FDL, Cutter / Cipper, FAS etc). Anarchy CNBs with elite sidewinders, while juicy to farm, make little sense. - Master bounty hunter in medium security RES might be a more general, and cheaper ship (eg: DBS or Vulture). - Elite trader in a high sec might be in a low shielded T9, while in a low...
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    18/10/2017, 2:49 PM · 180 replies and 6747 views.
    It'd be better if the entire NPC AI and their interactions were more logical. If you're not a good combat pilot, but in a bad ship and no cargo, an Elite pirate should ignore you - not worth the bother. While a Competent pirate may think easy credits and have a go, but is likewise much easier to drive off or escape from. If you're mid-ranked in combat and skill, and in a decent ship, NPCs about your level should be challenging, ones higher than you beat you, while lower level ones are easy (and should run from you, rather than fight). You don't need to hobble the AI, just make their difficulty plausible, and change player's mindset that they cannot expect to beat high ranked NPCs if they're not very skilled, and/or in a good ship.
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    18/10/2017, 9:43 AM · 180 replies and 6747 views.
    Hopefully more spread of NPC pilot skills, and different AI responses? So a combat NPC at Expert rank actually feels different to an Elite rank, when in the same ship. And they use different core tactics: AI who boom+zoom; others that circle-strafe; others that reverski; again in an appropriate ship (so an Eagle NPC isn't trying to face tank, nor a conda trying to boom+zoom you), so they feel different. That or they've discovered their multi-plasma-guns from behind the sofa :D Who can forget?
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    18/10/2017, 9:31 AM · 50 replies and 4538 views.
    Best I've got was a +56.3% FSD: I've always used Dav's and Masszony (Arsenic), but will have to try these other places.
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    17/10/2017, 7:13 AM · 14 replies and 394 views.
    More interestingly, what will MacOS get from season 3? And will they get a non-planetary Horizons, so they can get some features to improve their base game.
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    16/10/2017, 6:56 PM · 153 replies and 6103 views.
    Ummm if the "fighter bay" is a fighter bay, where's the SRV bay? :S EDIT: i'm just hoping for a decent range medium ship. You've got the AspX, or maybe a light-weight Python pushing 40Ly, but something to fill out that area for a multirole with good range.
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    16/10/2017, 6:37 PM · 3 replies and 92 views.
    No way. It's been broken all of 2016, minimum. Even this year it was often problematic, so much so when I was finding pharmaceutical isolators i'd use the Cobra MK3 in preference to the Python. Saying that, I do think 2.4.01(?) fixed it last time I tried scooping. So maybe fixed maybe not? Issue is this: you align perfectly with the scoop HUD (blue crosshairs aligned), cargo is stationary (so not causing issues by moving), and you're within the correct speed: when the canister gets to scoop range it either bounces or explodes.
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    15/10/2017, 7:45 PM · 19 replies and 397 views.
    For ships with poor jump range, I store the module I want to engineer, fly to the engineer in a better ship (which also contains a new module to upgrade), transfer module to this base, equip into ship, engineer, fly back. eg: FDL G5 DDs? Use an AspX, which also has Class 5s. FDL distributor? Use a light-weight Python (40Ly) or conda (remember you can undersize) Vulture FSD? Use a Dolphin or Cobra MK3. Makes things slightly less annoying.
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    15/10/2017, 4:47 PM · 424 replies and 10668 views.
    Within Visual Range. So able to view an enemy with the human eye, as opposed to BVR. Ahh but "Gud" does not mean the same as "good", its got it's own unique definition, with tones of superiority and disparaging the other party's skills (I believe, i'm not down with the kids speak these days).
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    15/10/2017, 2:28 PM · 527 replies and 58830 views.
    Stinja replied to a thread Cobra Mk IV Cobra Mk IV Owners Club in Ships of Elite
    MK4 is the most versatile ship to bring on Small Worlds Expeditions ;)
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