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    Today, 2:30 PM · 25 replies and 465 views.
    You can use the "Return to Surface" option (from the Hanger), which places your pad and ship in the main docking area, facing the exit, but not launched. Then use the external camera to have a scope about, only hitting launch when happy to go.
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    Today, 8:37 AM · 271 replies and 28609 views.
    Can we milk you for lubrication plz? :D
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    Today, 8:33 AM · 2 replies and 43 views.
    The order seems to matter. So circle+up is not quite the same as up+circle. I especially notice this with my settings for previous/next target (circle+left / circle+right), I can hold circle and tap left or right to swap targets, swapping between every ship in the instance, but I cannot hold right and tap circle for the same effect.
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    Today, 5:14 AM · 153 replies and 4557 views.
    How do you get a Cobra MK3 to 800m/s? Mine's got thrusters with a 35.6% optimal multiplier, and mission-fit it does 589. As I main a Cobra and would like to make it safer (via speed), as even underweighting and underrating everything I can't get much over 600m/s. Do you have a build link please? As for OP, I've done blockade runner in CGs, but haven't come across this type of blockade inside the station. Doesn't sound easy to dock under those circumstances.
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    Today, 12:42 AM · 467 replies and 18962 views.
    I hope that was in Open, because it'd be pretty hypocritical if you were hiding in Private Groups or Solo to do that :S
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    Yesterday, 8:52 PM · 41 replies and 1725 views.
    I was doing that earlier, taking gold into a HazREs, while trying to farm combat rank. Sadly the NPCs kept scanning me, and then going: "Woah big boy, sorry to disturb you" "Looks like you know how to take care of yourself" "I was thinking of leaving anyway" and so on. I think a combination of high combat rank, big ship, and high ranked NPC crew kept scaring them off :( If I fly about with just limpets in my Cobra MK3, every man and his dog wants a piece of me...
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    Yesterday, 8:48 PM · 169 replies and 7944 views.
    I'm a small ship guy, and would rather fly my Cobra than the conda (unless it's a trade CG). So not wasted for me :p Well cool, I guess I am in the god-roll club :cool:
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