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    Today, 2:33 PM · 162 replies and 4182 views.
    Agreed, but yet again? As far FD don't give a squat about regulating ingame player behavior? In the other hand? Any of the combat loggers can report to youtube the posters for using their ingame aliases without authorization and with it causing them harm. that's something what you cannot do without the other party agreeing it, and can even have RL legal consequences, before a court. And as a result of this? These videos will be removed. But sure as hell, if it's up to me, this reddit thread will be closed down for good ASAP. Which hunt AKA trolls and cyber bullies tearing their victims apart harassing publicly ashaming them? This my "friend" can also end up as a police case and take you before the court in chains.
  • Minonian's Avatar
    Today, 2:31 PM · 162 replies and 4182 views.
    Naming and shaming with ingame consequences huh?
  • Minonian's Avatar
    Today, 1:49 PM · 9 replies and 157 views.
    So as racist hunting Out of the open at daylight with live weapons. :) How about this? Retarded enough to be encouraged? NEEEXT!
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 1:03 PM · 9 replies and 157 views.
    Holocaust denial should be legal in the first place. Its ridiculous that there are a set number of retarded ideas I may not express, whereas other equally retarded ideas are actively encouraged and subsidized.
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    Today, 1:01 PM · 501 replies and 44127 views.
    Out of curiosity, is that a solid promise? :P
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 11:46 AM · 501 replies and 44127 views.
    You know how it goes: 1) Make up imaginary people 2) Claim superiority over them on the internet 3) ??? 4) Profit! I think everyone agrees that there are tons of core-changes that should/could be made. As NeilF said, the interesting bit is now what exactly these core changes will be. Ofcourse, brace yourself for the usual 'See, there will never be because FD will do next!' and "FD dont care about " posts. :D Just for the record, when atmo planets are being released it'll be thanks to me, because I said I wanted it. You're welcome. :P
  • sleutelbos's Avatar
    Today, 10:59 AM · 501 replies and 44127 views.
    Thanks for the update Zac. :)
  • FuzzySpider's Avatar
    Today, 7:36 AM · 29 replies and 407 views. Apparently forensic photographs were leaked by US intelligence services to the NYT. I think it's a dreadful mistake by the NYT to publish this material, for reasons I'll explain in a minute. The US intelligence service leaking these things is behaving pretty disgracefully and, for once, it's not Trumps fault. This is almost certainly an intelligence source close to a reporter in the NYT. There has been a terrible tragedy. The details and deaths and carnage are known. There is no need to put this material on the current affairs media, as it adds nothing more than shock-value. What it also does is risk an important source of information the US media has into the inner workings of the intelligence service. If this leaker is discovered and removed, then where will the NYT/WP go for details when the intelligence services do something actively nefarious?
  • Minonian's Avatar
    Today, 3:57 AM · 64 replies and 2540 views.
    Pitch black.
  • Minonian's Avatar
    Today, 3:36 AM · 47 replies and 1971 views.
    But to blow him up just for fun, out of the blue with no reason at all is not? O.o Yeah... Well? this kind of retaliations going to stop if FD do something against griefers. But until than? No chance! And they are even have a morally hard time to challenge us because of it.
  • Minonian's Avatar
    Today, 3:30 AM · 47 replies and 1971 views.
    "I REMEMBER WHEN ALL OF THIS WILL BE AGAIN." - Terry pratchett, reper man. Good, luck, good hunt, may your aim be true! And don't lose your cool when you deal with him, don't let him to tick you off by words. Keep your anger cool as space itself, and hound him until begs mercy.
  • Gully_Foyle's Avatar
    Today, 1:46 AM · 5 replies and 366 views.
    Gully_Foyle replied to a thread PSA in Dangerous Discussion
    Pubic Service Announcement.
  • Boomer Kay's Avatar
    Today, 1:06 AM · 29 replies and 407 views.
    "Diversity of opinion" Uh huh,_2017 Russia's fake democracy has more than 2 parties:
  • Minonian's Avatar
    Today, 1:04 AM · 63 replies and 1387 views.
    Ahhh! :D the good ole Amiga VS Atari VS C64 VS Spectrum war sill raging on after this much decade? I tough we can only talk about Console VS PC war only to be replaced, Desktop VS laptop VS Mobile VS tablet?! Well, the lesson in there? War, War never changes.
  • Minonian's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:00 PM · 91 replies and 1902 views.
    How about if i say open is empty because of the griefers it cannot be loved? :) How about this? How about if i say multicrew is unused because trolled to uselessness? How about if say, to destroy the CQC community, or just cause disturbances in his working also chases players away? Hm my "nice" little griefers? How about this? How about if i say, to by any means trying to force us to open, you only destroying the gamer community, and chasing more players away?
  • Minonian's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:47 PM · 91 replies and 1902 views.
    :) How about no? How about to say, if you can't have good experience, that game cannot be loved?
  • Minonian's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:26 PM · 91 replies and 1902 views.
    I don't know how you feel but to have a hellish company and ingame player - player interaction experience , and no other choice but to suffer it? is a reason enough to have enough. After all, this is just as important part of any MP game, than the engine game play and world itself. And also? I consider this a non negotiable, and unacceptable factor, if we need to negotiate, about it or keep hearing to get used to it, than the things are already banged up way too much. there are things what you cannot accept or get used to it. and to be threated like moving target by the griefers are one of this. The factory what you have no control about it, cannot be changed? You must accept that. But this is not something like this, and if nothing else, You just move on for better company. Oh i must accept it because if i'm not, than i'm evil and don't love the game? Where it's written i must love it, if i find too troublesome, i cannot have any fun, because some loons screwing that up? So there are no phases of...
  • Minonian's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:52 PM · 2843 replies and 148137 views.
    Have you seen Naruto dreamworld episodes? I talking about that kind of childishly optimistic mentality as something what must be avoided at all cost. :D I only had the stomach to watch about 5-6 of these, and not going to continue watching it until its over.
  • FuzzySpider's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:44 PM · 2843 replies and 148137 views.
    WHAT IN THE NAME OF HELL! Please someone tell me what this movie is called, I have to watch it.
  • Minonian's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:41 PM · 37 replies and 1264 views.
    Aye, Sagittarius A a must have it place planning to get there, in the near future. :) That journey probably going to be enough to get my Elite Explorer level.
  • Monk's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:33 PM · 91 replies and 1902 views. I mean, my temper flares up now and again...but as someone who has grieved enough for the deaths of close friends, I don't see how anyone could bring a gaming experience up to the levels of disappointment that it involves actual grief. It is fine to be annoyed with the direction of the game, but it really shouldn't go beyond annoyance.
  • Minonian's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:21 PM · 9 replies and 157 views.
    What i'm not getting it, why they don't shut down this things just like e-mail spam nets? They are a problem big enough, and just as dangerous. Besides if this is true, and i think it is? than the picture starts to come together nicely right? Let's see what the ongoing investigation against Trumph and russian involvement going to reveal but personally, I think it's true.
  • Monk's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:36 PM · 501 replies and 44127 views.
    Don't be too certain on that one. Obligatory story is not really an Elite thing...and I can think of a few people that would be pretty unhappy about that. Me? Eh, couldn't care less for either way. I play the game...if game wants me to do certain things, I do them....I play the game.
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