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    Today, 8:02 AM · 3546 replies and 115243 views.
    Rees-Mogg is the next prime minister. That's what's so worrying. That guy really will be waffling on about bringing back pheasant hunting and the importance of turning every unemployed person in London into a Beefeater while the economy burns. Contrast what is happening here with these Eton idiots, with the kind of pressure Trump has found himself facing in the United States. It is easy to see exactly what the problem is. Watch these two minutes. The UK, particularly the BBC, instead show a very contrite amount of deference to people in power. A robust and honest media outlet would have halted Brexit, if it would have even started at all.
  • Boomer Kay's Avatar
    Today, 6:44 AM · 234 replies and 5397 views.
    You forgot the title of the thread. He can start a war with nkorea against the warning of China. That's why I said few pages ago the threat is not Korea, it's Trump. That used to be over 90%, even though it was clear he's an incompetent racist right from the start. His quotes are from the campaign, not his presidency. He merely doubled down and disgraced the office. And the remaining bunch really have reading comprehension issues. Must be the lead poisoning. The 1st amendment says "congress shall make no law" not "real Americans defend s". The notion that "Hitler would peacefully..." do anything is bizarre. Absolutely bizarre.
  • Minonian's Avatar
    Today, 4:51 AM · 133 replies and 22907 views.
    Obboy! IT's easy to wait for the notpanther II.
  • Sunleader's Avatar
    Today, 4:41 AM · 3546 replies and 115243 views.
    Well. As they Say. If you Suck so Badly at Math that you cant Solve the Problems anyways. You should at least get as many Points as Possible by writing out your Name. Mention the Formulas and Listing all Variables and so on. So the Teacher sees your at least trying. :P
  • Monk's Avatar
    Today, 3:40 AM · 133 replies and 22907 views.
    I don't think it would be this...but I'd like to see the ships that transport our ships in the game. You'd see them in super cruise. When they approach a station, instead of docking, you'd see various ships come out and dock with the station. Then, a number of ships would board before it jumps away.
  • Minonian's Avatar
    Today, 3:35 AM · 9 replies and 143 views.
    Most of the people painfully biased at the level of prejudice, towards their own or others. They are surely beyond hope, of impaired judgement.
  • Minonian's Avatar
    Today, 2:54 AM · 110 replies and 2645 views.
    "Anyone with a golden paint job" Did not aware the fact how heavy gold is? And thus shortens his Jump range, and make out of himself a sitting duck. :D
  • Minonian's Avatar
    Today, 1:13 AM · 711 replies and 19810 views.
  • FuzzySpider's Avatar
    Today, 12:41 AM · 3546 replies and 115243 views.
    The absolute state of the UK!
  • Minonian's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:50 PM · 234 replies and 5397 views.
    Momentarily relief at the cost causing even more harm.
  • FuzzySpider's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:47 PM · 3546 replies and 115243 views.
    The Daily Telegraph. At one time the best conservative newspaper in the UK, with quality journalism and admitted bias that nevertheless didn't get in the way of facts. Now reduced to this absolute drivel. Brexit isn't just a mistake. For a cosmopolitan like myself it is both depressing and somewhat humiliating. Yes. The Holy See has no trade deal, we're saved. Yet, would you believe, this is probably the most thorough and complete pro-Brexit report to date that I've seen. Ohh and do we have any Monty Python fans?
  • Minonian's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:08 PM · 711 replies and 19810 views.
    Cheating by definition means to break the rules in hope to get an advantage. Now... As far i can tell, the game rules giving you a bailout, with a cost / probability of loss. This is not cheating, and no matter how hard they are trying to call it a sin, they just unable to do so. Also? As far i can tell, i decide to whenever i want or not, to fight with human players. And this means although out of rules combat logging is a (dark)grey zone, but still next to impossble, to call it cheating, simply because the decision to pick up the fight, or not? Is ours. But of course they going to call it cheating, but with that, they are committing the crime of slander, and also they are going to place us in KOS list's but with that? They are committing the crime of frontier justice / lynch mobbing. Edit; Also, Let's get back to the question of Biased-ment this is the inability to hold Impartial judgement, by taking up a neural stance. If you cannot do that sometimes against your own personal emotions? You...
  • Becks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:58 PM · 3546 replies and 115243 views.
    If you think that that report is dumb, I raise you this.
  • Minonian's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:35 PM · 9 replies and 143 views.
    That's the other thing! How can be a morally paired (means) biased person can judge in anything correctly?
  • Minonian's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:26 PM · 234 replies and 5397 views.
    :D They are always find the way to sunk deeper. But to be honest? At this point, i cannot possibly fathom how?
  • Minonian's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:17 PM · 711 replies and 19810 views.
    If all what he have to say when i'm stating the one whom committed an atrocity against other, cannot be his judge and surely can't tell what's right and wrong? To call me drugged, / under the influence of narcotics? Than he is seriously under handed... For example? A judge criminal record must be spotless. Edit; Let me add one single word, and with it? Another layer.
  • Minonian's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:00 PM · 5 replies and 150 views.
    Than you are a proud owner of a Doberman Whom just decided to waltz in your life. It's a highly intelligent energetic easily trainable guard dog, with a somewhat fierce and stubborn nature. Nothing what an owner of 6! German shepherd can't handle. He is a lucky dog, and you are a lucky man.
  • FuzzySpider's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:57 PM · 3546 replies and 115243 views.
    How crazy would I sound if I told you that appears to be the actual plan? They're all praising this bat-shoot crazy report that came out today from the IEA think-tank. I've read it. If this is the plan then I can't move out fast enough... Quite a few people are now worried that senior Brexiteer figures have apparently taken this report to heart.
  • FuzzySpider's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:36 PM · 3546 replies and 115243 views.
    Funny you should say that.
  • Boomer Kay's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:29 PM · 3546 replies and 115243 views.
  • FuzzySpider's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:44 PM · 7 replies and 132 views.
    We're going to get so tired of winning folks. The contrast between Obama and Trump is the greatest example of why white supremacy is complete crap that I can think of.
  • Becks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:41 PM · 234 replies and 5397 views.
    Wanna bet?
  • Becks's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:38 PM · 3546 replies and 115243 views.
    Now wait a moment. The EU aren't holding up trade negotiations out of spite. You simply cannot negotiate a trade deal with a country that doesn't know what it wants or believes in a fantasy version of the actual relationship it has to its negotiations partner. Also for the trade negotiations to start in the first place you'd need the capacity and ability to actually do so. While the UK is within the EU it has neither. Therefore the transitional agreement needs to be concluded to start the negotiations and the transitional phase needs to end for the FTA to be able to come into effect. Now to the border: Unless the UK gets a suitable FTA from the EU and accepts it, it's not possible to have a soft border between the UK and the EU (and even that possibility doesn't seem all to likely + trade negotiations can take a very long time, considering the size of the EU and UK economies you should at least estimate five to seven years for them to come to a phase where a conclusion is possible, not including the...
  • FuzzySpider's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:36 PM · 3546 replies and 115243 views.
    As Moonax says, under WTO rules this won't happen. Or rather, if this happens then the UK will be liable for WTO imposed fines. Johnson can, of course, tell the entire international community to "go whistle" in this instance, but I'm not sure the UK population is ready for North Korean levels of deprivation.
  • Minonian's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:13 PM · 7 replies and 132 views.
    Agreed. He must go, if there are rotten eggs in the basket he is the most smelly one. Aside the BOGUS.
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