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    Today, 8:51 AM
    Week 121 Standings in Full. Edmund Mahon (=) Arissa Lavigny-Duval (=) Aisling Duval (=) Zachary Hudson (+1) Li Yong-Rui (+2) Felicia Winters (-2)
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    Today, 6:55 AM · 24 replies and 387 views.
    No, you are right. Unfortunately :( The way round it would be to assign the control to a key, then use VA to press that key when the controller button is pressed. You can then get VA to press the key for other inputs as well. Bit of a faff but the best solution I can think of.
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    Yesterday, 10:22 PM · 24 replies and 387 views.
    You can get VA to recognise hotas or controller buttons.
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    Yesterday, 5:00 PM · 24 replies and 387 views.
    Excellent! didn't know about that one :)
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    Yesterday, 4:49 PM · 24 replies and 387 views.
    I can only speak for the Verity pack as that's the only one I have tried, but most of the commands I wanted were already set up. Of course I don't know what command set you want so can't guarantee how useful it would be to you. A very helpful chap has put together a list of commands in the Astra pack: Looks like the same set as Verity has.
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    Yesterday, 3:58 PM · 24 replies and 387 views.
    I see what you mean. That is where a voice pack might be helpful. There are a whole bunch of commands already programmed and you can add to them if necessary.
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    Yesterday, 3:43 PM · 8 replies and 209 views.
    Is this also affecting Solo mode?
  • Old Duck's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:37 PM · 11 replies and 288 views.
    I was playing in Mobius (PG) yesterday, and I noticed that dropping out of SC was taking longer than normal. Not terribly long, but long enough that I was expecting at least one hollow square each time. Nope, none. This makes me think that it is indeed the servers, as there is a 'matchmaking' server that tracks who is where, so that the P2P can be established between those players.
  • dayrth's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:05 PM · 24 replies and 387 views.
    You pretty much can. Just create profile, open it, create a command, (as many commands as you like). Title with the words you want to say to activate the command. Assign the key you want to press when you say the command (This is the simplest thing to have it do. You can have it do lots of other stuff as well). You can optionally choose which application you want it to be active in or have work everywhere. Save the profile. Make sure VA is running and launch ED. Your commands should just work. If they don't, try running VA as admin.
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    Yesterday, 2:39 PM · 361 replies and 8711 views.
    Agreed. IMO, this thread exists because synthesis in general is a rushed kluge in its current form. I would like Frontier to totally rework synthesis. For starters, our '3D printer' should take up a slot. I'd be okay if they make the AMFU do double-duty as a synthesis machine (seems logical), with similar restrictions (synthesis takes time). Regarding materials, I think they should be purchasable; surely a market that sells gold and palladium would also sell nickel and iron. The balance to this is that if we want to mine materials from outcrops and the like, we should be required to equip a refinery to process these mats just like all other mining. I mean, think about it - we need a refinery to turn ice into water, but we can magically turn a rock into raw iron, nickel, sulfur, etc. Of course I recognize that half the player base would hate:mad: my implementation of synthesis, so 'should' in the above paragraph is a personal point of view only, not a mandate. It would also require a complete...
  • dayrth's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:34 PM · 13 replies and 463 views.
    dayrth replied to a thread Is This A Joke ? in Xbox One
    What is the problem with capital ships?
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    Yesterday, 10:46 AM · 31 replies and 456 views.
    Used to do a bit of exploring but haven't for some time. In the meanwhile I got myself a Rift. Absolutely stunned by everything in VR. Then I decided to explore again so dusted off my trusty Asp X. Just flying the Asp was a real WOW! moment. That cockpit is fantastic in VR.
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    Yesterday, 8:32 AM · 8232 replies and 594073 views.
    Minimum Viable Product
  • Racetrack's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:49 AM · 60 replies and 802 views.
    Hutton mug, yes please! But I'd like to emphasise "mug", not bobble mug. A free cosmetic reward for some achievements would be nice.
  • Racetrack's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:15 AM · 167 replies and 8671 views.
    Nice star system though.
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    Yesterday, 7:11 AM · 499 replies and 15036 views.
    Isn't it second star on the right?
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