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    Today, 8:10 AM · 41039 replies and 2691639 views.
    The rocket surgeon in me says that they have tried to be too smart for their own good and they're wasting time and money building something that will have no tangible advantage to gameplay... pretty much like all the fidelity that they're adding.
  • Steve O B Have's Avatar
    Today, 6:29 AM · 821 replies and 68679 views.
    Steve O B Have replied to a thread Update 2.3.01 in Patch Notes
    Personally I have two observations. 1. Everyone is entitled to an opinion (even if we don't have to respect it) and it costs us nothing to respect that right to express it. 2. From a long time backers perspective, they have not only delivered above and beyond expectations but continue to build on what they have started. Whilst I do not agree with all of their design decisions, I respect that this is their vision that I bought into, not the game that I demanded they make according to my meager contribution during the Kickstarter. In my opinion they have conducted themselves with humor and integrity even when making missteps (goodness knows we all do) and from my own personal perspective, they have more than earned the right to express a little humor. We're all a salty bunch, don't even try to deny it, but the difference is in whether you have the ability to take life with a mature and measured sense of humor or if you choose to take offence at whichever you decide is a 'red rag'. Each to their...
  • Omegahunter's Avatar
    Today, 4:56 AM · 9 replies and 208 views.
    As Artigan99 has said this has been an issue since Beta 2.3.1 and both of us were posting updates each new beta about it. I did report that this bug was only affecting the in game mouse options and not the IO mouse in beta 1 but from beta 2 onwards to the final beta 5 it was happening with all mouse modes. I can understand Becky issue with when it worked but never had a problem with it pre 2.3, and I have a good number of markers in the bubble. Moving the mouse a little would always select the right system for me. But leaving it broken isn't an option for a explorer working at galactic scale with markers placed 1000 ly a part as way points to get to and from places in deep space. With the markers working navagation to the next 1000ly point took seconds. Now in 2.3 its can take at least 2 minutes of scrolling the map to highlight that marker. we are almost back to pre 2.0 exploration days with this bug. What's weird ech3578 isn't that Frontier was unaware of this bug, it was reported enough...
  • Steve O B Have's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:28 PM · 821 replies and 68679 views.
    Steve O B Have replied to a thread Update 2.3.01 in Patch Notes
    Never lose your sense of humor. I love that mods and devs interact like humans. Keep it up and thank you for the hard work.
  • Brett C's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:24 PM · 821 replies and 68679 views.
    Brett C replied to a thread Update 2.3.01 in Patch Notes
    What's your screen resolution at along with aspect ratio?
  • T.j's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:01 PM · 22 replies and 1511 views.
    Appreciate all the hard work you guys are doing.
  • Brett C's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:01 PM · 821 replies and 68679 views.
    Brett C replied to a thread Update 2.3.01 in Patch Notes
    I don't think our CG guys will be able to do that so soon. :p
  • Brett C's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:00 PM · 821 replies and 68679 views.
    Brett C replied to a thread Update 2.3.01 in Patch Notes
    Please report this as a bug in our bug reports forum, need as much detail as possible:
  • Brett C's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:57 PM · 821 replies and 68679 views.
    Brett C replied to a thread Update 2.3.01 in Patch Notes
    Just a little. ;)
  • Brett C's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:42 PM · 821 replies and 68679 views.
    Brett C replied to a thread Update 2.3.01 in Patch Notes
    Hrm, looks like there's a fair amount of a blur effect going on. Might be worth while reporting that as a bug.
  • Brett C's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:11 PM · 821 replies and 68679 views.
    Brett C replied to a thread Update 2.3.01 in Patch Notes
    I hope you crash your ship into a star.
  • T.j's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:59 PM · 821 replies and 68679 views.
    T.j replied to a thread Update 2.3.01 in Patch Notes
    Nice cup of tea anyone? Lets take it down a notch folks, Not worth busting a vein over.
  • Brett C's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:50 PM · 821 replies and 68679 views.
    Brett C replied to a thread Update 2.3.01 in Patch Notes
    Hrm, well then! That should be fixed soon. :O
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    Hello Ashley
    i know its been sometime but I still would like to get my name changed. It may be easier to change it in the FORUMS than in games. So if you can get my name changed in the FORUMS to Commander Corvis that would be great.

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    Wow, they certainly have you buried under with bug tickets my friend. Hope you are getting some rest. I know they can get impatient as they want aswers. Can't blame them for that. But it is tough with so many people filing tickets of all sorts right now. Hang in there mate. You're a good man. I think most of them realize that.
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    Money exploit, already ticketed it!
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    Hey Ashley you ever feel like Bill Nye the Science guy? ...........LOL Take care mate and good luck. Just thought I'd poke my face in and see how you are.
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    Hey Ashley - I managed to figure it out after reading the forum rules for beginners. Thanks again.
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    Well I've been trying to use the 'Insert Image' button, which then brings up a pop up box requesting a URL. So do I just need to type in the location I have my picture stored at on my PC or do I have to upload my pictures somewhere first with an embedded URL?

    Sorry for being a bit thick about this
  7. Hi there.

    There shouldn't be anything preventing your account from putting images in your posts, are you trying to upload them as attachments by mistake?
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    Hi Ashley. I made a discovery while playing tonight and I wanted to post a thread on the forums with a couple of pictures of proof of my discovery. However according to my profile I'm unable to attach files/pictures. So could you grant me access to do this or is there another way I can add pictures to my thread.

    Many thanks.

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    Hi Ashley, any chance you could change my forum name to "Gypsy Black" to match my in-game name please?
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    it was pointed out to me that you are some how related to customer services, could you please have a look at my thread and see if you could help me out...
    ( )

    thank you,
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