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    Today, 4:01 PM · 71 replies and 1223 views.
    Plusnet here as well, occasional hiccup but stable connection most of the time.
  • Steve O B Have's Avatar
    Today, 9:17 AM · 366 replies and 13938 views.
    I'd agree with that. Missions need to make sense and let's be honest, killing 60, 70, 80 ships for a few million doesnt really add up. Hell, if a faction had a fleet of 100 disposable fighters, their infrastructure would have to be phenomenal. A massacre mission should be 5-10 ships with one or two tough nuts to crack. Better yet, kill some here, find out info about some there, kill them get info about a base, do recon. Once you have info bomb pirate base or join an npc fleet to attack. It feels like twiddling numbers without an effort to contextualise the actions and/or outcomes. I'm not sure complexity and micro managing is an answer as much as broadening the context, the whys and wherefores, for the things we already do. There is stacks to do, there just isnt a variety of outcomes.
  • Steve O B Have's Avatar
    Today, 8:41 AM · 366 replies and 13938 views.
    No? Say I wanted to engineer my ship? Are you suggesting that this is achievable without monotonous repetition? What about establishing trade routes? Upgrading my ship... I understand your choice point of view but I don't believe that there is enough context or impact to come from those choices to make them meaningful. In the context of this thread we are talking about mission stacking and a deviation from reality or believability vs playability. Taking your point and converting it to a playing style then surely missions are both largely irrelevant but also any incidental progression peripheral? You would never stack anyway since it would make no sense nor offer advantages to your 'game life'? I get the feeling that in your having a goal, your getting there is almost entirely accidental? As a gamer but also in life I set goals and find the most efficient way to get there (and if it ends up being enjoyable then bonus!). My choices are driven by game mechanic and a desire for bigger/faster/more...
  • Steve O B Have's Avatar
    Today, 12:15 AM · 366 replies and 13938 views.
    With the greatest of respect I disagree. Currently there are a few reasons to play that fit the ideal of having a goal. Money, rank, equipment and enjoyment. Of those three of them absolutely have a grind element. Yes you can play to enjoy and at a far more gradual rate (due to factional affiliation) earn credits and materials and from there buy items and earn rank. However it's a largely peripheral outcome. If you decide you have a goal that encompasses any of the first three then some form of grinding is a must. In my opinion, there is a balance between game play and realism that has to be walked. Mission stacking allows for what would otherwise be a soul destroying game of repetition to be a little more bare able. Why do I say soul destroying repetitive? Because the missions mean nothing. There is no ownership, no context, no variation beyond a superficial text output upon completion. If I complete missions for a faction then I want to see the roll on effect in the system that I am operating...
  • jontycampbell's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:03 PM · 139 replies and 6130 views.
    All you need is Lave. Lave in an Elevator.
  • jontycampbell's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:02 PM · 81 replies and 11947 views.
    Crush yeur exploits, See zhem driven before yew, uhnd heur zhe lamendayshns ov deur vimmin.
  • Sir T.j's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:25 PM · 8 replies and 422 views.
    You're no fun you... :P
  • Sir T.j's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:13 PM · 8 replies and 422 views.
    I'm afraid what happens in Beta, Stays in Beta.
  • Sir T.j's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:28 PM · 42 replies and 1229 views.
    Is it true they were all copies of Elite Dangerous cause you couldn't find them in store?
  • Sir T.j's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:18 PM · 30 replies and 1037 views.
    Frontier is the Daddy when it comes to this type of game. I'll pin my colours to the mast and say it will be a very good game.
  • Geraldine's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:29 PM · 358 replies and 16149 views.
    How about......furry paintjobs...... ............. ............. ok not the most popular idea then :D
  • Sir T.j's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:48 PM · 81 replies and 11947 views.
    I had 3.62... I want my muneh back FD!!! Sorry I'm in one of those moods....
  • Omegahunter's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:31 AM · 588 replies and 87874 views.
    Beta missing from the launcher at least it's not just me then :( Maybe the Frontier Dev's are having problem with Raptors :P
  • Geraldine's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:13 AM · 53 replies and 1905 views.
    I'd agree with you here w3bbo. The 'Conda gets the nod from me. It's a "do anything" ship and that is it's main strength. I couldn't believe what an improvement the G5 Dirty Drives mod made to this ship and I am very happy with it. :)
  • Sir T.j's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:00 AM · 317 replies and 18513 views.
    For me it's a solid positive move on Frontier ramping up their standing on the games industry stage.
  • Sir T.j's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:49 AM · 16 replies and 675 views.
    Liked that. :)
  • Geraldine's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:10 AM · 317 replies and 18513 views.
    Perhaps it's Blake's 7? To see Avon again...*gasp* :o EDIT: Just learned it's a new Jurassic Park style game title. Oh well, maybe next time FD? ;)
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    Hello Ashley
    i know its been sometime but I still would like to get my name changed. It may be easier to change it in the FORUMS than in games. So if you can get my name changed in the FORUMS to Commander Corvis that would be great.

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    Wow, they certainly have you buried under with bug tickets my friend. Hope you are getting some rest. I know they can get impatient as they want aswers. Can't blame them for that. But it is tough with so many people filing tickets of all sorts right now. Hang in there mate. You're a good man. I think most of them realize that.
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    Money exploit, already ticketed it!
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    Hey Ashley you ever feel like Bill Nye the Science guy? ...........LOL Take care mate and good luck. Just thought I'd poke my face in and see how you are.
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    Hey Ashley - I managed to figure it out after reading the forum rules for beginners. Thanks again.
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    Well I've been trying to use the 'Insert Image' button, which then brings up a pop up box requesting a URL. So do I just need to type in the location I have my picture stored at on my PC or do I have to upload my pictures somewhere first with an embedded URL?

    Sorry for being a bit thick about this
  7. Hi there.

    There shouldn't be anything preventing your account from putting images in your posts, are you trying to upload them as attachments by mistake?
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    Hi Ashley. I made a discovery while playing tonight and I wanted to post a thread on the forums with a couple of pictures of proof of my discovery. However according to my profile I'm unable to attach files/pictures. So could you grant me access to do this or is there another way I can add pictures to my thread.

    Many thanks.

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    Hi Ashley, any chance you could change my forum name to "Gypsy Black" to match my in-game name please?
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    it was pointed out to me that you are some how related to customer services, could you please have a look at my thread and see if you could help me out...
    ( )

    thank you,
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