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    Today, 12:41 AM · 51 replies and 789 views.
    Sometimes elite can seem so simple you let your mind wander. I did laugh at the cutter part though. Not becuase it was actually stupid, but becuase I need to see a cutter trying to reverse out a station now lol. I also hope they add a vehicle reversing sound to ships going backwards as well. That combo would entertain me for days as I record and rewatch it. I'm doing that in my mind right now and I didn't even witness the event lol.
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    Today, 12:31 AM · 44 replies and 901 views.
    Awesome idea. But why limit it to a rank locked system. There are other high traffic areas that could benefit from galaxy hoping space lanes. It would turn the market on its head. Heck, create conduits to andromeda while we're at it, we need to get back in touch with the andromeda initiative to see how they're doing after 1000+ years..... Wait.....wrong franchise......
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    Today, 12:27 AM · 51 replies and 789 views.
    Just flicking through the forums, then I see this. Oh, go on, I'll spare a moment, this looks like fun. Stupidest thing? Well, I keep flying ships that are small enough sideways through the mail slot out of sheer laziness. Of course in a type 6 or a keelback that can very bad, very quickly. And people complain about getting big ships stuck in the least big ships make sense. In a smaller ships, it's just embarrassing.....
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    Yesterday, 11:57 PM · 40 replies and 1050 views.
    Do you plan on doing ship's from any other sci fi games? Say......mass effect. I don't think the tempest would be too big of a stretch from what you've done. Just putting it out there :).
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    Yesterday, 5:34 PM · 205 replies and 3851 views.
    But you can still stack passenger missions to the same destination? I wouldn't say that's too big of a nerf, cos board swapping and getting lucky could still net you loads. And anyway, scanner missions work as you say, so I'll head out. Joining up with you however, depends if your on Xbox or not.
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    Yesterday, 5:16 PM · 205 replies and 3851 views.
    Say, wanna grab a beer some time :). I presume you'll tell me the truth if I ask, does quince still work? I know it'll be nerfed but might as well use it while there's time left. It's the there's time left that is.
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    Yesterday, 5:10 PM · 205 replies and 3851 views.
    Only becuase people are still finding ways to circumvent the grind. Or you have those in small ships. The game is flawed, Fdev are just lucky people are working around it.
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    Yesterday, 5:07 PM · 205 replies and 3851 views.
    But people use these advantages becuase doing so normally takes too long. As long as that is the case, Fdev must know they will never win. If they do, game goes dead faster than a pigeon hit by a truck on a motorway.
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    Yesterday, 5:03 PM · 205 replies and 3851 views.
    I was about to go there because it would take me too long to go from asp to python otherwise. Oh, frontier don't me want to 'exploit' the game. Not my fault their is no cheaper medium pad ship I could use instead that is in between the abilities of the asp and the python. And if you insist of not putting a ship in between them, at least make it so we can earn enough money within our lifetime to get bigger ships. Some of us don't have time to grind ourselves to dust. But they won't do either of those. They'll just kill the game by grinding us to death, and then just make another game that does the exact same thing, but then we'll get smart and they'll go bankrupt, that should teach them!. Rant over.
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