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    Today, 9:35 PM · 7 replies and 85 views.
    Curved, flat, whatever, if you're buying a screen for Elite, make sure it's 144hz with adaptive sync suited to your graphics card. Either Gsync for Nvidia or Freesync for AMD. If you have a great graphics card it will give you gameplay smoother than you will have ever seen, unless you've seen someone else's 144hz monitor. Have you? :) Even if you have a mediocre graphics card, the ability to turn vsync OFF and the effect of adaptive sync is like a 30% upgrade. As for the virtues of flat or curved for sim type games... If it's big enough and it actually increases your field of view (purpose of curved) AT the correct distance, they are definitely superior to flat for immersion, but trust me on the adaptive sync, nothing matters more. ;)
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    Today, 9:28 PM · 58 replies and 494 views.
    Thanks, but don't feel you need to honestly, I don't know if it's worth it, what's one more decent idea among the other 100 that have come and gone. Hopefully someone collects the good ones somewhere, I don't know if this would make the cut, but I can but hope, I certainly hope some of the other ideas I see posted make it onto such a pile.
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    Today, 9:18 PM · 58 replies and 494 views.
    lol. I do need to git gud, but my ship is a beauty, thanks for the advice though. Stealthie, you haven't read the thread either mate.
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    Today, 9:13 PM · 58 replies and 494 views.
    Yeh, I know, something to talk about though, isn't it. You haven't read the thread. Addressed all of that already. Anyway, don't worry about it, it's not going to happen, I know it. Some people see the value. Some never could, they just glaze over and see a nerf bat rather than an enabler (I don't mean you when I say that Aekero, just sighing generally). <sigh>
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    Today, 9:11 PM · 58 replies and 494 views.
    Fly with a single cargo rack, any size, a fuel scoop, any size, and a disco scanner, then show us how good you are. I'm sure you'll be just as successful, right? IF that's the case, then my implementation is great for you, cos it means I'll be in open looking forward to fighting people like you, and your regular quarry will provide more of a challenge, or do you like looking at wake trails? :)
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    Today, 8:56 PM · 58 replies and 494 views.
    Well, I can give him some of his answer...the huge rebalance that would be required, it's very difficult now that we have an established status. Example...the FAS, if you took away a couple of its HRPs, to be optimal you'd be FORCED to run hybrid, a biweave, and do a LOT more pip management in order to be the equal of an FDL, because of it's strong shields and the FAS's crap ones. THe FDL would probably have no batteries or a paper hull under my model, but still, the FAS, which is a ship he flies, would suffer terribly from my proposal unless a total rebalance was done. We can end this thread right there to be honest, it's a nice pipedream, but who am I kidding, it's never going to be done. :)
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    Today, 8:30 PM · 58 replies and 494 views.
    I realise, but honestly I see them as both needed and totally seaprate. I feel my proposal would be the opposite of dumbing down, smartening up, because with less modules to engineer, you wouldn't be able to build up these huge resistances to everything, you'd have to balance or pick and choose areas of strength. I built a pvp FAS in a couple of weeks, it's easy, wanna see the build? No thought required, All the big modules HRPs with HD for effective armor and big resist boosts, keep rolling those resists! 2 MRPs and that's it. Optional, that's a joke, those slots are quite simply what's optimal on the FAS. I could walk you through it in 5 minutes. If you cuold fly it you would be effective in pvp. I also would not ever want to see the relationship between mass and performance lost or nerfed in any way.
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    Today, 8:15 PM · 58 replies and 494 views.
    No, that's not what I'm saying and you know it. I'm so glad you're here. I need you to understand this, it's people like you who I admire that I want to sell it to. I would be your content if I could just fit a cargo rack, a disco scanner and a fuel scoop and still be competitive. How do you feel about that? If we both were able to be optimal meta and still carry the basic conveniences, wouldn't that be great? A thousand players like me looking forward to your interdiction, isn't that better? More viable ship builds, isn't that 'better'? Of course I'm not syaing a T9 should take down a combat spec FAS, that's insane. Are YOU saying you need a FAS with 9000 effective armor and focused PAs TO take one down? ;)
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    Today, 8:10 PM · 58 replies and 494 views.
    Yeh it will reduce disparity I believe, not completely, but enough to be worth doing, see above. By the way, yes, that's exactly what I'm saying, IW ant to pvp and be able to do a couple of missions, not trade a million tons, but carry some biowaste from here to there, or do an assassination and be able to carry the disco scanner, or go do somewhere with my combat ship and not have to remove and deliver items around the galaxy in order to fit a fuel scoop and remove it when I get there, and I want these conveniences for hardcore pvpers too.
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    Today, 8:07 PM · 58 replies and 494 views.
    well, this is it. There are two mechanics at play in the power of our ships. The items and the enchants. In other MMOs, everyone has the same number of items and enchants. In Elite, everyone has different numbers of items and wildly variable enchants, though lets leave the enchants out of it for now. Engineering does have issues, but for the sake of the solid discussion of the topic at hand, it would be useful to pretend that we are talking about vanilla ships. Cos with 4 military modules or 40, the modules there are are still going to get optimally engineered. What it means is an Asp becomes a viable pvp ship against a FDL because despite being less agile, under my model they can both only fit 2 HRPs, the asp though, can also at least SOME cargo space a disco scanner and a fuel scoop. The FDL can't comlain, he has the same amount of additional hull armor and more agility, the Asp has a chance though, in mission spec. By the way, the number of hardponts on the asp under this model would make it a very...
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    Today, 7:53 PM · 58 replies and 494 views.
    What system? What rule? Yes, no amount of nerf is going to stop a skilled warrior from killing me, nor would I want it to, at least if the playing field is a little more level I won't feel cheated. Please can you be more coherent so we can discuss? I am not a fool and capable of understanding when I'm wrong if someone can explain it in terms I understand. Cheers.
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    Today, 7:49 PM · 58 replies and 494 views.
    Dude, I love you, I really do, I think you're a forum champion, the very last thing I want to do is offend you, you're a fellow trekker, but this thread isn't about crime and punishment. Cheers.
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    Today, 7:48 PM · 58 replies and 494 views.
    I'd like to test your theory in my current ship one day, thanks for your input cmdr. o7 :)
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    Today, 7:45 PM · 58 replies and 494 views.
    You're going to have to give me concrete examples for all of those. 1. Nobody's losing a slot...? 2. Come on. ;) You know exactly what I mean, the fact that you use one slot for an AFMU means nothing. Especially on a battle barge. 3. Let;s see shall we, I don't agree. They can stay in Solo where they ARE now. If just some of them come to open and join the game, positive effect, no? No disrespect taken, but I just repeated myself.
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    Today, 7:38 PM · 58 replies and 494 views.
    What we're trying to accomplish is some careful balancing of module restrictions, and/or a heavy increase to diminishing returns on both resistances and armor from milslots, batteries, etc. Yeh, this won't change a T9 getting slaughtered by an FDL, and as you say, nor should it. So again, why would pirates have an issue? Negative effects? The only one I can think of is griefers crying on the forum that they've been nerfed because they could never fly in the first place. Pirates in Cutters I have absolutely no sympathy for. Again, that's just a thief. What I would love to see is Asps, Vultures, FASes, FDLs, Pythons, all being viable for pvp with 1 cargo rack, 1 disco scanner and 1 fuel scoop on board.
  • Jayridium's Avatar
    Today, 7:08 PM · 11 replies and 463 views.
    I remember reposting that stuff a while ago just to keep it in the limelight... Great idea's and hopefully we'll see lots of these things brought in with season 3
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    Today, 7:04 PM · 58 replies and 494 views.
    Interesting...a bit left field for some maybe... I could definitely work with that. Nice idea.
  • Aashenfox's Avatar
    Today, 7:02 PM · 58 replies and 494 views.
    Second one to mention Crime and Punishment. Why do you think they're mutually exclusive? Even if we do reduce their milslots, does that then give them the right to go around murdering others, just cos the playing field is a bit more level now than it was a month ago? No, of course not. We need what I'm proposing AND crime and punishment, they are neither mutually exclusive nor at odds as concepts.
  • Aashenfox's Avatar
    Today, 6:54 PM · 58 replies and 494 views.
    There will still be combat dedicated ships and trade dedicated ships, all I'm proposing is switching around the 3 mil slots, 6 mil/tech slots to 4 tech slots 5 mil/tech slots. for example. It won't remove\variation, there will still be strong and weak ships and meta builds. I just don't see these concerns that it's a nerf to pvpers. They will have more content and if they can fight, they'll get more good fights. It's win all round.
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    Today, 6:50 PM · 58 replies and 494 views.
    Did I offend you or something? Why are you being so dismissive? This isn't another one of 'those' threads, it's a mechanics discussion. 1. How is that relevant? They will want more victims in open and if I have a fighting chance against them in my missions ship, I'd play in open and I'm sure many others too. The ones that have no skill and truly just want to grief will be driven from the game. Result, no? 2. I'm not trying to change that. 3. I'm not trying to 'balance' pvp, just try to suggest an idea that will reduce the griefer equipment advantage, despite still not eliminating it, as there are clearly weapons that are better in pvp, for a start anyone who's adept with fixed weapons will have an advantage.
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    Today, 6:42 PM · 58 replies and 494 views.
    Yeh, but I don't want to just escape, that's why I play in solo when in a squishy expensive ship. A T9 is never going to beat a Fer de Lance anyway, that won't change. But I would fly more combat ships when mission running in case I ran across anybody, it would bring life to Open I think.
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    Today, 6:38 PM · 58 replies and 494 views.
    Yeh, the thing is there would still be a pvp meta, using different weapon combinations is still very strategic. DB himself said in the kickstarter that his vision was for PvP to be rare and meaningful, it was a bit of a pipedream, but very opposite of what we've got now. Also, on the subject of pvpers being unhappy about messing with their advantage, I don't know if SDC would see it that way, and I welcome their input, cos all of a sudden, there a thousand or more more targets players in open to be their content. They ARE good pilots, we know this, and the 6DOF dogfighting style of Elite has a PHENOMENALLY high skill cap, what problem could they have? It would be tantamount to admitting that they don't use skill to win.
  • Aashenfox's Avatar
    Today, 6:25 PM · 58 replies and 494 views.
    That's a much smaller advantage, but a point well made. I never said I had all the answers :) Skill could make that gap where it mattered. There's still Solo. :) I would love for piracy to be piracy too, not shameless seal clubbing, humiliation, then not picking up the cargo.
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    Today, 6:23 PM · 58 replies and 494 views.
    Real pirates succeed because they have trained in combat arts, usually they would be at a DISadvantage in comparison to their victims in terms of equipment, they are deadly because of their skill and cunning with cannon and blade. What is the point even of a pirate who can't collect his spoils? I've seen this a few times on YouTube, they pirate a dude, win the battle, make them dump the cargo, then fly off with a sense of self importance. What is that about? Lol. To be honest, isn't a pirate that's better equipped than you simply a thief? ;) What I propose specifically wouldn't affect ganking, 2 mission runner ships against a mission runner ship is still going to be a very difficult fight to win, and even with limited modules, there will still be a pvp meta, I believe it will shift toward special effects and their counters.
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    Today, 5:53 PM
    Just thinking out loud, I haven't given this full processing power yet, but let's get a discussion going and see... The way I see it, the problem with pvping in open, is that the people who are just minding their own business, doing CGs, missions, whatever, are in ships that have possibly 'some' armor, 'some' shield batteries, but they'll be mostly technical, non military modules, limpet controllers, cargo racks, scanners, docking computer, etc etc. The griefers on the other hand and those out looking for a pvp fight in general, have a military item in every single slot. Their ships are useful for NOTHING except dogfighting, they even have to dock to refuel and visit a nav beacon to scan a system. ANYTHING less than that is BADLY suboptimal. I enjoyed building my FAS, it is overpowered as hell, completely ridiculous, over 9000 (lol, unintentional reference there) effective armor against all conventional attacks (shieldless), but like that, I can only do one thing. Fight other players. I'm not even...
    58 replies and 494 views.
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