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    Today, 12:53 AM
    So, I've been trying to design a decent exploration ship, but I find myself hampered by the fact I'm not sure what I need to put in a successful exploration ship. Obviously, you need to have an advanced discovery scanner and a detailed surface scanner. I figure you probably want an SRV bay for planetary exploring, assuming that's a thing one needs to do? A fuel scoop and heat sink launchers seem to be a must, as well. Then probably some cargo space for things you might pick up and extra fuel tanks for extended range? I am also thinking that large size craft may not be the best idea, as if you are out exploring in the interstellar boondocks, you might have to land at outposts that don't have large landing pads. I bought an Orca today to be my new passenger carrier, which has made my Dolphin obsolete. But rather than sell it, I thought I might try an exploration build. It has a respectable jump range, can land about anyway, and is generally pleasant to fly. This is what I came up with.
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    Well, I plan on getting a clipper when I hit Baron. I want to make it my explorer, but the jump range is poor compared to the Orca. Spare fuel tank and feul scoop should make up for it. I grabbed the Orca. With an extra fuel tank, she carries 20 business and 12 1st class passengers up to 308ly without refueling.
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