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    Today, 6:05 AM · 39 replies and 981 views.
    Either you've misunderstand something or I have; having solo/private affect the BGS is a good thing for this kind of activity, because it brings more players together - all interested players are able to team up and work together on their common goal regardless of which game mode they most enjoy. This isn't PvP, it's multiplayer PvE.
  • Brett C's Avatar
    Today, 5:53 AM · 93 replies and 35768 views.
    Will be chasing up with this one. I'm a bit blindsided by this finding myself.
  • Brett C's Avatar
    Today, 5:32 AM · 72 replies and 1423 views.
    Rep values are really old. I'm not sure if they'll persist once we move to XenForo FYI.
  • Dogeh's Avatar
    Today, 5:31 AM · 478 replies and 23931 views.
    AtV is up. 25 must fix features. Video is excellent if you suffer from insomnia. I will the let the most excellent Rolan do his job (I fell asleep watching it so there's not much to report as far as I'm concerned)
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 5:22 AM · 70 replies and 2321 views.
    At the end of the day, this is one of those issues where people will believe what they want to believe. Even if FD made a direct statement, produced a video of 50, 100, 200 staff at their workplaces coding ED, had each of them individually explain on camera what they are doing, some people would say "Marketing rubbish, all fake, FD only have 2 people working on ED!".
  • KellyR's Avatar
    Today, 5:19 AM · 449 replies and 9989 views.
    Why is this even being discussed? If you really think FD will cave and really do this, then you are living in a fantasy world. It's been shown time and again, FD has a vision for their game and they aren't going to deviate from it no matter how many ask them to. Remember when people were asking for a supercruise autopilot? There was a massive thread about it and FD, while I'm sure they read it, replied not once that I can remember and we still don't have a supercruise autopilot. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO SELL SHIPS IN THEIR STORE!!!!! So let's just move on to more important things that maybe we can change. Cause this one was a lost cause from the get-go.
  • Moritasgus's Avatar
    Today, 5:06 AM · 39 replies and 981 views.
    You are forgetting that player groups are just a tiny piece of the puzzle, there are literally hundreds of player factions with thousand of players. But there are probably tens of thousands of players who also don't care about the BGS and want to do a CG (possibly not this one as its in colonia). CGs and Player groups aren't unrelated either seeing as most of them end up being for a player group and giving said player group nice things like megaships on completion. In a giant permanently active galaxy you can't expect your corner of space to be completely left alone by all other players, that's not how ED works. Its also unrealistic for FD to get permission from players to do events in their game just because it may impact them. Even in the real world best laid plans go astray due to the actions of others, ED is no different.
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 5:02 AM · 72 replies and 1423 views.
    I have to join the voices of those saying its not different. I've been on many forums where the people overall are pretty much the same. Hell, right down to the comments. Sometimes you could translplant a comment from one forum, put it on the other, and nobody would notice the diffference. However, overall, i think we have a rather spiffing community here, with just a few bad eggs who can't be polite and friendly.
  • Vasious's Avatar
    Today, 5:01 AM · 10 replies and 110 views.
    Most places
  • Aussiedroid's Avatar
    Today, 4:46 AM · 19 replies and 299 views.
    The buttons are firm, but I think that high level of resistance is great! No pain/numbness and the like. When I used my X55 I felt like I would break it every time I pressed something down. Plastic would creak and bend, no clear feedback that things are depressed, but when you press something on your Warthog you know you have pressed it. :) It did take me maybe 30-40hrs of game time before I could say I was really used to the resistance though. Before this time I would feel some fatigue after a couple hours straight. You build this up though, and regular use should help strengthen your hands/arms relatively quickly. Worth sticking with it.. excuse the pun :/
  • Vasious's Avatar
    Today, 4:00 AM · 910 replies and 79320 views.
    Vasious replied to a thread INRA Base Discoveries in Aliens
    Good point on the POI bug What does the Lave Visitors Beacon say about first contact again, could that hold a clue?
  • Brett C's Avatar
    Today, 3:43 AM · 70 replies and 2321 views.
    I thought we were suppose to say 42!! (There's a lot of wizards at the office that sling their hands around the keyboards making things work on both client and server!) :D
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