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  • rizal72's Avatar
    Today, 4:37 PM · 59 replies and 7870 views.
    CMDR Skoomer, your videos are mindblowing! Each and every one of them. Thanks!
  • Gimi's Avatar
    Today, 4:35 PM · 59 replies and 7870 views.
    Which is why I frequently jump around on Economical if I'm not in a hurry. Brings in exploration data and I get to see the sights. (I can't be the only one)
  • Sir Tj's Avatar
    Today, 4:34 PM · 131 replies and 1999 views.
    From the Elite meme thread link to the clever chappie who posted it above.
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 4:34 PM · 3 replies and 0 views.
    Yay. :) Thanks for posting.
  • goemon's Avatar
    Today, 4:33 PM · 5 replies and 46 views.
    goemon replied to a thread Combat Dolphin? in Elite Retrofitting
    class 3b shieldcellbanks are a joke.... i definetly would go hrp + MRP as with all small ships, you gain much more hitpoints.
  • the100thmonkey's Avatar
    Today, 4:29 PM · 4 replies and 127 views.
    4 pips to shields. Flight assist off. Boost and flip. Use your thrusters to manage the distance between you and the NPC. KWS. Kill. What you're talking about is only an issue if you have your turrets set to fire at will and have the KWS and the turrets set to the same trigger in the firegroup. That strikes me as just asking for trouble. At the very least you're missing out on extra bounties.
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 4:29 PM · 3 replies and 0 views.
    Video Unavailable.
  • goemon's Avatar
    Today, 4:22 PM · 5 replies and 46 views.
    goemon replied to a thread Combat Dolphin? in Elite Retrofitting
    somebody used it with double railguns. i can imagine that being great, as for its yaw and pitch. something like this:
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 4:21 PM · 44 replies and 1033 views.
    There's a joke in there somewhere.... I would argue that the proc gen galaxy is a core design element of ED and should be 'celebrated' as much as possible with other aspects of the game. To that end it would be fantastic for FD to beef up exploration and whatnot, and to expand on player agency in affecting the state of the galaxy beyond what we have so far experienced in the BGS. ED is not Star Citizen and it shouldn't try. ED is a huge, proc gen galaxy. That's not gonna change and it shouldn't really. That in and of itself does not preclude FD from expanding the core experience and improving player agency. ED isn't Skyrim in space and it's never going to be. It's an MMO and it's heavily reliant on proc gen. Railing against those core aspects of the game isn't productive imho.
  • Gen-Han-Solo's Avatar
    Today, 4:17 PM · 357 replies and 10089 views.
    Don't want to spread any more negative comments about the game but your time line is off by two years we are already four years in to the ten year plan not two years. To me it does not matter as long as it makes frontier money they are going to keep developing it. But I and some friends do have a large back up plan in six years if Frontier ever stop supporting it keep an EYE open for the independent modded server run be me and a group of friends. Just a side note if you think we are not capable of running a server for ELITE we ran six modded freelancer servers at the same time and thanks to some very good modders even fixed some of the bugs the original mod teams could not fix. We even ran a sandbox server for EVE online and only turned it of because only a few other people other than our gaming community wanted to play the totally free sandbox server.
  • Ensign Ward's Avatar
    Today, 4:16 PM · 5 replies and 26 views.
    Here OP, have a free Janeway facepalm, it's on me!
  • goemon's Avatar
    Today, 4:15 PM · 2 replies and 0 views.
    goemon replied to a thread Hi there in Introductions
    welcome to these forums :-) when i started to play, exploration was the only thing i was interested about ... for several hundred hours .... than i took interest in the backgroundsimulation and rare goods ... ... it took me really long to get into combat at all, didn't know whether i was flying forward or backwards in the beginning, and no idea where to point my ship. beam laser turrets helped me by acting as a laser pointer. from the three ranks combat was the last i made elite in, and while i still can't stand more than an hour in res or CZ, i can now take down nearby all NPC in an eagle and appreciate how much one can learn and experience by simply shooting stuff :D - but still prefer the more slow paced way of playing by exploring the galaxy in and out of the bubble. make sure not to miss the exploration subforum here: it is the most wonderfull corner of the forums, but don't tell anyone!
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 4:09 PM · 27 replies and 589 views.
    Jenner replied to a thread were here ! in Dangerous Discussion
    The coming Thargoid invasion....
  • Sir Tj's Avatar
    Today, 3:59 PM · 27 replies and 589 views.
    Sir Tj replied to a thread were here ! in Dangerous Discussion
    I am not in the art de... Oh.. I see what you mean...
  • Sir Tj's Avatar
    Today, 3:55 PM · 2232 replies and 429417 views.
    Sir Tj replied to a thread Elite Memes in Dangerous Discussion
    Love it. :D
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 3:55 PM · 2232 replies and 429417 views.
    Jenner replied to a thread Elite Memes in Dangerous Discussion
    Love it. :)
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 3:49 PM · 59 replies and 7870 views.
    At least one of these ships had some kind of success, lol. :) Thanks all for posting pics and such! Nice find!
  • Ensign Ward's Avatar
    Today, 3:47 PM · 5 replies and 63 views.
    As stated - any landable port in any low security system.
  • Goose4291's Avatar
    Today, 3:45 PM · 44 replies and 1033 views.
    Theyll be a force to be reckoned with... for a week till the easy mode lobbyists get their way and we're back to the atrocious AI we have now, much like with the AI overhaul.
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 3:44 PM · 2232 replies and 429417 views.
    Jenner replied to a thread Elite Memes in Dangerous Discussion
    That's awesome. :)
  • Jenner's Avatar
    Today, 3:42 PM · 44 replies and 1033 views.
    Well, if we wind up seeing the Thargoids eventually that may change. :)
  • Frank's Avatar
    Today, 3:41 PM · 21 replies and 379 views.
    The free games you get with the Rift are pretty good as well. I really liked Lucky's Tale, and Robo Recall is brilliant.
  • Frank's Avatar
    Today, 3:36 PM · 27 replies and 589 views.
    Frank replied to a thread were here ! in Dangerous Discussion
    Someone needs to make a game featuring T.j using his Ban Hammer on undesirable posters... ...Whac-A-Troll
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