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    Today, 3:03 PM · 10 replies and 105 views.
    marx replied to a thread Monstrous Beauty in Exploration
    Gotta love this one. There's even iron in the atmosphere! With a partial pressure of almost 38 million atm. Hm, if you'll excuse me, now I have to look into KSP modding...
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    Today, 12:34 PM · 18 replies and 328 views.
    marx replied to a thread But how do I get there? in Exploration
    Personally, even before the mat drops were tripled, I preferred to eyeball it, even if it did lead to some false starts. But with a bit of practice, it's quite doable and fun. Sure, you're likely to go down some dead ends, but at the very least, you'll visit some systems and add them to the databases, so others who follow you will have it easier.
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    Today, 12:29 PM · 48 replies and 3549 views.
    No offense, but I hope that Frontier won't add anything exclusively for any player expedition. I would suggest a flight operations megaship though, since those are already implemented (for player groups too), and having one go through the galaxy would be great. But when it comes to implementing new stuff, I think it should be done for everyone. For the devs, adding specific content for one expedition would be risky, because if you do it for one expedition, others will want it for theirs as well - and then where do you draw the line? More importantly, relying on an outside party (even if it's FD) to give meaning to an expedition is risky as well, because they might not wish, or be able to, fulfill your wishes. Better to work with what you have, or are going to have, than what you wish you had.
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    Today, 11:54 AM · 13 replies and 265 views.
    That little landable moon right in the middle really tops it off.
  • marx's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:05 PM · 18 replies and 389 views.
    If you don't like how the Anaconda looks and feel, then I'd recommend only using it if you wanted to set a new distance record or something. For everything else, there's... everything else. As things stand, the Anaconda is the best in jump range and number of internal slots. That's it. Even in the Big Three, the Cutter has it beat on internal slot sizes(!), forward speed, base shield strength, still a bit better at supercruise turning (although not much), and of course it has much better looks. But you'll probably want a smaller ship. The recommendations from others have so far all been good. I'd add the Imperial Clipper and Courier to the mix as well, assuming you have the rank required for them. The Courier requires a fair bit of engineering, but rewards it very much, and is great at planetary flight: really fast forward speed, good cockpit visibility, and very powerful shields (for a ship its size) in case you'd make a mistake. The Clipper has excellent forward speed too, and cockpit visibility as...
  • marx's Avatar
    16/10/2017, 3:30 PM · 18 replies and 2313 views.
    Oh, I've run across that as well, but it was a problem with Elite's journals, not EDJP. The problem was that for some reason, one of the chat message events was bisected with a newline that shouldn't have been there. Couldn't reproduce the bug though, but now I wonder if the same hasn't happened to you too.
  • marx's Avatar
    16/10/2017, 2:57 PM · 2251 replies and 409931 views.
    I'm not sure if you're looking for any more screenshots for the IC 1396 Sector RU-F d11-7 (Earth-like Dance with Giant) entry, but in case you might be, here's one more:
  • marx's Avatar
    16/10/2017, 2:52 PM · 2145 replies and 187083 views.
    @ Warm Considering: Welcome! Please post screenshots, not videos. Preferably of the system map screenshot of the planet, so the planetary data shows up on it too. @ roboteconomist: Looks like CMDR Validating lives on. I also came across one of her finds yesterday.
  • marx's Avatar
    16/10/2017, 11:45 AM · 6 replies and 254 views.
    Minor note: the Steam numbers don't tell the whole story for the PC, as plenty of us run the game through Frontier's launcher only. Then there are the consoles as well. Still, plenty of systems left to see! (Then of course, there is the matter that Whiterose wrote, that most systems go mostly unexplored.)
  • marx's Avatar
    15/10/2017, 2:07 PM · 196 replies and 20930 views.
    All updated now. Welcome to the hall of fame, Commanders Goemba, N7SHANTARAM and DVHeld - and to Mark Smith, welcome to the myriad manifest as well!
  • marx's Avatar
    13/10/2017, 12:21 PM · 2145 replies and 187083 views.
    Thanks for the moon screenie! Yep, that confirms the volcanism (I was a bit afraid that a journal error might have had it wrong), and it's really quite interesting. The only other three ELW's moons that have volcanism are all in cases where the ELW is a moon in orbit of another parent body, and as such, its own moon is orbiting it very close by. In these rare configurations, there appear to be enough tidal forces for volcanism to pop up on the moon. Your find is special in that it's a moon of a regular Earth-like. I'm not sure how closely it orbits the parent, but it looks like the ELW itself orbits the class M star (already quite rare!) close enough by that this would pop up. I'm not sure exactly how rare this exactly is, as we don't have data on most of the moons in such systems, but it's probably very rare. Personally, I'd recommend posting it as a candidate to the Galactic Mapping Project. Oh, and the same goes for your friend's trinary ELW system. Those are incredibly rare themselves, before this,...
  • marx's Avatar
    12/10/2017, 5:56 PM · 2145 replies and 187083 views.
    @ Klepto: Welcome, and thanks for using EDJP! Don't worry, your submission is almost perfect, I would just have preferred it if yo put the URL's text into the URL field, and not as a link. But that's something that I can easily correct. More importantly, you seem to have come across something very rare, an ELW's moon that has active volcanism. Could you post a screenshot of the moon, Oephaif SY-C b57-0 1 a, please? I'd very much like to see exactly what kind of moon that is, as it could be quite the rare outlier. @ jimbeau: Welcome back! Personally, I'd only recommend going after any of those unless you're headed in that direction anyway. But it's up to you to decide, of course. Also, there's no need to go for the ones that Johnny Frost co-tagged, as he's currently re-uploading the screenshots for those. @ Spacecat: Yup, it's unlikely, but it has been known to happen. Especially for Commanders who have been out long.
  • marx's Avatar
    12/10/2017, 12:28 PM · 31 replies and 793 views.
    It's deeper than that. (Although I might be misinterpreting a bit what you wrote.) If memory serves, there are nearly a dozen distinct observations for which the best (most accurate) explanations involve the presence of a type of matter that interacts with "regular" baryonic matter (and neutrinos) gravitationally, but not electromagnetically. Because of the latter, we've never observed it directly. However, if one would postulate that dark matter doesn't actually exist, then they'd have to come up with a theory with predictions at least as accurate, if not more, as that including dark matter. In my opinion, the term "dark matter" is misleading. "Invisible matter" would be more accurate. Darkness would imply an absence of visible light, but that would mean that the matter does interact electromagnetically. If it doesn't (which is pretty much the point), then light would just pass through it, and it would be invisible. Put it another way: if I were to somehow place a blob of such matter in front of you,...
  • marx's Avatar
    12/10/2017, 12:56 AM · 32 replies and 872 views.
    Hey, very nice ship! My explorer Cutter is quite similar to it - see the build here. A bit less range than yours, but enough shields and hull to tank even Thargoids for some time. This is another great thing about the Cutter: while it doesn't have a higher than usual jump range, the class 7 FSD means that you can weigh it down quite a lot and the jump range still won't suffer that much. If you don't mind not having 40+ ly jump range, that gives you a lot of flexibility on what you can take with yourself. Anyway, good luck on your travels, and looking forward to those pics!
  • marx's Avatar
    11/10/2017, 7:07 PM · 5 replies and 160 views.
    Stay well clear of the Pleiades, and you should be safe from any aliens. More specifically, make sure you don't get to within 150 ly of Merope.
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    11/10/2017, 7:03 PM · 44 replies and 753 views.
    If you aren't minmaxing your jump range, then you should take better defences before any weapons. So far, we've yet to encounter anything hostile in deep space. If, however, you were somehow the first to be attacked by Thargoids outside the Pleiades, you'd still have to run away - unless you were lugging specialized Anti-Xeno weaponry around. Meanwhile, better shields and armour can actually be useful if you make some mistakes planetside, or if you should somehow get attacked.
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