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    Today, 9:20 PM · 5 replies and 74 views.
    It's lonely out in space?
  • vindelanos's Avatar
    Today, 8:55 PM · 19 replies and 353 views.
    It's fun to achieve a goal when after doing so something shiny flies out of the screen and hits you in the forehead. But to achieve a goal just so one can fly to a space station that's orbiting a moon that's orbiting a star... without offering any new gameplay opportunities... no, that's pointless.
  • vindelanos's Avatar
    Today, 8:53 PM · 242 replies and 12458 views.
    Yeah, as Red pointed out. After taking shots from another player in a CZ you reminded him that PvP in Mobius would get him banned... which actually ran contrary to the rules of Mobius at the time.
  • vindelanos's Avatar
    Today, 7:58 PM · 242 replies and 12458 views.
    It really doesn't affect me either way. When I do play in Mobius, though it has become rarer over time, it's not for the intent of finding PvP anyways.
  • vindelanos's Avatar
    Today, 6:52 PM · 3881 replies and 689058 views.
    There was nothing confusing about it - it was basically "PvP is allowed in CZs, but don't get all exploity with CZ mechanics and loopholes". Nothing confusing about the old rules at all.
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    Today, 6:43 PM · 242 replies and 12458 views.
    Ah, there we go... found this and will just quote just to support my post...
  • vindelanos's Avatar
    Today, 6:26 PM · 242 replies and 12458 views.
    I concur. I don't ever recall the CZ rule having anything to do with stray shots. What I do recall is that CZ PvP was fair game as long as the shooters pledged before shooting. I respect players and their play choices, and whatever Mobius decided for his groups is fine (and I am a member of one of them). But I can't help but perceive this rules change not as an implementation of what was always intended, but rather an about-face on what was considered acceptable PvP. (And my guess for the latter is because someone dominated a CZ in a CG, and someone else cried about it. But that's just a guess.)
  • vindelanos's Avatar
    Today, 5:34 PM · 24 replies and 989 views.
    I'm going to throw this out there.... I've wanted to do it for a while now, but never found a good opportunity. I'm happy that people, including strangers and friends, love their ship kits. For the most part, I hate the ship kits. I think they make the ships look dumb. That's it. I just had to get that out. Not trying to spoil your thread.
  • vindelanos's Avatar
    Today, 5:30 PM · 19 replies and 353 views.
    Yeah, min maxing and and... wut???? What are you talking about? Look, I get it if upon unlocking a system or sector it winds up giving you access to the purple people eaters and greatly expands your gameplay potential. But Sirius? Serious? It's so special once you unlock it - there is a star and some planets and a space station. Wooooooooo! I'd been flying around Elite for two years looking for a star and some planets and a space station, all in the same system. I'm sure some permits are. Other permits, like Alioth, Sol, Sirius, etc... they're just an annoyance.
  • vindelanos's Avatar
    Today, 4:06 PM · 19 replies and 353 views.
    Doesn't change the fact that he didn't have the Alioth permit. Dear FD, there is absolutely no reason to permit lock systems if there is nothing particularly special about those systems once you unlock them. Seriously, is the purpose of that mechanic just to waste players' time?
  • vindelanos's Avatar
    Today, 3:48 PM · 31 replies and 481 views.
  • vindelanos's Avatar
    Today, 3:34 PM · 31 replies and 481 views.
    Assuming you meant to put a shield gen on, and not an SCB. And the answer is no. You'll want to go with at least a class 7 shield, probably 7A. *edit* For PvE play, you can probably get away with a smaller shield gen. But put an underclassed shield gen on a fully laden T-9 with underclassed thrusters, and you're risking rebuys, since not all NPC drops happen the way you expect them to. For instance, that FDL chasing you pops in just after you drop in on station, and starts shooting. Meanwhile you're struggling to push 80 m/s with your D-rated drives, and you're about 600T overweight for your 5D shield gen. And if you aren't rebuying, you're coming damn close.
  • vindelanos's Avatar
    Today, 3:26 PM · 22 replies and 455 views.
    So what? It's a minor, minor inconvenience. You click on your little Galactic Powers button and hit "pledge". If you lose your progress on a powerplay module, well, you're gaming powerplay for the module anyways, so why should Frontier grant you any special consideration. No, this is a non-issue. Besides, OP ain't out displorin'. He very clearly stated that he's just being stubborn and doesn't want to go earn the one merit he needs to stay pledged.
  • Ben Ryder's Avatar
    Today, 2:57 PM
    Hi Chaps, Just a quick line to let folk know that Antal pledges and member of the Antal Reddit group are out Maia providing bodyguard and escort help. Say hi in game if you'd like to give them a hand or need support. They can also be contacted via discord
    7 replies and 189 views.
  • vindelanos's Avatar
  • Ben Ryder's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:21 PM · 4 replies and 68 views.
    Will check the PC version shortlya
  • vindelanos's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:36 PM · 23 replies and 389 views.
    No, you got it - the point being that we should be able to take on these missions and deliver them in smaller chunks, like with the engineers, but we can't. All we can do at present is deliver goods in a single drop. Though many CMDRs have an easy potential workaround ("Oh, you need 100T of mac and cheese? All I have is an Eagle at present, I'll be back in a Python"), as I recall FD decided that allowing people to accept missions for which they didn't have the current available capacity would lead to too many dissatisfied CMDRs. Get it? Here, I'll expand my example... FD implements the ability to pick up cargo missions for which you do not have available space on-hand. Joe Spaceshipguy sitting in his only ship, a sidey, picks up a mission to bring back 200T of ice cream. Joe Spaceshipguy realizes that he cannot complete the mission because he has no means of carrying 200T of ice cream in one go. Joe Spaceshipguy decides that the game is poo, uninstalls it, goes onto the steam forums and rants...
  • vindelanos's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:47 PM · 23 replies and 389 views.
    The ability to accept missions for which you aren't currently equipped has been asked for. As far as I know, FD toyed with the idea, but decided that they didn't want to put up with the headache of people taking those missions and not being able to complete them. For example... Joe Spaceship Guy in a Sidey picks up a mission to source and return 85 units of food cartridges. Figures out there's no way for him to do so (because he only has a sidey), and suddenly it's the game's fault for letting him take the mission in the first place. Why we can't accept such missions and then complete them in installments is beyond me. Same goes for all missions that require cargo space.
  • Ben Ryder's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:37 PM · 17 replies and 222 views.
    SRV based conflict zones on landable planets please
  • Ben Ryder's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:28 PM · 12 replies and 247 views.
    Let's do it. How do we go about it? I would put forward The Home of the Guardians of Harmony (a communist player minor faction I helped set-up a while back), Lorenz Hub in HIP 118213
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