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    Today, 12:06 AM · 4588 replies and 213765 views.
    I think his and your comment are rather funny as when have PVers ever engaged in salt mining? If you look through the forums you will find countless times where others and myself had said we don't mind PVPers, are happy PVPers PVP, and want them to be able to PVP and have fun... but not at the expense of those who do not want to PVP. Yet many times the replies from the vocal PVPers is "get good", "suck it up", or other phrases and some include "salt" in them. Both side can have a blast in the game... problem is one side wants the other side to play with them and the other side does not want to play with them. Two opens one PVP one PVE... would do wonders.
  • Galactic Midden's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:23 PM · 3 replies and 27 views.
    Hi, if you're still having trouble you may want to visit and contact Frontier Support for help. Best of luck o7
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    Yesterday, 11:00 PM · 46 replies and 720 views.
    Consent is not defined by the presence or absence of consequences of for the misdeed. Consent means literally "yes, I want this to happen", not "I don't want this to happen but accept some unavoidable risk of it".
  • Galactic Midden's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:20 PM · 55 replies and 842 views.
    A short day for some, a long day for others :)
  • Yaffle's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:18 PM · 943 replies and 30201 views.
    If the roll was interrupted you could fool the game into giving you a level 5 roll (very hard to find materials) using the level 1 materials, which are abundant. So many hundreds of rolls became much easier, allowing the maximisation of modifications. The trick was in the roll interruption.
  • Yaffle's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:08 PM · 2120 replies and 54499 views.
    My hope is that as the negotiations unravel, as they will, and the terms of the deal become clear the Remain backbench MPs will start to understand the power they have, and just block this nonsense. Sad thing is, I think your scenario is more likely, come 2023 we'll be cap in hand asking to rejoin, and being forced into the € etc.
  • Edward Lewis's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:42 PM · 76 replies and 2967 views. Hey everyone! Posted an FAQ here.
  • Edward Lewis's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:42 PM · 324 replies and 35132 views.
    Hey guys - posted a fresh thread here:
  • Yaffle's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:32 PM · 2120 replies and 54499 views.
    My point is that it's not as clear as is often made out. Take the name Farage. Looks Dutch/French to me. My family name is French/Irish (depending on which one of the two claims it first). We're all human - can we not all be looking out for each other and forget petty accidents of geographic location of parental birth? Fundamentally we are all immigrants in Europe, we're out of Africa. Every last one of us. What is so deplorable about wanting others to do well?
  • Mephane's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:54 PM · 46 replies and 720 views.
    Lol. No. That does not at all constitute constent to a chance of being ganked. By that logic, by leaving your house you would give consent to "the chance of being murdered" because even though it is against the law, someone could break it.:rolleyes: Also, look up the word explicit because it means the very opposite of how you are using it here. And why the disclaimer? Because Mobius cannot guarantee that no one breaks the rules (hence we are still lobbying for a real Open PvE mode), if it happens no one can hold him personally accountable for that. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Yaffle's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:47 PM · 2120 replies and 54499 views.
    You know George II was German don't you?
  • Yaffle's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:26 PM · 7 replies and 363 views.
    This is naming and shaming folks, so it's closing time.
  • Yaffle's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:00 PM · 2120 replies and 54499 views.
    Boris Johnson is not British then.
  • Yaffle's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:52 PM · 2120 replies and 54499 views.
    Would 2,500 be an invasion?
  • Dale Emasiri's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:37 PM · 943 replies and 30201 views.
    Certainly what I would advise. While I understand your - and everyone's - frustration at these taunts and insults please let the punishments come from us so that you avoid bringing yourselves down to the same level of pettiness and become caught in the nastiness of the whole thing. Our forum mods, us here at FDev in the Support Team and Community Team will happily handle any further punitive actions should they be necessary. Seems to be a popular call from many of the community, and other such similar punishments of greater severity than those we've applied. For now we're going with the wipe as laid out in the Support Team's post explaining things. We'll perhaps consider more severe measures should something like this occur in future.
  • Sir T.j's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:25 PM · 943 replies and 30201 views.
    Fully understood, but believe it or not we do try to be fair and balanced even though many may think otherwise.. So as my esteeme... Oh hang on it's Jenner... So as that damn yankie numpty just said please no Naming and Shaming from this point on. Thanks all. :)
  • Brett C's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:21 PM · 1 replies and 150 views.
    Cleared the cache on it, let me know if it's pumping out data once more. :)
  • Sir T.j's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:40 PM · 360 replies and 18705 views.
    Please feel free to provide documented evidence on both counts.
  • Sir T.j's Avatar
  • Mephane's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:03 PM · 277 replies and 18342 views.
    The engineer exploit was far more serious than any money or BGS exploits. (Also, not everything that has been labelled as an exploit by us may actually have been one.) It allowed the perpetrators to not just get stuff a bit faster, but on a massive scale where reaching the same outcome as a cheated set of upgrades would take many years, possibly decades. Thus they reached a combat performance essentially unattainable by legit gameplay. That said, the exploit did indeed highlight the very design issues with the engineers that many have been pointing out since the 2.1 beta. We will see in in 2.4 whether FD will abandon the engineers or double down on them...
  • Brett C's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:01 PM
    Hi everyone, Thanks to Lloyd Morgan-Moore for putting this list together for us. Here are some FAQs about Elite Dangerous for PS4! You can see the game in action on the stream we did tonight <<LINK>> Will updates be released in parallel with PC or will they be slightly delayed from PC to Console? Updates for PS4 will be in sync with the PC, just like they already are on XB1.
    15 replies and 625 views.
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    thank you for the rep!
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    o7 Cmdr, it is good to occasionally find common ground
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    Thank you for the rep CMDR!
    Safe and fun adventures in space
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    Is it possible to sticky this thread about active conflict zones?
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    Is it possible to sticky this thread about active conflict zones?


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    Robert, I'm sure I am one of vitriolic previous Eve players; nevertheless I'll stop dragging my opinion/experiences with Eve in to this game. Incidentally it's not 'prejudice', its experience; and over this I can never change my opinion.

    So regarding this; I'll stop responding with any comments....and just give E hope in other threads.
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    Lol, question. How do you like the 8350?

    Ive got a nearly identical system to you. Same mobo, ram, and videocard, but an older phenom 2 cpu. I was thinking of upgrading...
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    Thanks for the rep!
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