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    Today, 4:34 AM · 8569 replies and 617364 views.
    Thanks for the kind words :) Aye, it was a fun thread with plenty of nonsense being spouted :S That user is very emotional about Elite - in the past (s)he generally just dismissed it, the seemingly never-ending delays to 3.0 have really pushed them over the edge sanity-wise. A very zealous defender of Star Citizen, with apparently little interest in any other, lesser games. Btw, (s)he respectfully informs me that David Braben is a hack and the only reason Elite Dangerous is a success is because under David's instructions FDev copied all of Chris Roberts ideas. For this you have to understand that Elite, FE2 and FFE, were all just a figment of our imaginations of course. Yep, that's Angry_Pacifist. Now worry for their emotional state if Star Citizen doesn't turn out the way they hope/dream :O
  • Steve O B Have's Avatar
    Today, 12:30 AM · 106 replies and 3199 views.
    You're assuming without taking into account that perhaps there are multiple outcomes available to the scenario and the trigger outcomes can't all be exposed server side. Or for that matter since there is not a way to Beta test the Thargoids that they're releasing the stable aspect of the development, monitoring the progress and from there are better able to deliver the story arc. It's a little flippant to make a call like "they're making it up as they go along". Does anything Frontier do give you the impression that they just make crap up? To the contrary I think they've been very considered in their release process and very often allowed the player sentiment to drive it. It would be fairer to say that the development has been 'partially' organic and thankfully flexible within the confines of what is technologically possible at the time. We should be thankful that they're not just "making stuff up as they go along"... there's a really good example of what happens when developers do that "somewhere over...
  • Kerrash's Avatar
    Today, 12:14 AM · 7 replies and 110 views.
    Science. Always science. ;)
  • Kerrash's Avatar
    Today, 12:05 AM · 1 replies and 33 views.
    You should be able to hit the TAB key a few times to switch chat modes? Does that help?
  • Kerrash's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:01 PM · 8569 replies and 617364 views.
    News flash for Mr. Roberts. Game Dev is all about faking it! :D :P
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:38 PM · 39 replies and 417 views.
    I disagree with this because you'd know - from the CG blurb - what you're signing up for and this CG may or may not be for you, so on and etc. so I'm a +1 on the OP and I think it'll come. I hope so. When a CG gets anti-CG players camped (they don't always) that's the time to call SDC as things stand right now imo - and get them to 'gank the gankers'. I think anti-CG play is a good thing in principle though .. it's justvolunteers to militarily hlep the CG to succeed are thin on the ground (are there no white knight PvPers?). So basicaly 3 concurrent CG's - (1) the CG, (2) kill the CG and (3) defend the CG. That's not negligible to program though .. (notably, the 2.4 pilots-federation-bounty mechanic, could allow Frontier to count relevant PvP kills for it, and it could be just a standard add to all CG's I think, imo, and technically speaking).
  • Kerrash's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:58 PM · 8569 replies and 617364 views.
    Yeah I guess you are right. I wonder who shot first though?
  • Steve O B Have's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:33 PM · 106 replies and 3199 views.
    Nah that's not the case, they have a very extensive team working on it. It definitely not in a holding pattern. I suspect that they're doing what needs to be done to finish what they've started in a story arc. Keeping in mind that the whole Thargoids thing was kicked off with wreckages found about a year ago. I'm content to let them get it launched before fleshing out the rest. I think it's fair to say that having a game to play all this time has been better than watching a "transparent" development from afar...
  • Steve O B Have's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:04 PM · 106 replies and 3199 views.
    I'm afraid I have to agree with the OP. I've long lost my fizz for ED. I hang around waiting for something to regenerate that initial excitement and get be back into it but whether it be engineers or CGs or non contextual missions, they all serve to remind me that I'm doing the same thing over and over to get me to the same point in the game. Bigger ship, more money, higher rank. Thargoids are another way to sink grind into and ultimately just a slightly more exotic way to die. I appreciate the effort that ED are putting in to keep developing but personally the "hook" is long gone. But I'll wait and see what comes, to be fair I've more than gotten my entertainment dollar (even accounting for the Kickstarter outlay and the heap of extras I've bought and never used to keep them funded). I trust them to eventually get there content wise, but for now I'll loiter as the grind has killed my enthusiasm.
  • nosscar's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:40 PM · 29 replies and 684 views.
    for you guys that are experienced with vr, i have a couple of questions, after xmas this year i will be swapping my current fx6300, with a planned ryzen 5 1500x, a new mobo and new 16gb of ddr4 ram, i have an existing gtx 1060 6gb, will i be able to have a decent experience in vr with the new setup, and also, do the stores still run any vr demos, i would love to try it before taking the plunge. I live in yorkshire, uk btw.
  • Kerrash's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:27 PM · 8569 replies and 617364 views.
    Dayum. I really don't get the ED vs SC attitude on Reddit and in general. Why can't it just be ED & SC? I mean, space is big enough for all of us :P
  • nosscar's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:11 PM · 106 replies and 3199 views.
    Ah yes i remember you well jason, you are still on my friends list too, and i am happy you see my point, if i did't care about ever playing this game again, then i wouldn't even bother posting at all. There are some good people in the game and community, who i do miss, and i would really like the game to become as great as it's potential to be great.
  • nosscar's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:35 PM · 106 replies and 3199 views.
    The point of this post is that i want this to be a game i can come back to, i already have other games i play. Thank you for this, and yes i was a regular player and forum contributor, and also a mod for a short while too.
  • nosscar's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:26 PM · 106 replies and 3199 views.
    The fact the statement in my op is a lie, is not true either, the current CG's are to build weapons to fight the thargoids, yes, we are still in 2.3, but clearly this is a build up towards the release of 2.4, my post is related to the fact that Fdev are straight away using CG's to begin the storyline of the Thargoids, and yes, we have seen some instanced scenes where a fleet is or has been destroyed, we have seen a cut scene of a fleet about to be destroyed in the trailer, all this just reminds me of the staged instances where the cap ships appeared, the same every time you entered the cz, the ship appeared, then left. My concerns are that Fdev is following a similar path as before, based on past experience. Staged instances and CG's to bring in new content, just as the did with many of the stations, Obsidian Orbital to name one. yes i do not have all the facts, this is what i believe, and so i am stating my concerns in the hope of changes, yes they might happen with 2.4, we will see. And it has...
  • Viajero's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:59 PM · 8569 replies and 617364 views.
    Wow, that Angry_Pacifist dude is really something. Amazing that so much salt at Elite´s true 1:1, no fake, makes him spew so many lies condensed in so little text.
  • Phoenix_Dfire's Avatar
    Yesterday, 6:40 PM · 106 replies and 3199 views.
    Dear OP, The damn thing isn't even released yet and you're already putting it down? So they've started with some CGs but Looking back through previous releases this year;- the discovery of the planetary bases wasn't a CG, the Thargoid interdictions and Barnacles weren't CG. The Federal distress signals were not CG. Just because they've finished off 2.3 with a CG, doesn't mean it's going to carry on that way.
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