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  • QA-Jonny's Avatar
    Today, 3:44 PM · 1 replies and 85 views.
    Hey CMDR Dreamstate, can you please provide a DXDiag as this will aid with our investigation. Thank you for reporting.
  • QA-Jonny's Avatar
    Today, 3:35 PM · 1 replies and 48 views.
    QA-Jonny replied to a thread [ED64 - 2.3.11] undocking from stations in PC & Mac Bug Reports
    Hey SaenSilverfin, make sure your weapons and landing gear is placed away as this should resolve the issue for you. :)
  • QA-Jonny's Avatar
    Today, 3:29 PM · 1 replies and 56 views.
    Hey CyborgFairyPrincess, if you are still having this problem can you please send us video footage of this happening as it will aid with our investigation? Also glad you are enjoying Elite. :)
  • Ozric's Avatar
    Today, 3:29 PM · 124 replies and 2729 views.
    Seriously, I really think you need to reconsider the basis for all of your arguments.
  • Ozric's Avatar
    Today, 3:25 PM · 25 replies and 646 views.
    I'm aiming to do a run tonight. I don't have many engineered ships and so I decided to plump for the Elite Eagle (though having looked at the leaderboard I noticed Terrorsidic has already done a run in that :( I just need to go to Felicity to pick up a set of enhanced thrusters and then haul myself back to the start line. Hahahahahahaha. Hahahahahaha. That my friend, is genius!
  • Geraldine's Avatar
    Today, 3:03 PM · 33 replies and 3376 views.
    Geraldine replied to a thread Lakon Type-7 The Lakon Type-7 Owner's Club in Ships of Elite
    Lovely video there Vasious and very well made too! :cool: I've been a fan of the T7 for ages. Ugly it might be, useless at fighting, most certainly, but this ship has a charm the goes way beyond that. For many it's their first step into carrying serious amounts of freight, legal or otherwise. I recently rebought one of these for a dedicated mining ship and it payed for itself in just one trip. In another trip it payed for its upgrades too, most being A graded. Like it's little sister the T6, it's just too useful a ship not to have around. Mine is bright yellow and is called The Banana Boat! :D
  • goemon's Avatar
    Today, 2:58 PM · 5 replies and 21 views.
    goemon replied to a thread Lakon Type-9 Heavy Mining Type 9 in Ships of Elite
    with 3 medium mining lasers you get ~28 seconds out of a class 6A WEP engineered PD, and 10 seconds downtime (recharging). you can drill any asteroids with just recharging once. with a charged enhanced PD you get ~24 seconds firing the mining lasers, and 8 seconds downtime. large content asteroids might need 2 times recharging the PD - the second time just a bit. that's at least my experience plus looking to the coriolis numbers assuming a best roll. and for me the reason to ue my g5 charge enhanced materials on ships which really win from it :) i'm not sure whether i'd go for the three mining lasers on a t9, though. maybe you are better off with stripping the asteroid in one go once you have positioned the t9 (which is probably the most challenging part)... i don't see you turning and firing prospectors fast...
  • Ozric's Avatar
    Today, 2:54 PM · 124 replies and 2729 views.
    Probably because we've had this discussion so many times over the years that it doesn't matter what Frontier say, some people will continue to make whinging threads regardless, hoping to pick up anyone not fortunate enough to remember the last ones to add their voice to a completely pointless cause!
  • QA-Jonny's Avatar
    Today, 2:49 PM · 1 replies and 53 views.
    Hey Mephane, do you have a screenshot of what you saw as this will aid with our investigation? Thank you for reporting.
  • Phoenix_Dfire's Avatar
    Today, 2:45 PM · 139 replies and 2774 views.
    They could offer gait packs which would could allow your avatar to walk in different ways; March Hop Skip Mince Silly Walk Hipster Power Walk
  • QA-Jonny's Avatar
    Today, 2:43 PM · 1 replies and 48 views.
    Hey ErickTakada, did you have Rotational Correction turned on in your right hand side panel?
  • Ozric's Avatar
    Today, 2:41 PM · 18 replies and 124 views.
    I don't agree with Verminstar's points as I think that's as much a generalisation as they are asserting PC players put onto console players. The players themselves are individuals and as such there's always going to be some who make the rest look bad. I too have been consoles and PCs since the inception of both really (BBC and Atari 2600), but I guess it starts really around the PSX / pentium era. My view of it is that you have always been able to do more things manually on a PC. There's always been ways of tweaking things, or editing code, getting more information once the internet started expanding. So consoles have always had to do everything there and then out of the box, especially as patching console games is a relatively new thing. This is, I believe, where the perception comes from. The only thing I dislike about consoles is how it is easier and cheaper for developers to make games on consoles and the returns are much higher, so PC tends to end up with more ports these days rather than the...
  • Viajero's Avatar
    Today, 2:37 PM · 209 replies and 5892 views.
    Viajero replied to a thread Star Citizen Updates in Otros Temas
    Grasiah por er capote mushasho! :) Si, en mi opinión este incidente (uno más) describe de manera muy clara el estilo de gestión y de dirección general del proyecto. Y que probablemente permea en toda su estructura, incluídos los avances técnicos, contenido etc que se puedan prometer o mostrar en otros videos similares, AtV etc. El mensaje es que fiarse de lo mostrado en los videos de CIG (ya sean Loremaker´s Guide, AtV o demos de Gamescom en Agosto del 2016) y considerarlos como prueba de progreso real es, como acabamos de ver, un riesgo muy serio. Cambiando de tema, y en tono un poco mas positivo, creo que es de rigor dar a CIG ahora que en teoría está cerca de lanzar la 3.0 un nuevo beneficio de la duda. Porque estoy seguro que tienen a mucha gente trabajando muy duro para lanzarla independiente de cual y cuando sea el resultado final.
  • goemon's Avatar
    Today, 2:36 PM · 5 replies and 21 views.
    goemon replied to a thread Lakon Type-9 Heavy Mining Type 9 in Ships of Elite
    ah, and i run g3 WEP distributor.
  • QA-Jonny's Avatar
    Today, 2:35 PM · 1 replies and 48 views.
    QA-Jonny replied to a thread [ED64 - 2.3.11] Rank up mission non existent in PC & Mac Bug Reports
    Hey Biohazard, where are you looking for your rank up missions as this will aid with our investigation? Thank you for reporting.
  • goemon's Avatar
    Today, 2:34 PM · 5 replies and 21 views.
    goemon replied to a thread Lakon Type-9 Heavy Mining Type 9 in Ships of Elite
    from my mining clipper i would say, you can run 3 medium mining lasers, but not sustained... still you can use the spare time to fire prospectors or micro manage the refinery. you are good with 10 collectors in that case. t9 has the best bridge in the game, which is a valid reason to run it as a miner. the industrial design adds to the flavour. other ships are better miners, but if you don't like them ... i run a mining corvette. wonderfull! but definetly nothing i'd rank for on my second or third account.
  • Ozric's Avatar
    Today, 2:29 PM · 124 replies and 2729 views.
    OK I'll have one last go then. So because I've been playing online games since TFC was released and have good enough hardware to manage to play FPS games with a ping of ~30ms and haven't experienced many issues with Elite, you're still maintaining that I don't know how online games work? Yes it is. And just because someone told you it was always a single player game, they're obviously correct... No they're not.
  • QA-Jonny's Avatar
    Today, 2:27 PM · 4 replies and 118 views.
    Hey drty, we are aware of this happening and it is under investigation. Thank you for reporting.
  • goemon's Avatar
    Today, 2:26 PM · 18 replies and 124 views.
    as there are quite some players active on both pc and one or even two of the two consoles, i don't think your assessment makes sense (so neither fair nor unfair ... logically ex falso sequitur quodlibet (EFQ))
  • Ozric's Avatar
    Today, 2:19 PM · 139 replies and 2774 views.
    Not really fussed by space legs to be honest, it can take as long as it needs to. Exploration mechanics are far, far more important!
  • goemon's Avatar
    Today, 2:17 PM · 6 replies and 142 views.
    goemon replied to a thread Medical Installations in Xbox One
    - you can scan the satellites :-) - one of the medical installations has salomes legacy as an audio log, which you can access via the ships data link scanner
  • goemon's Avatar
    Today, 2:15 PM · 1 replies and 16 views.
    - your nav panel (left hand) should show "unidentified signal source" and you can target it there - check your filters in left hand panel, if unidentified signal sources do not show up there
  • QA-Jonny's Avatar
    Today, 2:15 PM · 1 replies and 41 views.
    Hey mal_wilson, we are aware of this happening and it is under investigation. Thank you for reporting.
  • Ozric's Avatar
    Today, 2:09 PM · 124 replies and 2729 views.
    Yeah you're right. I mean racing around a station in an instance with 20+ Cmdrs and lots of NPCs is a walk in the park compared to 1 person pulling 1 other person out of SC and shooting them. Blinkered doesn't even begin to cover it. Sorry X<5% is standard by whose reckoning? Yours I imagine. FDev are ignoring the issues are they? So they've done nothing to improve and bolster the netcode? Are you sure it's not just the fact that you're ignoring the work they're doing and making similar threads/posts over the years for whatever reason that can't be described with words?
  • Viajero's Avatar
    Today, 2:04 PM · 1646 replies and 112774 views.
    La magia e inmersión del modelo 1:1 incluyendo mecánicas celestes. En muchos casos esos momentos y conjunciones son irrepetibles y únicos.
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