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  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 6:28 AM · 8445 replies and 606236 views.
    So, the mental gymnastics have started. They actually had me reading the announcement half a dozen times just to make sure i wasn't going crazy. They are saying because it says "one of" it doesn't mean the other two won't be there. I guess we will have to wait and see. Could be just bad wording. Was there no plan to have the main planet landable as well? For some reason i thought the plan was 1 planet and its 3 moons.
  • Agony_Aunt's Avatar
    Today, 5:32 AM · 8445 replies and 606236 views.
    Ah, here we go. Let's see what 3.0 will actually bring now compared to what they promised it would contain a few months back. The fun part then starts as we watch the fans do mental gymnastics in order to convince themselves this is all ok and what CIG planned all along. I suspect we will hear a lot of "Better CIG take their time and do things right rather than rush it" type comments. Here's another one... how do they square in their minds the whole "Its talking longer because they expanded the scope" when what they will be getting as part of 3.0 is less than was promised for 3.0 one year ago???
  • Kerrash's Avatar
    Today, 12:28 AM · 8445 replies and 606236 views.
    Must be all that extra fidelity bloating the network packets :p
  • Kerrash's Avatar
    Today, 12:27 AM · 9 replies and 82 views.
    Kerrash replied to a thread I like toast. in Off-Topic Discussion
    Don't forget the Spam
  • Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:50 PM · 108 replies and 8464 views.
    Revision to tier threshold estimate: T3: 8Mt; T4: 20Mt; T5: 40Mt.
  • drew's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:46 PM · 5 replies and 155 views.
    Very little has been written about socio-economics in the lore of ED actually. There are some technology primers that were made available to the writers, but they are still NDA protected at the moment unfortunately. Space ship ownership is probably best related to house ownership nowadays, possibly the biggest expense an individual is likely to incur. However the economics of today can't be directly compared. Spacepilots, as a % of the entire human population, are a relatively small segment, but the scale of human habitation makes them seem very significant. They're perhaps more akin to owner/driver white van merchants. Cheers, Drew.
  • drew's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:36 PM · 2 replies and 169 views.
    Frontier are beginning to augment the lore via the forums and on Galnet bit by bit, so my pages won't be updated beyond v2.4, I'm slowly retiring them. However, I think my hyperspace page is still pretty accurate. To answer the OP's questions. Yes, I'm pretty sure it's the same 'witchspace', ie. some sort of higher dimension that you're shortcutting through. You're also right that the new hyperdrives are more akin in function to the ones in the original Elite, though using different technology and vastly extended jump ranges. The original Elite drives were more technically advanced than the ones present in FE2/FFE, but their technology was lost in the collapse of Galcop - now just a footnote in history. Cheers, Drew.
  • Sir T.j's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:34 PM · 144 replies and 4059 views.
    Ok... This thread is a mine of "interesting information" wow... Let's get back on track folks... Wow...
  • Phoenix_Dfire's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:23 PM · 144 replies and 4059 views.
    That's your evidence? Oh don't make me laugh. Everyone who got the Lifetime pass knew it was for updates like Horizons and whatever is coming next. The cosmetics were never part of that.
  • Dale Emasiri's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:13 PM · 26 replies and 864 views.
    Kill a Thargoid? Well, you can try, but you might as well get inside the cage with 5 UFC heavyweights... it'd hurt less. You saw the cinematic, right? RIGHT!?
  • Dale Emasiri's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:03 PM · 29 replies and 938 views.
    I'm going to be putting some time into the CGs this weekend and am planning to split my time across both. Normally I would do this anyway and contribute as much as possible per CG. Sometimes I don't have the time for that, but this weekend is looking like I'll have some free time. :)
  • Kerrash's Avatar
    Yesterday, 5:18 PM · 8445 replies and 606236 views.
    Anyone who could put up with him and his poop for that long I would hire in an instant :P
  • GTuk's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:15 PM · 230 replies and 6754 views.
    Interesting. Source please?
  • Phoenix_Dfire's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:44 PM · 144 replies and 4059 views.
    Oh here we go again. Where is your 'evidence' for that one then?
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