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  • Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Today, 8:57 AM · 211 replies and 14309 views.
    Indeed - my main is working for Ms. Ryder and my Alt-CMDR is working for Palin.
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Today, 8:51 AM · 6 replies and 63 views.
    Welcome to the game OP. I suggest asking specific questions in the forum here .. which mission are you trying to complete? Have you completed but can't find where to hand in? (You do that on the Mission Board at the destination station). Reading around the subject - through manuals and websites - is a good idea too but sometimes one piece of advice can help the pennies to drop. The first mission you do will be the hardest to complete because learning curve. And there's no such thing as a silly question.
  • Kerrash's Avatar
    Today, 8:47 AM · 8574 replies and 617798 views.
    3.0? Pfft 3.1 is where it's at... Or at least it will be once 3.0 drops and it lacks 'x'
  • nosscar's Avatar
    Today, 8:27 AM · 108 replies and 3347 views.
    All i know is my experience from past updates, i do not assume to know what the developers future plans are, and as for your comment "I DO know that smart phones give lots of people a false sense of righteous knowledge." i do not even own a smart phone. My post is based on my concerns for the future of the game, and without constructive feedback from players, developers would never know how there player base feels about there decisions. And how can you even say "meaningless drivel form someone who knows nothing". I think my time here on the forums, my time in the game, following this project for over 3 yrs gives me bit more insight that someone who knows nothing.
  • Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Today, 8:20 AM · 152 replies and 14718 views.
    Current progress and participation tier reward estimate: Engineers Appeal - RyderTier 3T.4 (est)T.5 (est)ParticipantsTotal Top 1014,535,00026,163,00044,477,10010145.3 M Cr. Top 10%12,790,80023,023,44039,139,8485456.971 B Cr. Top 25%10,465,20018,837,36032,023,5128328.707 B Cr. Top 50%7,558,20013,604,76023,128,0921,38710.48 B Cr. Top 75%3,488,4006,279,12010,674,5041,3864.835 B Cr. Top 100%300,000400,000500,0001,387416.1 M Cr. Tier Total8,000,00020,000,00040,000,0005,54731.55 B Cr.
  • Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Today, 8:18 AM · 211 replies and 14309 views.
    Current progress and participation tier reward estimate: Engineers Appeal - PalinTier 3T.4 (est)T.5 (est)ParticipantsTotal Top 1014,535,00026,163,00044,477,10010145.3 M Cr. Top 10%12,790,80023,023,44039,139,8484525.781 B Cr. Top 25%10,465,20018,837,36032,023,5126947.263 B Cr. Top 50%7,558,20013,604,76023,128,0921,1558.730 B Cr. Top 75%3,488,4006,279,12010,674,5041,1564.033 B Cr. Top 100%300,000400,000500,0001,155346.5 M Cr. Tier Total8,000,00020,000,00040,000,0004,62226.29 B Cr.
  • drew's Avatar
    Today, 7:54 AM
    Folks, Having returned from my trip to Wagar's Reach to Colonia in my Cobra, I've managed to upgrade to an Asp Explorer. However, in order to make my ship as exploration proof as possible I ideally want a 5A frameshift drive. I've managed to find a 5B thus far (and everything else is D save for the powerplant and distributor.) Does anyone know if there is a 5A for sale anywhere in the Colonia region. Thought I'd check before I waste my time wandering around looking for it. My google fu has come up short. Cheers, Drew.
    6 replies and 95 views.
  • drew's Avatar
    Today, 7:40 AM · 13555 replies and 1429210 views.
    Fixed in the paperback, along with a bunch of typos and other inconsistencies. A revised version of the ebook will be available soon based on the revisions. Cheers, Drew.
  • drew's Avatar
    Today, 7:38 AM · 13555 replies and 1429210 views.
    Yes. Salomé had already been guaranteed political asylum in Colonia by arrangement beforehand. I intended to buckyball her out there as fast as I could. She would then try to corral the disaffected from that remote location. Can't say much more as I may still wish to use it (with obvious modifications!) Cheers, Drew. I still hope to do this, but the information isn't all in one doc (it's a mess across my filesystem at the moment) and it won't be a small job to assemble it into something readable. Unfortunately I'm already 3 months behind on work mostly because of Elite Dangerous, so it won't be any time soon I'm afraid due to other priorities.
  • GTuk's Avatar
    Today, 4:34 AM · 8574 replies and 617798 views.
    Thanks for the kind words :) Aye, it was a fun thread with plenty of nonsense being spouted :S That user is very emotional about Elite - in the past (s)he generally just dismissed it, the seemingly never-ending delays to 3.0 have really pushed them over the edge sanity-wise. A very zealous defender of Star Citizen, with apparently little interest in any other, lesser games. Btw, (s)he respectfully informs me that David Braben is a hack and the only reason Elite Dangerous is a success is because under David's instructions FDev copied all of Chris Roberts ideas. For this you have to understand that Elite, FE2 and FFE, were all just a figment of our imaginations of course. Yep, that's Angry_Pacifist. Now worry for their emotional state if Star Citizen doesn't turn out the way they hope/dream :O
  • Steve O B Have's Avatar
    Today, 12:30 AM · 108 replies and 3347 views.
    You're assuming without taking into account that perhaps there are multiple outcomes available to the scenario and the trigger outcomes can't all be exposed server side. Or for that matter since there is not a way to Beta test the Thargoids that they're releasing the stable aspect of the development, monitoring the progress and from there are better able to deliver the story arc. It's a little flippant to make a call like "they're making it up as they go along". Does anything Frontier do give you the impression that they just make crap up? To the contrary I think they've been very considered in their release process and very often allowed the player sentiment to drive it. It would be fairer to say that the development has been 'partially' organic and thankfully flexible within the confines of what is technologically possible at the time. We should be thankful that they're not just "making stuff up as they go along"... there's a really good example of what happens when developers do that "somewhere over...
  • Kerrash's Avatar
    Today, 12:14 AM · 8 replies and 127 views.
    Science. Always science. ;)
  • Kerrash's Avatar
    Today, 12:05 AM · 1 replies and 34 views.
    You should be able to hit the TAB key a few times to switch chat modes? Does that help?
  • Kerrash's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:01 PM · 8574 replies and 617798 views.
    News flash for Mr. Roberts. Game Dev is all about faking it! :D :P
  • Winterwalker's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:38 PM · 39 replies and 441 views.
    I disagree with this because you'd know - from the CG blurb - what you're signing up for and this CG may or may not be for you, so on and etc. so I'm a +1 on the OP and I think it'll come. I hope so. When a CG gets anti-CG players camped (they don't always) that's the time to call SDC as things stand right now imo - and get them to 'gank the gankers'. I think anti-CG play is a good thing in principle though .. it's justvolunteers to militarily hlep the CG to succeed are thin on the ground (are there no white knight PvPers?). So basicaly 3 concurrent CG's - (1) the CG, (2) kill the CG and (3) defend the CG. That's not negligible to program though .. (notably, the 2.4 pilots-federation-bounty mechanic, could allow Frontier to count relevant PvP kills for it, and it could be just a standard add to all CG's I think, imo, and technically speaking).
  • Kerrash's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:58 PM · 8574 replies and 617798 views.
    Yeah I guess you are right. I wonder who shot first though?
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