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  • henry1491's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:29 PM · 754 replies and 35865 views.
    Holy moly that is an impressive list. So much debt already. Wow. <...smiles politely and backs slowly from the room...>
  • henry1491's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:07 AM · 108 replies and 3581 views.
    So, you've been on the forum since 2016, and today is the first day that you realised that you need to quit the game to remain safe when AFK? Okay. Well, welcome to ED. Carry on, and thanks for posting.
  • Mobius's Avatar
    20/10/2017, 8:22 PM · 325 replies and 9330 views.
    I think everyone knows who these people are, and I've probably got most of them blocked, you find also find that the elite reddit sub is where you will find the rest of them.
  • henry1491's Avatar
    20/10/2017, 11:31 AM · 754 replies and 35865 views.
    "Let's limited the number of sales of this jpeg. And let's say the number is the number we can sell.... yeah, that's the kiddy..." It will have an introductory price of $850 and be in limited quantities. And let's not forget, it's an $850 'microtransation' in a $40 computer game that is not anywhere near completion. The sooner the dolphins, or bonoboes become our overlords the better.
  • henry1491's Avatar
    20/10/2017, 9:38 AM · 754 replies and 35865 views.
    Yup. I really cannot see a Microsoft type of rescue this time. CIG have already, very successfully, mined out much of their prospective market. So unless in the crash all debt to the players is wiped out, including the obligation to supply a computer game, then I don't see who will be buying any eventual end product. At the back of my mind too is whether what has been produced so far is worth* trying to recover to take forward. And if it's not then what is there to actually rescue? An overhyped dream with a mega tonne of imagineering underpinning it...? Buy an Idris, or at this point, anything. * by worth I mean worth the costs to fix all the bugs and issues and get some control and the engine and network all sorted . E.g. would it actually be cheaper in the long run to start all over. In which case ignore the toxic brand, hire the decent developers that you need, and build a game not haunted by CIG
  • henry1491's Avatar
    20/10/2017, 9:15 AM · 754 replies and 35865 views.
    Oh gosh. As for the posts by 'the agent', it would be amusing if in time it turns out that this was a real worker at CIG*, but until then, I'm afraid I don't believe a word of it. * I do hope it's not Erin sending smoke signals asking for help.....
  • jontycampbell's Avatar
    20/10/2017, 7:57 AM · 472 replies and 10836 views.
    Indeed, it's circular.
  • jontycampbell's Avatar
    20/10/2017, 2:26 AM · 521 replies and 15483 views.
    No, not at all, I do not accept that. Deacon was the first disabled superstar on children's TV to be treated normally, he was a smart man and I as a disabled man look back on his legacy and escapades with admiration: "In 1981, during the last year of his life , Joey Deacon was featured on the children's magazine programme Blue Peter for the International Year of the Disabled. He was presented as an example of a man who achieved a lot in spite of his disabilities."
  • jontycampbell's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 11:54 PM · 521 replies and 15483 views.
    Are you Joey Deacon?
  • henry1491's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 10:48 PM · 754 replies and 35865 views.
    Have some rep, this gave me a good chuckle!
  • henry1491's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 10:45 PM · 754 replies and 35865 views.
    Oooh sounds super good. Will it punch above or below its boyency, do we know yet?
  • henry1491's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 10:35 PM · 118 replies and 4139 views.
    Ooooh goody goody can I volunteer? Pwease!!!!! I know a bit of BBC BASIC and I'm wizard stuff with crayons... sometimes I can even stay within the lines!
  • jontycampbell's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 2:59 AM · 23 replies and 1242 views.
    Thargs require cool to cold environs. Flower Thargs and Retro Thargs may differ.
  • jontycampbell's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 2:57 AM · 132 replies and 2679 views.
    Yes the "Git Gud" folks seem to be missing a trick it seems to me: I'd argue that ED is like Chess, in that it is good practice to help out others novice to the game to get the most from it, as gunning after absolute beginners for the sake of it is a hollow victory in which you learn little.
  • jontycampbell's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 2:53 AM · 521 replies and 15483 views.
    You know mate, that is exactly my sentiment. I backed SC with much excitement on the back of ED, yet, now, with a heavy heart I fear Derek Smart was right and Chris Roberts bit off more than he could chew. I do not think SC will ever see the light of day, but it's nothing compared to the £120 I invesrted in PopSlate 2. Anyway, sorry...that's a bit of a tangent to the OP...carry on chaps.
  • jontycampbell's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 2:42 AM · 27 replies and 576 views.
    Guys, you know you just posted two big blank black posts? (Am using Opera latest Browser if that helps) Regan had Alzheimer's.
  • jontycampbell's Avatar
    19/10/2017, 2:40 AM · 132 replies and 2679 views.
    My bad, yes. I meant Mobius & Fozza are PvE areas that are essentially PvE with humans and NPCs
  • henry1491's Avatar
    18/10/2017, 1:42 PM · 754 replies and 35865 views.
    Yup that's the nail hit firmly on the head. I didn't back SC as I remembered some of Chris Roberts history, and oddly the 'upset' with Kevin Costner. Can't remember birthdays or names, but random tidbits, easy peasy!
  • henry1491's Avatar
    18/10/2017, 12:39 PM · 754 replies and 35865 views.
    Pretty much my feelings tbh. They are showing progress, but it seems horribly slow and not yet to be of merchantable quality. I suppose if allowed to run its full course something may arrive that is worth review. It's just I may not be around to see it. What's that expression about not going bust trying to understand guilable customers? This is the nub for me, can CIG survive long enough to finally deliver a coherent and playable game. I honestly hope they do, and I hope their fans and backers feel satisfied with what they get, just please no more 'being part of the journey has been worth the money' sentiment. It's a flipping computer game not a Rolling Stones world tour!
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    Thanks for the rep ! Commander

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    Thanks for the Rep Cmdr.
    Keep up them good posts.
    Fly safe
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    Thanks Commander

    Fly safe
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    Thanks for the rep mate
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    Cheers for the rep and the kind words regarding the screenshots, much appreciated.
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    If I ever change my signature file, I might just have to use that for quote
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    Thanks for the +Rep. Glad you like the Space Cow
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    Thank You So Much My Friend For Your Help Once Again I Really Appreciate it
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    I Commander Dave You Helped once before with loading issues all sorted now playing the game And loving every bit of it. I Am Now In A Cobra III So Now I Want to Ask. Say if I Am In Chango Dock and I want to go to blog I know its to far and I know I have to jump to certain points and refuel as I go But It's Never On My Navi Panel. So I cant find it Could You Please Tell Me How You Navigate. Thanks
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