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  • henry1491's Avatar
    Today, 4:12 PM · 16 replies and 228 views.
    I was confused for just a moment. Then I found my towel! And welcome both to the forum!
  • Mobius's Avatar
    Today, 4:05 AM · 243 replies and 12458 views.
    I felt the need to post this announcement here as not everyone checks the groups sub forum and between facebook and our forums we would only reach 15,000 members. it's only because our group has the largest in game membership that a more public annoucment was needed to inform cmdrs of our group policy change. the only other way to reach every member of our group would be for frontier to announce it in a news letter and I cant see frontier doing that.
  • henry1491's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:32 PM · 8408 replies and 603629 views.
    pathetic - all of this utter futility - sad and empty
  • Mobius's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:26 PM · 243 replies and 12458 views.
    Wise words, but in truth there is no conflict between the pvp and pve community, what I find is that the majority of pvp players couldn't give two monkeys what our group gets upto, the conflict that appears on here and the likes of reddit are just a tiny but very loud minority, I would say that there are less than 400 players who are adverse to a private group of pve players.
  • Mobius's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:41 PM · 243 replies and 12458 views.
    if frontier gave us the tools for private groups I would be the first to implement a pvp policy. it was discussed in the design decision forums about groups but frontier cant be .
  • Mobius's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:52 PM · 243 replies and 12458 views.
    No, the idea of allowing pvp in a CZ was because players could accidently shoot another player and we would have to deal with the reports of players being attacked. but over the years players have interpreted our group policy for their own needs and justifying their reason for pvp. changing our group policy to zero pvp means that any player breaking the pvp rule will get blocked and kicked.
  • Mobius's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:39 PM · 243 replies and 12458 views.
    there are many groups, the original Mobius group is currently full so no longer taking join requests. Mobius Eurasia has taken over for those wanting to join the Euro zone and now includes the asia time zones Mobius PVE is our us branch and that will be closing soon as that is almost full but we have a new group in standby for when that gets full. Mobius factions is our group for those wanting to support the two Mobius player factions in game, members can request dual membership with this group. then we have a several xbox groups and a PS4 group.
  • Mobius's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:13 PM
    Posting this here as this affects over 40,000 commanders and every member needs to be informed of our groups new policy, We have had to make this change to our Conflict zone pvp rule because we have found that some players are just joining our group to pvp. The Mobius Community will now be a pure PVE environment for our members.
    243 replies and 12458 views.
  • henry1491's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:06 PM · 8408 replies and 603629 views.
    There once was a man name of Roberts, Whose imagination bounced round like a hobbit's. One day sayeth he, I'll re-invent the PC. And here we sit, getting bored, patently.
  • henry1491's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:16 PM · 8408 replies and 603629 views.
    Nah, Firefly fans are easy to spot as they look wistfully sad, imagining what might have been if only their dreams had been realised. The Citenistas fizz with excited fervour and zeal, imagining what might have been if only their dreams had been realised... Okay... you might have a point here....
  • henry1491's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:00 PM · 500 replies and 72861 views.
    I broadly agree. The only exception being the Keelback, which to my mind, given it's supposed to be more combat oriented, feels way too exposed. I'd much rather have the Apache or Cobra attack helicopter "pilot's tub" feeling I get in the DBS.
  • henry1491's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:49 PM · 8408 replies and 603629 views.
    I'm with you on that 100%. Even stronger pet hates I have being 'very unique', and 'straightaway' (for the main straight on a racing circuit). Both make me shudder! E. Gawd help anyone telling me about 'a very unique straightway found in the verse'. There's not a court in the land would convict me. Assuming they find the body. ...
  • henry1491's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:39 PM · 36 replies and 660 views.
    Err, sorry to head back on-topic, but I've had my '£can't remember but cheap' Thrustmaster T-flight X since way before original beta. It's got just enough buttons, especially if you use one as to double the uses of the others, and the quality is slap-bang in the middle of decent. It's still going strong, the only signs of wear being the button printing is getting worn away and the centre indent for throttle 'zero' is a little less crisp than it used to be. Sorry to hear the OP's tale of woe. Full disclosure - I am retired from IT, and now struggles to use an Android phone - ymmv.
  • henry1491's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:07 PM · 8408 replies and 603629 views.
    He makes some very telling points very calmly, with CIG having the community it seemed to want. Exactly!
  • henry1491's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:02 PM · 50 replies and 2170 views.
    As always a fun and well made video with some good points, and I completely agree the support team do an absolutely brilliant job. Thanks for taking the time to make and post the video.
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    Thanks for the rep ! Commander

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    Thanks for the Rep Cmdr.
    Keep up them good posts.
    Fly safe
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    Thanks Commander

    Fly safe
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    Thanks for the rep mate
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    Cheers for the rep and the kind words regarding the screenshots, much appreciated.
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    If I ever change my signature file, I might just have to use that for quote
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    Thanks for the +Rep. Glad you like the Space Cow
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    Thank You So Much My Friend For Your Help Once Again I Really Appreciate it
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    I Commander Dave You Helped once before with loading issues all sorted now playing the game And loving every bit of it. I Am Now In A Cobra III So Now I Want to Ask. Say if I Am In Chango Dock and I want to go to blog I know its to far and I know I have to jump to certain points and refuel as I go But It's Never On My Navi Panel. So I cant find it Could You Please Tell Me How You Navigate. Thanks
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