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    Today, 12:01 AM · 7 replies and 160 views.
    We will know what the T10 is when we get her. I could ventilate a few fantasies, but what would be the point?
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    Yesterday, 3:20 PM · 46 replies and 1888 views.
    I feel that eventually Horizons should get integrated with the base game as one single edition. I think that will happen eventually, but when? Who knows.
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    Yesterday, 1:40 PM · 17 replies and 423 views.
    You are crazy. :) I'd rep you again if I could.
  • Iskariot's Avatar
    Yesterday, 1:35 PM · 2 replies and 48 views.
    That stuff is planned, but it is a lot of work to get it right. All ships have been designed with walking around their interiors in mind. I don't expect this feature to arrive soon though. You can already leave your ship in the SRV (if you have Horizons), which is pretty cool.
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    Yesterday, 10:53 AM · 5 replies and 106 views.
    Oh, give the man 5 credits :).
  • Iskariot's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:39 AM · 58 replies and 1422 views.
    There are games who have the option to change HUD colours, but you said "since changing the UI color is an option in pretty much every other online game I've ever played". In the context of the thread this suggested to me that the vast majority of the games had that option. That is not at all my experience. It is not a very common option and I can therefore understand that FD might not have initially considered implementing the option at all. The fact that they listened to us and gave us a temporary workaround to change HUD colours is very nice of them and the fact that they intend to implement a more robust system eventually is very commendable.
  • Iskariot's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:27 AM · 58 replies and 1422 views.
    Really? You must be playing none of the games I play then, because almost none of them have that option. I have a Steam library of 200+ games, A UPlay library of 20+ games and a Origin Library of 20+ games.
  • Iskariot's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:24 AM · 58 replies and 1422 views.
    I do not expect that, to be honest, but who knows. Some have made a good point why FD should not ask money for it. On the other hand it is an optional cosmetic feature and therefore might be a good way to generate revenue. I personally would pay without complaint for the feature, because it would support my beloved ED project. It depends on what they would ask for it of course.
  • Iskariot's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:09 AM · 106 replies and 3199 views.
    I do not see what is your problem. It never was ALL CG's. CG's are there for those who want to participate in them. I like them, but I have only participated in three of them, because I have been busy with other stuff too. CG's are a good way to get people to come together, do a bit of PVP or coop or partake on your own. I think CG's are great, but if I don't feel like taking part I just don't. CG's are a worthwhile addition to the game. If you have a problem with CG's you can simply ignore them.
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    Yesterday, 10:01 AM · 29 replies and 512 views.
    I agree. The engineers mechanic has it's flaws, but in general I love it. I was never against the RNG part of the engineers. I feel RNG is perfectly ok, but perhaps it should have been presented somewhat differently to avoid the roulette atmosphere that currently hangs over it. Things that I think need improvement: - Once a cmdr has gotten full access to an engineer by fulfilling the initial requirements he should also be able to view all the blueprints from wherever he is. The blueprint database of an engineer should be downloaded to the cmdrs personal database and he should also be able to pin a blueprint of choice where ever he is. The way this is currently implemented is stifling gameplay and is not flexible enough. - Engineer commodities have currently been removed, but when they return we should be able to store them at an engineer, so we don't have to constantly schlepp them around as this suffocates game play too much. I proposed the introduction of something like an engineers commodity,...
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