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  • Ozric's Avatar
    Today, 4:07 PM · 87 replies and 7380 views.
    I would be amazed if there's anything space based in the Hind Nebula, considering the Asteroid Base there the system has been visited a lot this last year.
  • Ozric's Avatar
    Today, 2:34 PM · 28 replies and 1141 views.
    Ozric replied to a thread No 5th Aegis CG in Aliens
    Good. If you can defend and counter all the weapons they have, then it makes the whole thing rather pointless. They should be a challenge if you want to try and fight them. I don't think we'll be getting a way of following their wakes anytime soon, or probably, anytime.
  • Ozric's Avatar
    Today, 2:12 PM · 964 replies and 85502 views.
    Ozric replied to a thread INRA Base Discoveries in Aliens
    Well it's hard as they're 218Mb each :p However this is a crop of one and if you zoom right in you'll notice how the metal fixings don't lose any quality, but the writing's already blurred. I can't see anything behind the writing though, maybe it's cause the lighting's different but I don't think so. Click the picture to get a fullscreen version.
  • Ozric's Avatar
    Today, 1:48 PM · 964 replies and 85502 views.
    Ozric replied to a thread INRA Base Discoveries in Aliens
    I doubt you'll get them to be honest, the writing is deliberately blurred. I take my screenshots at 6k resolution and you still can't read what they say. I only managed to make out water and coffee beans when I first posted that picture, didn't notice toilet roll, but I'm glad they had some at least :D
  • Ozric's Avatar
    Today, 1:18 PM · 87 replies and 7380 views.
    A last defiant line of defence, in a battle against overwhelming odds, where the invaders are halted by a virus... I know where my money is :D
  • Mysturji's Avatar
    Today, 2:09 AM · 472 replies and 10777 views.
    tl;dr I presume you mean "Let us pay real money for big ships instead of grinding for the rank"? No.
  • Mysturji's Avatar
    Today, 2:05 AM · 73 replies and 938 views.
    A T7 is a cardboard coffin. Bought one, hated it, died so many times I'm not even sure I made any money from it. Seriously, buy an Asp and save for a Python. Still my favourite all-round ship.
  • Mysturji's Avatar
    Today, 2:02 AM · 8 replies and 283 views.
    Not alone, but at least you can run away faster.
  • Mysturji's Avatar
    Today, 1:59 AM · 76 replies and 1537 views.
    ^This, pretty much.^ Once you can afford the rebuys and have engineered your fleet, that is. It make the game so much more exciting. Until then, get the credits. Me neither, but I still prefer Open, from day one (except when Engineers became a thing, then Mobius was my thing.) When I came back to Open... Adrenaline rush! :D That too. That too. Play your game how you want to. but consider open when you can afford it. It's so much more fun! :)
  • Mysturji's Avatar
    Today, 1:51 AM · 98 replies and 3072 views.
  • Mysturji's Avatar
    Today, 1:47 AM · 166 replies and 4900 views.
    Because there's no such thing as a CZ or a HI-REZ Boo-effing-hoo. Go shoot something.
  • Mysturji's Avatar
    Today, 1:44 AM · 19 replies and 268 views.
    I've been playing since Premium Beta. In Gamma, before multi-jump routes were a thing, I headed out for Cygnus X-1. One. Jump. At. A. Time. 1500+. Light Years.
  • Mysturji's Avatar
    Today, 1:35 AM · 98 replies and 3072 views.
    *snork* Pause. Yeah. Right. Lesson learned. PS. What's an Albatross?
  • Mysturji's Avatar
    Today, 1:33 AM · 20 replies and 343 views.
    Mysturji replied to a thread I made it! in Exploration
    On the way back, use the Neutron route plotter thingy. You'll make > hundreds of millions.
  • wstephenson's Avatar
    Today, 12:39 AM · 1 replies and 46 views.
    Can confirm. I was chasing this with Support (Ticket 00000191205). With 5.1/7.1 devices, the only signal on the sub/lfe channel is FSD enter/leave. You can check this by opening the WAV file further down in Audacity and muting all channels apart from 4. If your headphones are decent, you'll just hear a soft 'whomp' at 1:14 and again a bit later. Post-process the game's other channels onto to sub/lfe and run a low pass filter over it and the sub comes back to life. Copied from the last update to the ticket: "Based on the observation that with a default stereo device and the sub or buttkicker connected to that, the sub activates appropriately throughout gameplay, I observe that the sub 200Hz frequencies they need are present in the game
  • wstephenson's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:27 PM · 73 replies and 2409 views.
    I wonder if it's a regression? I had a buckshee 5.1 setup going maybe last year, with 3 different sets of powered speakers and my old sub all plugged into my sound card and couldn't get the sub to work, but blamed it on Realtek. This was probably in the 2.1, 2.2 timeframe. Anyway I'm going to set up a stereo setup as Frank_G describes and actually play the game a bit tonight, instead of looking at spectrum analysers. Glad I could enlighten you - perhaps playing with 2.1 and proper bass will be a refreshing change from surround!
  • wstephenson's Avatar
    Yesterday, 8:00 PM · 73 replies and 2409 views.
    Globusdiablo, the above would be a software workaround to get 5 channel surround and the low bass stuff back in the .1. I haven't used this software. I'm still thinking how I would do it with VoiceMeeter.
  • wstephenson's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:03 PM · 73 replies and 2409 views.
    Yes, it's a choice between Enable and Disable. You would have thought that enabling it would reduce eg a 7.1 output to 2.0, but no, the same channels are still active. Perhaps it only affects front left and right channels, perhaps it mixes the other channels onto them but leaves the original content there. Hard to prove. I have . By Full Range off, I mean Normal :). But that will spoil your surround. Any chance you can force this cross-mix and filter to LFE/sub behaviour (that I am doing in software) while keeping the other 5.0 inputs and outputs the same?
  • wstephenson's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:25 PM · 73 replies and 2409 views.
    So since Herbrand has excused themselves, would you or anyone else be interested in some fieldwork gathering multichannel recordings of Elite output? I can't offer much besides forum Reputation as I'm clean out of Modular Terminals... No particular equipment needed, just a little time. In Elite, set Audio to DTS; Headphone X off and Full Range off Install VoiceMeeter Banana and run it Set 'VoiceMeeter Input' as the default windows audio device In Windows playback devices, 'Configure' Voicemeeter Input and set it to 7.1, all channels, no Full Range speakers In VoiceMeeter, set output A1 (above the tape deck) to your usual windows default audio device Right click the tape deck to open recording properties Click the Post Fade/BUS A1 radio button to record what's going to that output
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    Thanks very much for the rep ! Commander

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    Thanks for the rep ! Commander

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