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  • Wasp0's Avatar
    Today, 3:00 PM · 38 replies and 533 views.
    You are on to a losers here mate, give up now, you can argue your heart's content out but if this did happen, you would be in a Galaxy on your own.
  • Wasp0's Avatar
    Today, 2:45 PM · 38 replies and 533 views.
    No I don't but if it took me 100 hours to lay one Egg, then i would be bloody angry if i dropped it and and all the king's horses and all the king's men could not put me egg back together again I have no idea where this conversation is going ;)
  • Wasp0's Avatar
    Today, 12:37 PM · 38 replies and 533 views.
    If you persist with your suggestion you will open the way for a 99% increase in Combat Logging, and even I, the staunchest supporter of castrating current combat loggers, would contemplate CL if i knew i would lose my ship with ALL that hard earned, grinded, engineering Mods. I shudder to think of the hours put into modding my ships. Perhaps i better have some of that stuff you are smokin to ease the pain of me thinking about losing my engineered mods.., I shudder!!
  • Wasp0's Avatar
    Today, 12:00 PM · 38 replies and 533 views.
    Are you mad, drunk, smoking something or all 3? I think you may well be in the smallest minority ever recorded with your suggestion. Stop whatever you are administering to yourself, have a cup of tea and a lie down, then come back to the forum with something useful.
  • Wasp0's Avatar
    Today, 11:19 AM · 47 replies and 1971 views.
    OP, good luck in your hunt. One thing i ask is.....VIDEO it PLEASE!
  • Wasp0's Avatar
    Today, 8:42 AM · 8 replies and 234 views.
    Use EDDI to read your Journal (Log Files). it will give you quite a bit of info into what perhaps might have gone wrong. Defo sounds iffy Mike, and your next task is a bug report and contact Cust Services about perhaps getting your conda back + Credits Good luck
  • Wasp0's Avatar
    Today, 8:37 AM · 637 replies and 28631 views.
    Zac's post was most welcome to the community, perhaps 2 to 3 weeks to late, but none-the-less still most welcome. Thank you Ant for making your video on this, and perhaps this was the catalyst for getting zac out of Hibernation.
  • Wasp0's Avatar
    Today, 8:21 AM · 20 replies and 464 views.
    I'll go against the trend and say Long Range, but this is on my FDL (Huge Slot), if i had more PA's loaded, then i would say the 'E' Word!
  • Wasp0's Avatar
    Yesterday, 4:47 PM · 38 replies and 974 views.
    I really don't care as it is not affecting my game play, when it does, i'll care a bit more. ( I do not use it) Other whiners should follow the same ethos.
  • Wasp0's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:22 PM · 69 replies and 2334 views.
    And they say 'Silence is Golden'.................. Yeah right!!
  • Wasp0's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:21 PM · 12 replies and 287 views.
    That looks good fun Marc, will try find one of those missions and give this a go. Must admit i have not done any of these Attack/scan the settlements mission. It seems i am missing something.
  • Wasp0's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:46 AM · 13 replies and 310 views.
    Thanks guys for your input, there seems to be no real CONCRETE way to do this, everyone has their way of doing it and everyone see's their own improvement. I wish it was more Black and White, like defo HMD (Or SS) increases made the plainly noticeable difference in quality. Oh Well back to the experimenting! I hung onto my Rift whilst waiting for the 1080Ti to drop onto my doormat, and gonna start the experimenting tonight. I just wish for the dumb noobs out here there was a simplistic one tick box or slider instead of a whole heap of settings, some of which i know not what they do. Oh well headset on and lets tinker! Thanks anyhow for your input and i have repped you all.
  • Wasp0's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:24 AM · 160 replies and 6376 views.
    Yes he is good at interviews, but the questions posed to him are scripted and pre-planned (I suspect, but have no concrete evidence). He is also good at avoiding the REAL question when he does his 'Ask me anything' on Reddit. Get an independent interviewer to conduct this interview and ask him the pertinent questions and keep asking them until he answers. Paxman, what are you doing for the E3 show period??????
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    I aim to please
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    Thanks for the rep again Commander
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    Thanks for the rep mate - hope to see you out in some flavour of 'the big black' sometime :-)
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    I'm only a dream in a summer morning... and not max

    But thank you anyway xD
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    Thanks man!
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    Thank you for the rep CMDR!
    Safe & fun adventures in space
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    Thank you for the Rep Cmdr
    Fly safe
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    Thanks for the rep, Commander Retired
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    Thanks for the rep and I'm glad I reminded you about the books.
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    Thank you. :-)
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