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  • Ben Ryder's Avatar
    Today, 4:36 PM · 107 replies and 2441 views.
    No one is telling you you have to Engineer anything. People without Horizons get along fine. NPCs dont have stacks of Engineered stuffs. I think teh joy has gone out of teh gae for you becasu eyou want the bets gear in teh game rather than playing for the best experience. If you were having fun withouht doing engineering just do that. Good luck and I hope you find something tto put a smile on your face. I hope this picture cheers you up I lieked it before engineering and since engineering I liek it just as much. So I ignore engineering and carry enjoying it. I guess when I have a meal and there's something in it I dont like (like a dodgy looking prawn) I put it to teh side of my plate and ignore it and tuck in to the rest :D
  • Memnoch's Avatar
    Today, 11:44 AM · 109 replies and 5603 views.
    Memnoch replied to a thread X series in General Gaming Discussion
    You are entitled to your opinion of course, and we'll see what Egosoft do with this particular title. I don't have any faith in them after Rebirth. All that remains to be seen is whether they learned anything from that disaster. But I do credit them with being the company that cured me of pre-ordering. I post on there as well and have been very critical of them there as well. I've seen people affiliated with ES try and stomp on stuff on other forums like Steam where that won't wash and they don't have a free hand like they do on their own forums. They can't silence criticism so readily. All that being said I am looking forward to X4. But you'd have to be crazy to preorder this one. I don't really believe a word they say and will only believe what I see with my own eyes or from someone who gets early access that I trust. For me there couldn't be anyone other than Mack. His Worth A Buy of Rebirth was spot on. And as I mentioned on the Egosoft forums it...
  • Memnoch's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:17 PM · 2 replies and 108 views.
    I'm guessing this is your channel that you're promoting.
  • Memnoch's Avatar
    Yesterday, 7:33 PM · 109 replies and 5603 views.
    Memnoch replied to a thread X series in General Gaming Discussion
    I'm so glad that we can finally refund games now on Steam. I have to wonder what tricks Egosoft will engage in to drag out that initial 2 hour period. Anything activity that is enforced, forced walking sections, unskippable cutscenes etc. Anything to soak up as much of that 2 hours before you get to the gameplay and the game is finally up. I'm not saying the game will be bad, just that some developers seem to have gone out of their way to ensure you use up as much of that 2 hour period on anything but gameplay.
  • Ben Ryder's Avatar
    Yesterday, 3:14 PM · 24 replies and 915 views.
    Thanks for the warning.
  • Ben Ryder's Avatar
    Yesterday, 2:59 PM · 12 replies and 545 views.
    A bit old but might be of intereste to some. Why pledge to Pranav Antal? (self.EliteAntal) submitted 1 year ago * by cdca Simguru Pranav Antal is the leader of the Utopia movement, an organisation of scientists, engineers and spiritualists dedicated to improving society through technology and radical social engineering. His ideals of cooperation and innovation are reflected in our community. We're dedicated to supporting our community members and ensuring everyone can help in a way they find fun, whether they're Harmless or Elite. It doesn't hurt that our pledges get bonuses to smuggling, government manipulation and bounty hunting! ACTIVE AND FRIENDLY COMMUNITY Our subreddit is one of the most active and organised Powerplay communities, but small enough that you can make your voice heard and really make a difference. We give clear objectives each week, but get them from the combined input of all our members.
  • Erimus's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:32 AM · 237 replies and 9896 views.
    Agreed. Planetary surfaces are an untapped wealth of potential interesting gameplay like that :) Rewards associated with the risks taken is where its at (I'm oldschool though :D). One trick FD missed (imho) was putting rare elements like Polonioum and Ytrrium in challenging environments instead of what they did, which was to make it spawn willy nilly anywhere but with the random spawn generator turned down. Instead imagine if those rarities only spawned in deep ravines, or high-G worlds, or in challenging terrain like steep mountain ranges. That's an incentive to seek out those kinds of worlds - thus gives exploration and prospecting a purpose to chart those worlds (emergent gameplay right there!) - but crucially you shouldn't be at the mercy of the random number generator to get your reward. Explore the challenging recesses of a world and you're rewarded with rare elements when you get there in your SRV. To me that's more interesting gameplay than mode switching on a featureless surface and waiting...
  • Erimus's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:14 AM · 237 replies and 9896 views.
    One other issue for the Fdevs if they're still following this thread, Elite exploration has had a lot of convenient perks added over time, which is fine if balanced against risks. This was already a simplistic playstyle, so adding QoL perks without a counter balance just compounds the problem of eventual tedium and burn out imho.. Whereas risk keeps you on your toes and challenges the player. New features, like longer range FSDs, star filters, hull repair limpets, route plotters, are fine but there maybe should have been an equal number of risky or challenging gameplay content introduced to offset the risk vs reward balance that most games strive to aim for. In ED, specifically when it comes to exploration and travel, its all been heavily biased toward reward, and not a sniff of any risk introduced at all. Neutron travel being the one exception, which is completely optional anyway. But that addition was a step in the right direction because it added a perk and a different way to get about, but with a...
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    Thanks very much for the rep ! Commander Memnoch !

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    Lol at you mes. in recent thread about exploiters, so true : Windows support ask them about it
    + rep
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    Hi Memnoch!

    Yeah, really sad about it to be honest - I wasn't after a refund for anything I'd 'used' or downloaded, but principles DO matter...

    FD have essentially told me "You can have 50 of your 240 back, now clear off", so I either cave in, take a 190 hit or do something about it.

    Much as I DO like the game, FD's attitude stinks, so it's going to be the latter.

    Cheers, and fly safe!
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    Thanks for the rep ! Commander !

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    Thanks for thc rep, can rarely resist such a sitter!
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    Cheers for the Rep, and congrats on your pending forum Eliteness.
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    Since you like freshly ground (which is very important) coffee, I wonder if you have tried HasBean, who ship coffee on the day they roast it.
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    Thanks for the rep
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    I'm looking to up my PC's memory from 4GB (2x2GB) Corsair Dominator and notice from your signature that you have 12GB Corsair Dominator. Does the "12" mean you upgraded from 4 by adding 8? If my wild assumptions are correct, can I ask how well that worked out? Dominator is very hard to find, so I am looking at Vengeance with the same 4-4-4-24 timings.
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    the worst thing about it is that even a grumpy old git like me can't complain....its people celebrating!
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