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    Today, 9:34 AM · 296 replies and 9712 views.
    Noted. Absolutely. However there's doing a thing, and doing a thing well. The latter is notoriously hard. Player economies are one such example. They are notoriously hard. And often, often are just an utter wasteland of garbage, despite countless, countless hours of effort. I'd prefer the developer spends time improving the things they can do well, where there is established example showing they can do that well, so there is a better framework and foundation for such a thing as a player economy, to rest on.
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    Today, 9:18 AM · 296 replies and 9712 views.
    I never said that; don't misquote me. You've massively oversimplified and completely ignored what I said, and rolled over the response with a completely unrelated supposition; which is that the community isn't at all across the issues player economies raise, nor can it grapple with the various ways things can be done (endless forum posts illustrate this, on an almost daily basis) - and instead promote supposition that this is saying "let the game stagnate" instead. Which is, well, I don't even know where to start with that. No? Yeah no. Let's assume for a moment what I said was "I don't believe the developer is able to, at this time, create and manage a player based economy, nor do I believe the player base is at all prepared for the consequences"; because this is essentially what I said. So, now that we know what I said, because I've repeated it to make sure it's quite clear what I said, let's agree to disagree. Fly safe.
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    Today, 9:05 AM · 296 replies and 9712 views.
    Yep. Sandy has mentioned this a couple times now I think; to me it's a no brainer and really good quality of life improvement; if there's a 'cost' or 'loss' basis where you trade say two rares, for a single and so on (so it's like-for-like, rare for rare, or common for common) then this still rewards the effort to collect, regardless of the materials in question, as they can be traded, rather than just dumped. -- Given this comes up time and time again, adding 'credits' to the mix (so outright buy/ sell) then this would automatically increase the upwards pressure on credit acquisition; and billionaires (like myself) can just forever buy crap and never have to collect again. I'm happy to save a little time as much as the next person, but that would be a genuine garbage outcome.
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    Today, 8:52 AM · 296 replies and 9712 views.
    Hang on; you agree, but then complain that people are playing the game in a way that's exploiting mechanics; this is very different to exploiting the client (which means a hack or other ToS violation) - never mind that Frontier has absolutely clamped down on such events previously. Regardless, my comment stands; community cannot cope with multiple approaches to game mechanics, as is; ergo it's never going to cope with a player economy. Because it's still hung up over the very basics, still! Says the person who is happy to ignore how people play in one breath (materials) and yet has a massive problem with how people play in another breath (mission stacking, mode switching, et-all) or 'cheesing' situations for profit (be it modules, or profits). Frontier are going to, forever, have this issue that a portion of the player base will find ways to cheese mechanics; player economies monitise that outcome. Like I said; the player base cannot stand that there are multiple ways to do a thing as it is; a...
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    Today, 8:43 AM · 28 replies and 782 views.
    kofeyh replied to a thread Dear Frontier in Dangerous Discussion
    Actually Orca should have been medium. It wasn't, because Frontier's idea of consistency is as confusing as it is comical. ;)
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    Today, 8:12 AM · 296 replies and 9712 views.
    Frontier's approach of a materials agent, for trading, wasn't a bad solution; allows for trading, just not between players. Because this is the bit that creates mass exploitation. As soon as an 'economy' exists between players, it starts. And saying "well we won't know if we don't try" ignores the very established pattern that in virtually every instance this is enabled, it happens. As soon as the game introduces a way to profit directly from mechanics, people will. Automatically. Because they can. Because this is how the world works. If there is money to be made from a thing, then there will be. Pretending Elite would be any different, is farcical. Frontier may be many things; and the lack of trading of certain things may be irksome, it has however stalled the inevitable account farming, theft and so on that player economies have. When something is a very well established pattern, it's exceedingly wise to consider that pattern. Eleventy developers have tumbled down the same stairs, all in a...
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    Today, 8:06 AM · 296 replies and 9712 views.
    Quite a lot of things; being about to trade with players because I can't be bothered, and opting out of paying for cosmetics, probably aren't on my top 5, to be fair. Player trading is grand, as long as it actually works as intended, in most any MMO I've ever played, and I've played quite a few, player trading == gold farming. Always. Without exception. Never mind account farming. I'd rather Frontier find more useful ways to allow trade, without it descending into the usual farce. And don't say "that'd never happen". It always does. Always. As soon as there is a financial incentive, it happens.
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    Today, 6:57 AM · 3 replies and 118 views.
  • kofeyh's Avatar
    Today, 4:44 AM · 133 replies and 3862 views.
    Go watch youtube PVP, where the extreme is most noticeable. It's 15+ minutes of ammo trade. Then one or both sides reload with synthesis and it's another 10 minutes of banging away until something finally gives. But it's not just PVP. I sat in a CZ yesterday in a corvette and the reason others ended up leaving fairly frequently, was ammo. Because in CZ, AI actually roll with some modifications, and it's just the stereotypical bullet sponge at this point where ammo based weapons essentially deplete way way faster than the target does. I'm not suggesting there shouldn't be limits for ammo based weapons. There absolutely should be. But the balance is out. I spent a couple days prior in a clipper; I was endlessly tripping back to the station to reload. And this is in a system full of commanders in those CZ working on the community goal. I returned with the corvette, not because I particularly wanted to use the corvette, but because endlessly leaving the CZ to reload was just a chore. Shooting half the ammo...
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    Today, 4:22 AM · 126 replies and 14736 views.
    kofeyh replied to a thread [PLEASE READ] Powerplay 2.4 Un-Pledge Notice in News and Updates
    What I find amazing is so many powerplay people haven't, for a very long time, and are all currently exploring, out of nowhere. Who knew? ;) If the game could simply ask commanders to re-validate their powerplay membership, then surely this would solve the vast majority of complaints. I'm quite quite sure this is non-zero time investment from Frontier, but probably pales to the time the support team are going to get slammed with as a consequence. Particularly, apparently, from literally every powerplay person who are all currently exploring, hundreds of thousands of them. "This is an important announcement from <insert faction here>, we're calling on ALL commanders to stand by the flag and rally to the cause, there are greater threats both new and old and we need your commitment. Do you answer the call, commander?" - Y/N Sorted. Doesn't matter if you are a filthy module tourist, part of the literal entirety of the powerplay base that are all exploring at the same time, or some other 'reason' why...
  • EvE4evah's Avatar
    Today, 2:45 AM · 15 replies and 297 views.
    Great story! I feel sorry for you, bud Now, that's awesome. If it were the skimmer rain, or losing a ship to some bug like that. Respectfully bow to you, CMDR.
  • EvE4evah's Avatar
    Today, 2:41 AM · 296 replies and 9712 views.
    I like it. Also, we desperately need a higher inventory cap. 1000 for mats, 500 data, what for? So that we have to frequently dump stuff, just to farm the same stuff a month later, and monthly afterwards? So dull
  • EvE4evah's Avatar
    Today, 2:20 AM · 296 replies and 9712 views.
    FDev rightly wants us to go out there in order to get mats. The problem is, each mat farming method is boring in a specific way. Barnacles make it less painful to farm rare Elements but we still have to nail down its very specific coordinates, otherwise it's hours upon hours of surface roaming. Missions all look alike and the randomness of CIFs/MEFs is tilting. Looking at a pitch black dark screen in SuperCruise for hours in order to get High Grade Emissions and their random drops, etc. All the RNG and time sink is dull. Either FDev give us interestingly hard ways of spending so much time looking for mats/data, or they allow us to Player Trade - with all its downsides, such as botting, RMT and even more power creep.
  • EvE4evah's Avatar
    Today, 2:09 AM · 248 replies and 10673 views.
    Hey guys, awesome thread here. I'd just go out on a limb and say: I'd completely pay for a pure exploration oriented expansion / DLC on PS4. Something along the lines of Horizons in terms of price and size, even larger and more expensive. If it delivers. I'd completely buy it. In terms of time played per money spent, ED is easily my first/second most efficient game. It would be totally worth it. And a huge incentive to FDev.
  • EvE4evah's Avatar
    Today, 1:53 AM · 160 replies and 39139 views.
    Should be stickied in the Guides subforum. Thanks for the hard work!!
  • EvE4evah's Avatar
    Today, 1:33 AM · 44 replies and 1203 views.
    Thanks for all the helpful info, guys. I'm thinking about collecting all data on tips about mat gathering, element and data gathering and posting on the forums. Most guides I've seen have standard pointers, but none has a collection of things like, Okinura/Davs Hope for Chemical Manipulators, permanent barnacle sites for Arsenic, certain shipwreck site for Antimony, Bunda system for Improvised Components, and so on, in a single place.
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Today, 1:23 AM · 18 replies and 534 views.
    Right, and the major reason that multipurpose isn't practical on a Corvette is the abysmal jump range. 23-24LY multipurpose build-range would be fine imo.
  • Mephane's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:10 PM · 18 replies and 534 views.
    I beg to differ. My Python is basically at all times ready for bounty hunting, transport and salvage jobs, and exploration. SRV included. And the same goes for my Cutter. :)
  • Ziljan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 9:15 PM · 126 replies and 14736 views.
    Ziljan replied to a thread [PLEASE READ] Powerplay 2.4 Un-Pledge Notice in News and Updates
    Meh, if you don't participate in PP enough to get a single Merit then having to click "pledge" again on the 26th is a minor inconvenience at worst.
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