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    Yesterday, 10:54 PM · 8 replies and 167 views.
    I think this is going to go one of two ways: 1) We find that the current weaponry and defences we have are inadequate. Over time new engineers are introduced to keep 'gameplay' going, and we all end up with Grade 10+ or whatever weapons to combat the Thargoids, or we need to wing-up to concentrate fire (liked weapons between ships), and base game or solo players are left even more in the cold than they are now. 2) We find that the current weaponry and defences we have are inadequate. Over time new engineers are introduced to keep 'gameplay' going, and we end up with interesting/'rock-paper-scissors' choices and trade-offs between weapons that are effective against human NPCs, weapons effective against players and weapons effective against the Thargoids. Obviously I'd rather FDev have planned for the latter, but I fear we're just going to get the former. Either way, I'm thinking the first few encounters, you'd be better off not risking the Corvette, and using something cheaper, if the outcome is...
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    Yesterday, 9:17 PM · 29 replies and 497 views.
    I'd say NPC crew are my second most wanted thing behind atmospheric landings. I still refuse to accept E: D as a successor to FFE until those things appear. :) I've no problem with profit-share for the crew's wages either, if they buff (and have the buffs balanced by maluses) the ship in certain ways.
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    Yesterday, 8:18 PM
    starman started a thread Summer Soltice in Astronomy Forum
    Did any one go ?
    4 replies and 87 views.
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    Yesterday, 7:03 PM · 74 replies and 1395 views.
    Aside from the Thargoids, we've also got the return of Rogue AIs to look forward to at some point.
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    Yesterday, 6:58 PM · 104 replies and 4571 views.
    Amen! Zac (or Ed, or anyone passing) - how about this? Just one shot a week in the newsletter? Pretty please? With sugar on top? And maybe a small amount of trifle? And beer? And Bacon™?
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    Yesterday, 6:55 PM · 104 replies and 4571 views.
    I'd assumed that Frontier didn't release the video to us, the unwashed masses, as we'd have taken the thing apart frame-by-frame to try to find the location of the caves by triangulating (or trilaterating) from all visible stars and nebulae, and there'd be millions of people all camped on the spot when the Thargs showed up. Not me obviously, I mean those with wiser heads. Or less lives (j/k :) ) And I don't mean millions obviously, as we all know the game is dead, and only being played by the same 5000 people on Steam everyday, who've played for the past 2 years.
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    Yesterday, 6:42 PM · 133 replies and 4435 views.
    Lobstris replied to a thread Rebrand time in Dangerous Discussion
    I'd have a word with your supplier - torches and pitchforks usually come as part of a set from all reputable agricultural dealers and salt miners. Anyway, whether there is or isn't a 10 year plan is irrelevant. I'm sure Frontier would love to keep developing for the game as long as possible, and I'm sure we can all think of enough content to fill 10 or 20 years, the problems are 1) how do you keep funding the plan in the light of diminishing returns? and 2) is it even possible to hammer parts of the plan into an ever more complicated code base, in an economic and timely fashion, and without developers going insane?
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    Yesterday, 6:36 PM · 108 replies and 6794 views.
    Slight thread necro, but I'm amused watching this post being taken out-of-context on Facebook at present, as being a gospel statement from FDev. :O:O:O:D *Edit* Thankfully an admin for the FB group pulled the plug. :)
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    Thanks for the rep, Commander o7
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    You are the first person to get the reference, NSD 2.0 is one of my favourite albums of all time. His latest release was quite excellent as well, I think in terms of lyrical content, few other bands come close in the genre. Right on, cmdr!
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    Thanks for the rep++, commander.
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    Thanks for the rep commander

    Fly safe, trade smart
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    Is there really an Asp owner's manual? Because that would be a great read.
  6. Cheers. Thanks for the rep Lobstris
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    You can't fool me Lobstris.

    In fact, I'm not sure you're fooling anyone.

    Fly safe Commander.
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    and just how many puns have you seen tonight?
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    It's the only ine that ever worked. Cheers!
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