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    Today, 7:53 PM · 11 replies and 205 views.
    It's got plenty : - Military - Tactical - Vibrant - BlackFriday - Metallic - Camo - DoubleStripe - Hotrod
  • bitstorm's Avatar
    Today, 7:33 PM · 11 replies and 205 views.
    Marketing department presumably. Expect slow drip drip drip. There's a whole bunch of iEagle skins in the files, they've been there for a long long time. But no sorry can't have them. The Imperial Eagle was introduced to the game 6th October 2015. And in a year's time when they do get round to releasing skins, no doubt it will be the incredibly dull Vibrant, Military and Tactical packs. In 5 years time just before they turn off the servers you might see something good. - - - Updated - - -
  • Gully_Foyle's Avatar
    Today, 4:17 PM · 2724 replies and 119607 views.
    I've never had so much fun playing!
  • bitstorm's Avatar
    Today, 2:22 PM · 122 replies and 2422 views.
    Toggle seems fair enough. And given having your carefully crafted shipname appearing in your victims HUD is no longer a "pay for the privilege" feature, why not. It is not like I will have paid money for it to be there. I don't think it would be much dev work, and a player would gain no advantage in disabling ship names. But if they did add a HUD toggle, it would likely still appear visible on the ship hull as a nameplate, but I think that's fine.
  • bitstorm's Avatar
    Today, 1:59 PM · 35 replies and 965 views.
    On the face of it I agree with that. - But people log off / log on to cheat the system which turns something feasible into something ridiculous. - I would also say that when one faction via one representative asks you to kill 100 skimmers then you should kill 100 skimmers, not 10, because any representative worth their salt would have pre-managed the stacking in such a way as to make it beneficial for their faction. These are both "within the rules" but folk have been asking for log on/off to be fixed for a long long time, so much in the game relies on it and it breaks so much. :( And faction mission accumulation would likely require a serious reworking of the mission system to enable some sort of extra persistence layer, it's doable but it's probably quite a significant job since the underlying mission generation mechani would probably have to be rethought.
  • bitstorm's Avatar
    Today, 1:45 PM · 16 replies and 179 views.
    Just popped onto non-beta ED, I see what you mean. So turn on rotational correction in normal flight and the engine sounds quieten, which as far as I can see, makes no sense. So a "feature" that's been "fixed" in beta presumably.
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Today, 1:17 PM · 32 replies and 872 views.
    Or derailed.
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Today, 1:13 PM · 35 replies and 965 views.
    I must be missing something. Given that suicide is a label we put on a death. You would just have to ratchet up the Rebuy cost with every death. So if you're pants and combat (hello) you end up unable to fight. Everyone says cash is too easy to come by in this game. Well it's not. Every fast cash method has some ethical implication. Slavery. Skimmer scumming. Mission stacking. Whatever. Not something I do. (drugs are bad. mmkay) I'm richer now than I have been in nine months. I've got 80 MCr. That's not a lot of Conda rebuys as it is. Not that I could afford a Conda. Even Python rebuys. Harsh.
  • bitstorm's Avatar
    Today, 1:04 PM · 178 replies and 4191 views.
    Sure I knew you'd go down the route of killing in ED is the same as killing in real life. No I'm not saying killing a player in ED is the same as killing people in real life. There are however, in all countries, people who throw themselves in front of cars or cause intentional car crashes in order to gain via insurance claims. Not that that makes much difference, I am not sure where you stand legally if you were speeding and a "fake" accident happened, vs if you were below the speed limit. How it would be viewed with regards the Police prosecuting.
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Today, 12:55 PM · 35 replies and 965 views.
    I did 5 kylies preloading for Palin. It was kinda interesting. Went halfway to the Heart and Soul nebulae. But, uh I'm a political junkie and a social animal. Being multiple gaming sessions away from the homeworlds and the work of my team - if I'd kept on out to the Formadine Rift that self destruct button and waking up back in civilisation. Tempting.
  • bitstorm's Avatar
    Today, 12:52 PM · 178 replies and 4191 views.
    But it's the same as road speed limits. People will speed so roads have speed limits, you're saying that's a bad way to handle it?
  • bitstorm's Avatar
    Today, 12:40 PM · 178 replies and 4191 views.
    C'mon. How is imposing a speed limit like cutting off everyone's nuts? Do they not have speed limits where you live? Please to not equate dying in ED to dying in real life.
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Today, 12:39 PM · 35 replies and 965 views.
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Today, 12:25 PM · 21 replies and 943 views.
    1) Not talking PowerPlay. Talking Allegiances. 2) Mahon does not 'float' to the top. It's a slog. 3) The numbers at the start are about BGS manipulation.
  • bitstorm's Avatar
    Today, 12:12 PM · 178 replies and 4191 views.
    Aye I totally see that. It's just the discussion seems to be about the actual game rules vs the spirit of the game rules. Folk are arguing that Frontier should implement a system that enforces the "spirit", this is no easy task. Certainly not the one-liner people seems to keep saying it is.
  • Gully_Foyle's Avatar
    Today, 12:08 PM · 32 replies and 872 views.
    Ninja'd Got cetaceans in your logo and you kill stuff? Hey no drinkin' in the dens of iniquity Rev! - - - Updated - - - Subsistence hunting is ethical. Cull the wild boars sounds good.
  • Gully_Foyle's Avatar
    Today, 12:04 PM · 54 replies and 7472 views.
    repped That should be behind a spoiler. Scared the pug it did. Right O Commanders! o7
  • Gully_Foyle's Avatar
    Today, 11:56 AM · 4 replies and 192 views.
    I would pay to have Cousin It hair that almost fills the cockpit. Static-like.
  • bitstorm's Avatar
    Today, 11:24 AM · 178 replies and 4191 views.
    This is fine in theory but the issue here is determining fault. The victim here would lose karma. If anything in this scenario it would just make things worse for the victim. You can come up with all sorts of ways to punish jerks that's easy, the difficult part is figuring out who the jerk is.
  • bitstorm's Avatar
    Today, 11:11 AM · 16 replies and 179 views.
    Gotta say it is a bit confusing. But you seem to be saying you'd previously used rotational correction during normal flight to dampen ship engine sounds? If that is the case, and I understand correctly, it does seem like a "bug" that's been fixed. Because in normal flight there is no "rotation" to counter so turning it on in flight should make no difference whatsoever? And if it's only not dampening sound in the Courier, surely it's the other ships that are bugged? You say "The Cobras do it also. Some do not but you seriously do not need me to go Buy every Ship for this. Check them all out for yourselves please."
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Today, 11:07 AM · 13 replies and 282 views.
    Everything BGS seems to run on the 'transaction' tally. With the value as a multiplier. Maybe the log of the value times the number of teabags Dav Stott has gone through today. But you do have to strike a work / life balance. Is the war so important that you want to flog yourself for hours on a mechanic - ferrying a teaspoon of combat bonds to and fro? Winging up and smashing it out for a couple of hours with a fresh beer every couple of ammo restocks. That's the go. And plenty effective.
  • bitstorm's Avatar
    Today, 10:18 AM · 178 replies and 4191 views.
    It would not pass code review! Hmm I do not understand why both p1 and p2 both have to have less than 5000 credits, or why rank and gametime is important? All I can think is it might be (incorrectly) trying to infer a suicidewinder? Always thought giving the station super huge rapid fire class 5 non-lethal force shell cannons could be good! Essentially just area denial, g.t.f.o!
  • DNA-Decay's Avatar
    Today, 10:11 AM · 32 replies and 872 views.
    How do you know when there's a pilot in the room?
  • bitstorm's Avatar
    Today, 9:52 AM · 178 replies and 4191 views.
    While I agree it can be classed as an "exploit" depending on how you want to define that term. The issue of determining intent is a really difficult problem to solve. Which is why car insurance fraud and courts are a thing. You can implement rules similar to how car insurance work in real life, for example if you're impacted from behind then THEY pay the insurance. But in the end assumptions have to be made and in the real world that just gets exploited by enterprising individuals.
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