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    Today, 3:07 AM · 37 replies and 772 views.
    Yes they are playing the base game and more on top.
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    Yesterday, 8:50 PM · 3 replies and 116 views.
    Ben Ryder replied to a thread Imperial Cutter Smuggling - Getting Started in Ships of Elite
    Hello Commander. May I ask what you are smuggling and if you are smuggling in open or Pve / Solo?
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    Yesterday, 8:48 PM · 6 replies and 123 views.
    Hello :D
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    Yesterday, 6:18 PM · 31 replies and 579 views.
    Gosh I completely removed the significance of removing solo.... shudders... memories of no offline version come to mind...
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    Yesterday, 5:49 PM
    Welcome commanders old and new to cycle 112! Please say hello if you are a new pledge or just fancy a chat Suggested Cycle Goals Join a Local Player Group Local Player Groups Äipötü (Independent background simulation specialists) Guardians of Harmony (All welcome, non power play)
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    Yesterday, 5:38 PM · 31 replies and 579 views.
    Sounds pretty good. Im curious about the game balancing. The PvE mode replacing Solo would kind of tip the balance more in the direction of players. Teh whoel galaxy of NPC ships havning littel or no enginered stuffs vs a huge horde of Players with engineered ships. You coudl argue that this is how it already is but it's not quite because Solo is a single player vs the galaxy. So there woudl be a need for a significant balance pass. Ye syou get wings in private groups however, those groups are limited in size and scale. Just pondering not stating anything as a certainity.
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    Yesterday, 4:01 PM · 197 replies and 3794 views.
    That I agree with - but I don't think PvP is the reason. This I'd very much disagree with. I do all my mission running in Open with a combat-capable Python, have never seen a mission that wouldn't fit in its hold (192 tonnes), and never died to a player attack in it. The only defensive module that takes cargo space is a 6A shield generator. That plus a couple of shield boosters and some weapons (engineered, but not optimally so) is enough to destroy any NPC opposition (Elite Anacondas are pretty common) and survive with plenty of margin against PvP attacks. (If I was optimising for cargo space, I could swap the 6A for a class 5 prismatic, and take out the scanners and SRVs in the small internal bays, to get to ~250 tonnes capacity with basically the same defense. But I'm not a natural min-maxer and can't be bothered refitting my ship every time I want to do something else.) For that matter, the best bulk trading profits are often found at CGs where the demand is fixed and very high - and of...
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    Yesterday, 2:36 PM · 197 replies and 3794 views.
    I don't think bulk trading makes sense - assuming credits are the goal - even in a Private Group where the only other members are bored combat pilots who will interdict every NPC pirate in every system you pass through for free, so that you can replace your entire ship with cargo holds and fly uninterrupted to every station. Cargo missions - if you can find a system which generates them in decent numbers to a limited set of destinations (plenty of those around) - can pay out 10k/tonne or more for single-jump trips. At any size of ship, they're the better option - to the extent that I'm fairly confident I can make more per hour doing cargo missions in my Python (capacity 192 tonnes) than a Cutter pilot can do from bulk trade.
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    Yesterday, 11:50 AM · 21 replies and 606 views.
    Quite a few mission types add to your trade rank but not to your 'trade profit' statistic. Seems to be about 1:1 on the mission payouts and the rank. A cargo hauling mission might pay half a million for hauling 30 tonnes to the next system, which is a much better profit/tonne than regular trading, for example. Add on any courier missions going the same way for an easy bonus. Find the right stations and you can probably fill your cargo hold almost entirely with missions even in a big ship (I use a Python because a lot of the good mission stations where I am are outposts)
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    Yesterday, 1:46 AM · 31 replies and 579 views.
    PvE flag with immunity to the players in open doesnt make sense to me. I might have completely misunderstood stuff. Ok so if folk want PvE at present they can join a PvE gropup or groups. There's no limint to teh number of groups you can join, as far as I know. Conseqently there's no limit to the number of PvE folk you can meet or play with. 20,000 seems like a big number for a single group. As far as I know there are a lot of groups so I cant really see what the problem is. A PvE flag inteh open PvP world sound liek it will cause more problems than it would solve. Here's some examples. i) Im a PvP or Bounty Hunter. Ah here comes a player! Oh he's got a PvE flag. Frustration! Why teh heck is my instacne filled with all these PvE players. Get a room!
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    Thanks for the rep CMDR!
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